Scott Peterson is charged with murdering his wife and unborn child: Part 8

Peterson’s 2004 murder trial was widely covered in the press. He pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of his wife Laci Peterson and second-degree murder of his unborn son.
5:16 | 05/15/21

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Transcript for Scott Peterson is charged with murdering his wife and unborn child: Part 8
2004, with opening statements. This was a big day. There were reporters crawling all over each other. Thre were satellite trucks everywhere. This was a huge story. Hundreds of miles of cable strewn all over the place. We were going every day because people were watching. He wants them to find who did this to his wife and child, and there's somebody out there still. People forget that the preliminary hearing in this case was televised, but the case itself, no cameras. There were hundreds of people there every day. In fact, they had to have a lottery for the public seats to see who could get in to watch the trial. They'd announce the numbers like a bingo game. 4459! And people were like, yes, I'm going in for the day! There were local radio stations that had taken out billboards around the courthouse that had people vote man or monster. It reminded me of something out of the Jim crow south, just because of the lynching mentality. Mark geragos, the high-profile attorney who's been a frequent guest -- Mark geragos is as flamboyant a lawyer as you would imagine. The people who know him best believe totally, unequivocally in this young man's innocence. Mark geragos owns a courtroom, right? He's got a lot of self-confidence and he's got a swagger. I think it's only a matter of time before we're able to turn America's head around. And he had a lot of high profile clients. So it was a big deal that, a celebrity lawyer was now defending Scott Peterson. I think everybody counseled me not to take the case, because they said it was a no-win situation. The thinking was, if you win the case, you're a pariah. If you lose the case, your career is over. Is that correct, Mr. Peterson, you're pleading not guilty to the two charges of murder plus the -- denying the special allegations? That's correct, your honor, I'm innocent. When you got to see Scott Peterson in person, in court, there's no way that this guy was guilty of this heinous crime. Attractive, handsome, charming. It just did not jibe with the concept of the brutal nature of the double killing in this case. I looked at him, I said, my god, he's the same age as my oldest son. And so this poor kid, what he must be going through right now if he's innocent. Scott did not look like a killer. That was one of the things we talked to the jury about during jury selection, because we had to overcome that, you know, what does a killer look like? The strongest argument for the defense, in my mind, is that someone else yet to be found committed this crime. The most likely thing that happened is that she was abducted, and she was abducted by someone other than my client, and that she was abducted while walking her dog. On the 24th, the neighbors across the street left their home to go to Los Angeles. Someone robbed their home, and this was right across the street from the Peterson house. And maybe they were carrying a TV set into the van or something like that, and she says hey, what are you doing there? I'm calling the police. And they panic. And they grab her. The dog gets loose, runs away. They put her in a van, and it's a stupid panicky thing to do, but they do it. If I'm a defense attorney and I've got a burglary across the street within 24 hours of the time my client's wife goes missing in our home, I've got some ammo. So, the defense in this case was that Scott Peterson didn't do it, right? Basically the wrong guy is on trial. He didn't do it. It's all these little things that kind of added up to where you really had to sit back and think, okay, wait a second something's not right here. This is all about building doubt. So if there are enough doubts that are put out there, maybe a juror will think, okay, the prosecutor has not proved his case. I believe very strongly in my heart that she was taken off the street that day by the people who were involved in the burglary in the house. I know from my own experiences with Scott and from the evidence in this case that that is a much more likely scenario than Scott having murdered his wife. When it came time for the defense case to start, everyone was expecting all this evidence to come forward and very little of it did. There was too much reasonable doubt, especially in my mind. The burglary should have been looked at a lot stronger. It should have been the defense's number one thing. They should have really put a lot more evidence out for -- on that. Mark geragos never certainly proved in any way shape or form that there was an abduction. I thought, one, I thought basically innocent for a long time. And then it started going shifting the other way. I expect that I will be asked to testify in this case and I am prepared to do so.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Peterson’s 2004 murder trial was widely covered in the press. He pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of his wife Laci Peterson and second-degree murder of his unborn son.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77702523","title":"Scott Peterson is charged with murdering his wife and unborn child: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/scott-peterson-charged-murdering-wife-unborn-child-part-77702523"}