Tenn. woman arrested for her own mother's murder: Part 2

Noura Jackson's father Nazmi Hassanieh was killed in 2004, though his murder has never been solved.
8:02 | 03/25/17

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Transcript for Tenn. woman arrested for her own mother's murder: Part 2
Reporter: As the yellow tape goes up on Jennifer Jackson's front lawn, theories of her murder start blooming like Tennessee passion flowers. Police calling Jackson's murder a home invasion robbery/homicide. Reporter: Maybe it's a robbery gone wrong. The house appears to be ransacked. A mess of boxes and packages all over. Yet police soon realize that's because Jennifer Jackson's shopping habit was really more of a compulsion. Nothing was stolen from the home. Nothing was even ransacked or pillaged. Reporter: But now another disturbing theory emerges, linked to a prior tragedy in noura's life. Jennifer was divorced from noura's father, nazmi hassanieh and coincidentally, nazmi was murdered as well. Jackson has been through this before. Her father was killed a year and a half ago. Reporter: We haven't said much about noura's father because, in truth, he wasn't around much. This much we Do know -- nazmi hassanieh, born in Lebanon, owned a local limousine company and gas station convenience store. He named it noura's kwik stop, after the daughter he rarely saw. He led an alternative lifestyle to say the very least. Reporter: On this fateful night in January, 2004, the kwik stop security cameras are rolling when a killer comes to call. Nazmi meets with him off-camera and is immediately shot in the head. So it was more or less walk through the front door, walk to the back, fire the shot. Reporter: A police investigator tells a local station that this doesn't look like a routine robbery. Watch as the killer stashes the security camera tape in his coat, not knowing there's a backup. He goes through the drawers in the office as if he's looking for something, and it's sort of a last minute thing in which he takes the cash from the cash register. Reporter: An afterthought. He was really assassinated. Reporter: Bill Shelton was friends with nazmi. He feels the killer may have been searching for an incriminating videotape. But why? There's been speculation that it may have been a video of someone in a sexual encounter. Reporter: A clue -- noura's kwik stop was between a police precinct and a strip club. Not prime real estate, but perhaps a good place for another kind of "Quick stop." Nazmi told me once that a policeman had used his back office to have sex with one of the dancers down at platinum plus. Reporter: Wait, there's more. Shelton suspects his friend had quite a dark side. Was nazmi running a blackmail operation? I've heard other speculation that he had cameras in his limousines and he was filming people having sex with prostitutes. Reporter: A secret sex tape? Did someone want them badly enough to kill? That man was looking for something then. 16 months later was murdered, probably by the same person who killed nazmi. That is a myth. Things like that only happen in the movies, and this is not a movie, this is real. Reporter: The murder of noura's father was never solved. And now her mother has been killed too. The wild child is now an orphan. 18-year-old noura Jackson returns home to collect a few things just one day after she found her mother's body. Your parents are, like, the people that bring you into this world and they're the people that you know, no matter what, you know have your back. Reporter: Unconditional love. Unconditional love, yeah. Reporter: Noura's problems are just beginning, because police are suddenly gravitating to a new suspect her. Their suspicion starts with that 911 call. Listen as the operator asks if her mother has been shot. Was anyone shot? No. So when did noura Jackson get her medical degree? That night? How did she know from a distance her mother had not been shot? Reporter: Then, those 50 stab wounds. When someone has been stabbed this many times, the authorities will immediately be thinking that this isn't a stranger, this is someone who was angry and enraged. I know that everybody says that means it was personal. I think it means that whoever did it was scared and adrenaline took over and started stabbing just out of their minds. Reporter: But now take a look back at the broken window noura noticed when she came home. The scene is totally staged. There's no intruder. Because look at the glass that was broken. Only someone familiar with that home would know that there was a lock, a second lock up beside the broken glass, but it was only visible from inside the house. Reporter: Did you break that glass? No, I did not. Reporter: There's a much bigger question that trips noura up. Jennifer Jackson was killed sometime between her last phone call with noura at 12:20 A.M. And that 911 call at 5:00. So where, exactly, was noura during that time? You were not in that house? No, I was not in that house. Reporter: Before 5:00. Before 5:00, no. Reporter: That's what she says. Noura's story to the cops -- her evening kicked off at a local Italian festival. Then hits two house parties. After a phone call with her mom, noura buys cigarettes at 12:46. Then at 4:20, she buys gas before heading home. But what about this? Between 1:00 and 3:00 A.M., noura's cell phone goes oddly quiet. And something she failed to mention to the cops -- a 4:00 A.M. Stop here at this Walgreens to buy first aid supplies for a cut on her hand. I could watch that walgreen security footage all day long. She couldn't stop the blood on her hand. In fact she takes the paper towel away from the cashier and is trying to staunch the flow of blood on her hand. Reporter: The most damning evidence, though, noura is that video tape of you at Walgreens buying emergency first aid supplies. The peroxide. The bandages. Right. Which is why I probably neglected to tell the police that. I was put in a locked room. They started making a very big deal about the cut on my hand. And I'd just got that feeling that something wasn't right. So, no, I was not forthcoming with information, but not because I had anything to hide, but because I felt like I was being looked at. Reporter: Yes, she was. And three months later, the party is officially over for noura Jackson. She's arrested for her own mother's murder. And even if matricide is a rarity, the good people of Memphis seem to think noura had it in her. She must've just gone berserk. You know, I don't know. I hate to throw that in, but that's the way we all feel. Everybody knew it. Everybody. Reporter: Did you have anything to do with the killing of your mother? No. Reporter: Could it have been that you were high, you were, you said you were smoking weed, you did drugs. Maybe you were in a -- No. Reporter: -- Drug haze and did this and -- No. No, I won't deny that. I smoked marijuana that night. We had been drinking. Amongst other things, but no. I didn't kill my mother. Reporter: But now the die is cast and noura's hard partying reputation and that controversial cut are about to cause trouble for her in court. The biggest problem for her in this case, what she was doing and her own differing accounts

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"Noura Jackson's father Nazmi Hassanieh was killed in 2004, though his murder has never been solved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"46362657","title":"Tenn. woman arrested for her own mother's murder: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/tenn-woman-arrested-mothers-murder-part-46362657"}