Ted Bundy murders women, whose disappearances cause fear around Washington: Part 2

Police warned women in the area to stay out of alleyways, travel in two's or three's and to use only the front doors.
6:58 | 02/16/19

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Transcript for Ted Bundy murders women, whose disappearances cause fear around Washington: Part 2
?????? In Seattle, in the winter, the ski report is a very big deal because that's when you decide whether or not you're going to work or you're going skiing. Lynda Ann Healy was a very popular young woman because she was radio five days a week at 7:00 in the morning. She gave the ski report. In all my years of studying murder, I never heard of an abduction quite like the Linda Ann Healy abduction. I was one of many people who listened to her in the morning. That there was something unusual. She never showed up for work. Bundy used to frequent a bar Dante's tavern. On the last night of her life, Linda Ann Healy went to Dante's with another girl and a friend of theirs. Bundy probably did follow them home and waited. And he checked the front door, and it was unlocked. This is what makes this abduction so incredibly surreal. He goes down in the basement, he enters Healy's room. He's aware that there's another bedroom on the other side. He would tell a writer later, that what he did was he choked her. He moves her off the bed, he takes her nighty off of her. Hangs it up in the closet. He makes the bed almost like in a military fashion. And he carries her down into the night. He takes her down the front steps, and they're steep steps. And to wherever his car's parked, and puts her in there. He would turn the passenger seat around so it was flat. And I asked him why that -- why he did that once, and he said, that's the way he put his cargo in the care. How's that for disgusting? It was a strange, strange abduction. Abduction. The chances he took. It's not just that he went out and committed murder, but he seemed impervious to fear. From there, the nightmare began. Then Donna Manson. She disappeared from evergreen state college near Olympia. And then you have the abduction of Susan Rancourt from central Washington. Susan Rancourt in ellensburg was on her way to a meeting to see about being a dorm counselor. In may of 1974, I was a college student at Oregon state university and Roberta Kathleen parks went missing. And in those days, it was reported just as a missing student. And these young people just started disappearing and people wondered, "What's going on here?" It seemed to be a narrative building in this incremental way. Brenda ball was abducted near the flame tavern. She wasn't a college student. That made it all the more challenging because it adds to the randomness of the victims. He took his victims from where Heit in. I mean, he fit in great. They were in places that Ted Bundy felt comfortable. The thing about Bundy, you don't think a killer of women is going to be a good looking, articulate young man, a law student. You're not thinking in terms like that. Georgeann Hawkins was a student at the university of Washington. Georgeann was abducted in June of 1974, on a beautiful, warm, early summer evening. She disappeared from an alley one night behind Greek row. Being a university district people are walking around at all hours. She went down the alley, there was Bundy. This is a tape recorded interview with Ted Bundy. I was moving up the alley using a briefcase and some crutches and the young women walked down. I saw her around the north end of the block into the alley and stop for a moment and then keep on walking toward me. About half way down the block I asked her to help me carry the briefcase and she did and we walked back up the alley. Does he look like a killer? Nah. Does he look like an abductor of women? No. He looks like somebody in need. He's got a leg cast on. He's on his crutches. He had placed the crow bar behind the right rear tire. Basically when I reached the car what happened was I knocked her unconscious with the crowbar. He hit her with such force that she came out of one of her shoes and both her earrings flew off. There were some handcuffs there along with the crowbar. I handcuffed her and put her in the passenger side of the car and drove away. He would drive to a spot he had picked out weeks in advance. Off the main highway. Sometimes he would even check the moon so he wouldn't need his headlights to see what he was doing. You have a physical person here, one second and seconds later they're gone and nobody has seen anything. Georgeann Hawkins was last seen Monday evening shortly after midnight. She had been visiting at the beta house and was returning to her house just a half block away down this alley. Ah which she had to have been abducted tells you that probably the person had done this before. Police say they will return to this alley at night to determine the lighting of this area. Meanwhile they are asking the girls to stay out of the alleys and travel in groups of twos or threes and use only the front doors. We really could not find anything definitive that tied all the victims together. Do you suspect foul play in this disappearance?? I think it's too early to suspect foul play. We just got the case this morning so it's hard to say if there's any foul play or not. The long and short of it was I again knocked her unconscious and strangled her. Remarkably, considering the circumstances under which these women disappeared, nothing was seen or heard. There were no real clues. Nobody saw them leave with anyone. No one saw them in an automobile. Ted loved nighttime because he could be out but not be seen, but then there's the day he took two girls in broad daylight. Those abductions would come back to bite Bundy. The simple reason is people saw him.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Police warned women in the area to stay out of alleyways, travel in two's or three's and to use only the front doors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61110925","title":"Ted Bundy murders women, whose disappearances cause fear around Washington: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/ted-bundy-murders-women-disappearances-fear-washington-part-61110925"}