Teen found dead in her bed from a gunshot to her head: Part 3

"We spoke to the family. We spoke to her friends th, and everybody kept giving use name Riley Gaul," said Knox County Sheriff's Office Lt. Allen Merritt.
6:57 | 09/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen found dead in her bed from a gunshot to her head: Part 3
Kfc, It's Fingickin' Goo Rtew Sunday and Emma Walke still on edge after a disturbing weekend. Her oyfriend cim have been kidnapped. And a mysterious mn black who frightened hrs eaie door. Were you wed? As worried and we wahing her I mean, Sunday we followed her to work, followed heck home, re she was safe. Crea so we E to sonicwe had a cold sonic Ast. And I wished her good night, I love you, E you tomorrow.I D, she stand up. Eporter: A how didhe seem? Laxed. F a -- like a we had been lifted off her shoulder.poke with on that Sunday talked about homework, we procrastinated over the weekend, just gettin . Rep did she seem nervouet?ot when she was texting me. At this point I was like, okay, like, , like, they've up for goo like, she's getting back to Normal, Riley's normal. Reporte ihad been arazy weekend but Emma F calm by the time she goes to bed just after midnight. By 6:00 A.M., it's time for school Ienin there to wake her , which it's usual very easy to wakher up. And saider name, dt hear thing., didn't hear ything.and then lked at heracand ized, and checked a pulse and couldn'td thing. I don't remember a whole lot T moment. I know called 911. Where is your emergencyill walker. What's going on there? I just tried to wake my Daer for schl.has no pulse. How os she? Nonresponsive? Yeah. The call came out as a suicide,s about 30 minutes bules is the ld forensic technician on When I first got I started my photographs on the ide of thees I lkhotographed the interior of the Dence. Otographedhe bedroom. Reporte typical tn gi's bedroom. Messy with clothes and beauty products strewn about. Pictures trophies on E wall. But immediately officer bules tices someinl. There was a hole in the wall. It appeared to be a bullet hole. At that point, I knew obably W not a suicide. T's been upgraded from a suicide to a hid Repr: Lead detective Len merritrushes to the walker he. He takes me back to the. Sm standing outside here. E bullet hole is just about shoulder higere in theal order: A B hole? No, it's just a small bullet ho.ze of a bapoint ink pen. Ro lote the spell casing, epr: On the site side of the fence, another big discovery. Second shell casing? A secohe casing. So now ie got a send wh it here? Where did it come from? So, another hole right there? H. Eporter: 16-year-old Emma . Two bullets fired into her bedroo one striking Emma behind her left ear. The second lodged in her pillow. The shooter must have known she was slpiehind that. Once the detective got there, asked to lve the residence. They were wrapping tape around our house, and wng around point. But we still had no idea what if th S somebodyhold be out to hurher? We spoke to the family, we spoke to her friends. Everybody kept giving us the me Riley gl.use of theelationshi because they had see that Riley had treated her, 'D talk to H Reporter: So the Knox county iff's depament pays a He didn't a. Mournhis lost LE. "Rest easy now, sweetheart. I love you forever and always." What Stoot to me fr these tweets immediately was the repetive nature of him saying, "I love you. I love you. I loveou."if you jussa you that, you would think that this was an ex-boyfriend who stfirst love. Reporter: Emma's Frie. I was fused. All I knew is she was dead and there was nothinuld do. Idn't register Y . Ne would expect our Emma to be dd. Reporr: A towin mourning, honoring with a canelight vigil. Dents Wille gatherinat central high school tonight to a classma who recently dd. Reporter: Her fellow ch releasingalloons in H Big round of applause for Emma walker,ies and gentlemen. Rter: But rey's circle attempd suicide. Alex Mccarty tells detectives about a secret Riley shared with hisaturday, E Emma DI Henling me like night, that he was so fear for hifehat he had stolen his grandfather's gun and he showed it to me. Epou his grandfather's gun? Yes, and I held it in my ha that nht. S's been acng strangely, and the shows Y a gun.how worried were you about him? I was very worried. He reass M O again th was the farthest thing from suicidal. He was jt so scared of these people who were out to get, were out to get emma.orey insistse needs thgutect himse and Mam those supposed ane ck pounding at emma'soo what did you hear from the nds about atthem as odd? A person dressed all in black, head to toe, even sunglasses, a hoodie on, face cored, goes ee, tries to get in, scares her. Reporter: Did you think maybe the suspe out ere, who had beealking her? Estigators are tt for secuty CAS, hoping E killer mig haveeen tape. We had nce. We saw cars going by, but we couldn't identify them. Thmeras didn have en resolution.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"\"We spoke to the family. We spoke to her friends th, and everybody kept giving use name Riley Gaul,\" said Knox County Sheriff's Office Lt. Allen Merritt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57837198","title":"Teen found dead in her bed from a gunshot to her head: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/teen-found-dead-bed-gunshot-head-part-57837198"}