Surveillance video shows moment missing teen returns home: Part 6

Abby Hernandez wants everyone to know that her painful past will not define her: "Just don't lose hope."
7:00 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for Surveillance video shows moment missing teen returns home: Part 6
Andy Hernandez is freedom will be indirectly tied to a woman she doesn't even know her name is Lauren Monday. Who had the misfortune of meeting knee QB first online and later at a hotel. I just saw from him like he needed some money. To talk to and that's all he wanted to do. Says the only met once to be introducing himself as Jay. He said he's done bad things. Saying you know we all have done bad things and my due to spend a few hours together he grabbed my. And meet with my hand. And have a nice piece. And I sing. Lawrence says QB agrees to pay for the hotel and leaves behind 350 dollar bills in the room she will later use one of those bills at a nearby Wal-Mart. Kashmir. Grabbed it and she said he had skinny run and sent. Okay no problem seconds later Lawrence in legal hot water because the bill used counterfeit. I called him immediately. And I that this is war. Can I have been from the good you. You could. At least told me how dare you play with my freedoms. I told him what every year and meeting in your damp basement. You better clean it up bring them because they are coming from York acts. Fearing Monday's threat will lead police to his doorstep. QB takes action immediately. Sending you get your body here in case the police come to my house. So that made change gave me back my clothes that I get and oddly that ride home will include a last meal looks source he took me if dairy queen's park there were ball cap. So reliever field recognize my face from posters in the news. The drama at the thought never would in finally done just on a desolate road about a mile from her home. There were no cars coming either way he needs to get out. So I got out and he yelled wait giving they have thank you mean they have back. It took to have faith feeling in the car slammed the door in control. Just like that just lakes that that was. I remember looking up and laughing just being so happy she played all right this actually happened. I'm a free person. I never thought it would happen you need it I'm free. Agent swap. Homes. This never before seen footage of sandy returning home. Caught on the family's security camera. And I remember when they came up to my doorstep. I could hear my mom talking on the phone and hear her employees who open the door and hasn't mom. She says Abby. An issue Rleal him it was almost like. Shock. Look at this shot her and I crying I couldn't believe what I was saying that was such a beautiful moment. Senator used the look on her face I remember seeing her and she looked different. She really didn't. I could see stress. Months of stress and pace and it panic holding a little bit but I was just so relieved to see hands on them. Back in Gorham all donate kitty can do is sit and wait. Before letting at ego he's provided her with a fake story to explain her disappearance to police story that conveniently does not include him. For a while this plan works. Her captor told her that he would kill police if they are keen to get him. He would kill her family he made all kinds of threats this isn't real name they can't tell you because he's gonna come and tell us. He's ever lack. From casinos are telling us now I think no not now I think he doesn't like we have public places and yet he's gonna come and shoot us. A week later Abbey's finally able to break free from her torment her once and for all Clinton she said relations have been asking. Susan I think OKV. It was a horror Hampshire. A swat team races to the gore mobile home and QB. Who by now has reclaimed all his guns after that assault charge was dropped he's armed to the teeth. I heard the radio communication say that he had a pistol in his place van. And I really felt like. The next communication was going to be you we're gonna hear that there were shots fired and it was maybe two to three minutes after that that I heard. Radio communication come. The subject was in custody. Make him be behaves like may to be always behave. He was never physically confrontational with the police he was violent in situations where hit the upper hand and the victim was compromised. For dramatic day in the New Hampshire courtroom a young woman face to face with a 34 year old man under arrest had not charged with kidnapping her and. QB's arraignment Abbey's courage is in full view as she stares down her former captor but there will be no trial. Months later need to be pleads guilty to a range of charges including kidnapping and sex assault. Will initially Nathaniel KV spaced 183. Charges but with a plea deal with the state pled guilty to seven of those charges. Now candy will spend 45 to ninety years behind prison bars. But there's one thing that angers the deputy attorney general. Despite the stiff sentence despite all the facts coming to light some in the local community still refuse to believe Abby story to this. Day and what this investigation. Revealed. This every painstaking details are proven come. It was in fact true. No gallon. Everything supported by evidence. Hundreds of pieces of evidence and physical evidence. Purchase records and statements of other individuals. Every day. I'm just glad. I'm Jessica only choose one. Ran away. In its not cold. I'm in an innocent child. It's been five years since that horrible ordeal. When we first met anti we learned that she's found a new reason to embrace life. She and her new boyfriend we're expecting their first child. Since that interview at the now nineteen is the proud mom of a baby boy. She wants everyone to know that her painful past for not defined her just those. Hope I feel like home. Even when you feel like you've lost everything. You know there's hope for something that nobody can take away. In just keep that. And it'll keep you going.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Abby Hernandez wants everyone to know that her painful past will not define her: \"Just don't lose hope.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57685004","title":"Surveillance video shows moment missing teen returns home: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/surveillance-video-shows-moment-missing-teen-returns-home-57685004"}