Sidney Moorer sentenced to 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice: Part 6

Moorer’s kidnapping case resulted in a mistrial after a jury failed to deliver a verdict. He was then charged with obstruction of justice for lying to police about the payphone call to Heather Elvis.
7:43 | 03/06/21

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Transcript for Sidney Moorer sentenced to 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice: Part 6
Everyone at tilted kilt knew about Sidney and Heather's relationship. It wasn't a secret. At least to any of us, it wasn't. So in the weeks before Heather Elvis goes missing, she puts on noticeable weight. The uniform is a bra, a shrug, and a skirt. She went from a "A" cup bra to a "B" cup, "B" to a "C," and then the skirt went from a medium skirt to a large skirt. Heather had taken a pregnancy test while at work. I want to say it was the beginning of November, and she wasn't sleeping with anyone else other than Sidney. When she took the test, it came up error. I didn't really know if she was pregnant or not. I think it was kind of up in the air. If she's pregnant and it's Sidney's child, that certainly throws a new wrinkle into this story. I think it was, in the beginning, hard to imagine that two people like Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer would take the life of a young girl, so you felt like there had to be something more. And we believed that it was because Tammy Moorer thought she was pregnant. So, initially, when the moorers were arrested, they were charged with murder in addition to kidnapping. Kidnapping in South Carolina means to decoy, inveigle, or take another individual. So even the phone call from the pay phone that Sidney made to decoy her out was kidnapping. That murder charge was later dropped. I assume given the lack of physical evidence in this case. No body, no blood, no murder weapon, that it would have been hard to prove for the state. The trial of the man accused of kidnapping Heather Elvis is now under way. I sat in that room and I thought that by the end of the week that if things went the way that we wanted them to, it would be like this release. Thanks, your honor. At this time your honor the state calls Jessica Cooke. One of the first witnesses we actually called to the stand was Jessica Cooke. Jessica was one of the managers at the tilted kilt where Heather worked. Do you ever notice any changes in her physical appearance? Yes. Remember that video of Sidney at the Walmart the night of Heather's disappearance? Prosecutors think they know why he was there. On that video, it shows Sidney Moorer in his truck -- F-150 drive into a handicapped parking spot, exit his vehicle, walk into the Walmart. A receipt showed that he had purchased a pregnancy test and a cigar type cigarette, and he paid cash. The conjecture is that they're going to take it to Heather and make her take a pregnancy test. I think that if she was pregnant, I think that would be another reason why Tammy would want Heather out of the picture. According to Sidney, the reason he went to that Walmart was to buy a pregnancy test for his wife, Tammy. He insisted that they were trying to have another baby. There was no hard evidence of guilt to me. There was a bunch of bad character evidence, and there was a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence. Prosecutors built what they believed was a very convincing case, knowing that asking a jury to convict based solely on circumstantial evidence is always a steep hill to climb. I think the surveillance footage was absolutely key. And that goes from the Walmart to the pay phone to the truck going down and coming back, because it created a time line that showed everything, all attention was on Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer, and everything they did was deliberate towards Heather Elvis. The state rests your honor. When the state rested, I felt pretty good about it. If the jury required proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we were in good shape. So, we did not put up a defense at that point. The whole thing is traumatizing. The most traumatizing thing about all this is not knowing where our child is. Everybody was just kind of waiting. I think most people thought it would be several hours for a verdict. This is a slam-dunk. But it wasn't. The jury is still deadlocked and will be unable to resolve it. Therefore, I'll declare a mistrial, and this case will have to be tried again. To say that I was shocked that Sidney Moorer got off on a hung jury would be putting it mildly. I think all of us were wondering, what now? What do we do from here? The hung jury was a painful blow to the prosecutors and the Elvis family, and prosecutors were convinced that Tammy and Sidney were responsible. But getting answers about what happened to Heather remained the priority. Investigators felt sure that the moorers knew more than they were telling. And they thought that maybe if they pressured them hard enough, long enough, one of them would begin cooperating with authorities. Sidney Moorer is then charged with obstruction of justice for lying to police during the investigation. It's over the pay phone call where he's on video denying it, and then, yeah, we all know he made that phone call. I know that Sidney Moorer misled the police from the very get-go. And we felt like this is a missing girl, and the first 48 hours are so important. So that's why we decided to move forward with the trial. It only took the jury 50 minutes to decide. On the charges of obstruction of justice, guilty. He's found guilty of obstruction of justice and sentenced to ten years in prison. The Elvis family says today's verdict is the beginning, not the end. I think it will be like dominoes. I think the first one fell, and the rest of them will fall into place. He can't hide it forever. While prosecutors fell short in their bid for a guilty verdict in Sidney's trial, they learned an important lesson -- they needed more evidence. With Tammy's trial on the horizon, prosecutors felt very confident that a conviction in that case would bode very well for the retrial of Sidney. If getting answers about Heather was paramount, investigators understood that first they had to figure out who the mastermind was. If I had to pick a ringleader, it was definitely Tammy Moorer. She had the motive. He had the means and opportunity. If it wasn't for Tammy Moorer, Heather Elvis would be here. It's not often that a defendant in a felony case sits down to tell their side of the story without an attorney present on the night before they're expected to testify. Not to mention violating a gag order on them, but that's exactly what happened. As you probably expect, we're going to go through a lot of stuff, right? I'm also going to ask you tough questions, which I'm sure you're bracing yourself for. I haven't braced it at all.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Moorer’s kidnapping case resulted in a mistrial after a jury failed to deliver a verdict. He was then charged with obstruction of justice for lying to police about the payphone call to Heather Elvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76289243","title":"Sidney Moorer sentenced to 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/sidney-moorer-sentenced-10-years-prison-obstruction-justice-76289243"}