Teacher Sentenced for Having Sex With Her Student

Act 3: Kathryn Murray will spend one year in jail to the surprise of Jimmy Pallais' family.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Teacher Sentenced for Having Sex With Her Student
Reporter: The story that began in classroom 308 in this Houston middle school involving the 28-year-old married Ms. Murray, and the student she met at 14, the beginning of the school year was about to take another dramatic turn. The adopted boy who spoke not a word of English was getting help from her, and soon much more inside that classroom. Prosecutors say, she was writing love notes to the boy. Alex write with me, you already my muse. I think we could create something great together. Reporter: You're already my muse she says? Yes. She's providing an illusion to him. She's given him a fantasy. Reporter: But now that fantasy was meeting reality. The teacher in a standoff with police, caught at her father's house with her teenage student inside. The home surrounded, Ms. Murray has no choice but to give herself up. Reporter: Were you there? Yes. Reporter: When she came out of that house? Yes. Oh, yeah, we were there. I wanted to make sure she'd see us. Reporter: Was she in handcuffs? Oh, yeah. She was in handcuffs. Reporter: Finally, for the parents, relief that Ms. Murray locked up and away from jimmy but then the new challenge, a son who was falling into a dangerous depression feeling he was the one guilty for putting the teacher there. Were you having suicidal thoughts? Yes. A lot. Reporter: Why? What were you thinking? That maybe if I was going to kill myself they forgot about this and -- Reporter: You were thinking if you killed yourself everyone would forget about this? Yes. Reporter: Alex, what's the hardest part for you? You're dropping off your kid at a psychiatric ward. And he's trying to kill himself and he believes his life is worthless. You feel so helpless. It's a feeling that no parent should go through. Reporter: Tonight, jimmy says he is doing better. Telling me he can finally smile again. Do you now see that there's a future? I know that there's a future. Reporter: You know there's a future. And late this week the future of Ms. Murray decided. Former teacher in Houston was sentenced -- Former teacher learned her fate today. Reporter: The blonde teacher who the boys in school once thought was pretty enters the she's already pleaded guilty and now about to learn her fate. I think she crossed the line as far as you could go it's a huge a violation of trust. All of us parents have the right to know when we send our children to school. That they're not going to just learn that they're going to be safe. Reporter: The judge sentencing Ms. Murray. She'll spend one year in jail and then probation. She was told cannot see jimmy and she gave up her teaching license. She will also have to register as sex offender. But then everyone saw that smile to her family as she left the court. And when jimmy's parents sitting right there heard one year in jail they were aghast. Had this been a 27-year-old man abusing a 15-year-old girl the judgment in there would have been completely different. Reporter: What has she done to your son's life? I think it took his innocence away that was his first time having sex, robbed him of his childhood. Reporter: Ms. Murray, her family and her defense team have repeatedly turned down requests from 20/20 to talk about the case. They cited her ongoing treatment for bipolar disorder. Her attorney saying only this as he left the courthouse. We wish to respect the feelings of the family to keep this private. Reporter: What's been the hardest part for you? It's, like, you had the boy with all the dreams and then you have a boythinking that his life is over, so instead of looking at him, going to soccer game and being so happy this is not in your life. We brought you here to be happy, to have a future. Reporter: They have repeatedly told their son he should have never crossed that line and that regardless of what that teacher told him, and wrote to him in those notes, none of it was right. Do you still love her? Yeah. Reporter: In the same way? No. Reporter: Do you think you'll see her again one day? Maybe. Reporter: Tonight, with one year in jail for that teacher, there is still fear at jimmy's house. The same teacher who first met jimmy around the time this photo was taken his first trip to nasa in his first few weeks of school. That young face now forever changed. And a mom who tonight says she'll never give up trying to protecting her son. And we don't know what is going to happen, and that's the biggest fear I have. Reporter: Your biggest fear is that she -- He is still a child and he was a child. And that's what we're asking for, justice. We thank those parents for sharing their story with us. What do you make of that teacher's sentence tonight. Tweet us. Hundreds of parents who put their trust in a fertility

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{"id":21689197,"title":"Teacher Sentenced for Having Sex With Her Student","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: Kathryn Murray will spend one year in jail to the surprise of Jimmy Pallais' family. ","url":"/2020/video/teacher-sentenced-sex-student-21689197","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}