Texts from Cari Farver become intense, but no one has seen her: Part 2

Dave Kroupa had only been dating Cari Farver for two weeks when his phone started blowing up with vile texts from her. Meanwhile, her mother grew concerned when she couldn’t get her on the phone.
7:49 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Texts from Cari Farver become intense, but no one has seen her: Part 2
November 13, 2012. Dave Kroupa S up and gets ready for work, and about 6:., he gives Cari a kiss and he leaves for work for the day. Cari Farver was his girlfriend of two we and they were getting along so well that she sometimes spent the night at his apartment. It was conveniently close to her work, which was just half a mile away. She's on the couch, got her laptop out. She's doing her thing. So I've got to go to work. So I give her a kiss and I say, I'll see your later. I had expected to see Cari that evening. Mid-morning, Dave received a text. And he glanced at it. It was a message from Cari. She texts me and says, let's move in together. Which was very left field, because we had already talked about that not happening. As soon as I can I text her back and say, I'm not interested. I can't do that. That's not what we talked about. We haven't known each other nearly long enough for that. Almost immediately I get a message back that says, fine, I hate you. I'm dating someone else. I don't want to see you anymore. Go away. Lots of profanity. I didn't know what to think. I was blown away. She just changed very quickly from the fun and happy P that he had known, just that morning. It was a day, maybe a day and a half of radio silence, and then my phone starts blowing up with texts from Cari. Along the lines of, I hate you. You ruined my life. You're a terrible person. I thought, okay, I don't need this in my life. I dodged a bullet. They'd been dating for just two weeks. And he figured that maybe she'd been putting on an act and she wasn't who he thought she was. So, who was Cari Farver? She grew up in the small town called Macedonia, Iowa. Macedonia is a very small town. It's very nice place to raise kids because you can let your kids walk down the street without worrying. They can ride their bikes around town. Just a friendly place to live. Cari was very close to her mother, Nancy. They talked every day. She had a lot of friends. She was very gregarious. By all accounts, Cari lived fully. When you look at the photographs, she's vivacious. Her hairstyles are constantly changing. She's experimenting with her look and with her life. You noticed Cari when she walked into a room. She had a laugh, she had a smile. You were drawn to her. In an interview that Cari did with her local paper for her high school grad, she said she wanted to be known as always having a smile on her face and for being a little bit crazy. And all of her friends and family say Cari was whip smart. Early on she was -- even in high school, I remember Cari being amazing with numbers and computers. There was a turning point in Cari's life when she was 22 years old and got pregnant. The relationship with the father didn't work out, and Cari became a single mom. She decided she was going to bring the baby up by herself. She was going to have that baby no matter what and be the best mom she could be. Max was always at the forefront of what Cari did. He was her number one. She just doted on him all the time. But I think she was a little overwhelmed, just being on her own in her late 20s. She started developing depression. Cari had been diagnosed in her 20s with bipolar disorder. There was one point when she just pretty much was underneath the covers for a good week, ybe ten days. She was scared about it, but at the same time knew that she was taking all the steps that she needed to to keep it in check and under control. She had been seeing therapists and was on medication. There was a couple of times when she just -- she would stop taking the medication because -- "Mom, it just, I feel like I'm just numb." But by 2012, Cari was in a very good place. She'd landed a good job as a computer programmer. She was super excited and talked a lot about how that was going to be kind of a life changer for her and max, being able to provide in a better way. Max was just going into high school. Cari was so excited about the classes he was taking and the sports that he was playing. Ride the waves, max. She was his cheerleader. There's some video of Cari urging on max as he's water skiing. Cari also had a new guy she was dating, Dave Kroupa. In November, Cari asked her mother Nancy to keep her son max for a few days while she stayed with Dave so she could be closer to work. Right around the same time that Dave got the text from Cari asking to move in, Cari sent a text to her mother, Nancy. I started getting text messages that said that she was taking a job in Kansas. Which totally threw me. When I said something to max about it, he said, "Well, she had kind of looked at job down in Kansas." So he thought possibly there was a job down there she went to. So I texted her back, and she would not call me and talk to me. Normally I would talk to her at least once a day. It was starting to concern me that she wasn't calling me. But Nancy figured she'd see Cari soon because Cari's half-brother was getting married in just a few days. Her son max was to be an usher, and she promised max that she would return for the wedding. I was needing to know when she was going to pick up her son to go to this wedding. She wasn't answering me. Cari didn't show up to pick up max, and she didn't call. Everybody was stunned. That was the final straw for nanc That's when I reported her missing. I called the sheriff's office, and they had somebody come out and they took my report. Nancy mentioned to the police that Cari had been diagnosed as bipolar. I said,yes, well, she was on medication. The police jumped on that and said when somebody who's bipolar stops taking their meds, sometimes they can start some really erratic behavior. They didn't take it too seriously. She was a grown woman. She was still communicating with people. I just wasn't getting a very urgent reaction from the police. And they just weren't concerned about it. Things are going to get stranger and scarier. Cari writes, my favorite thing to do is stand outside your window and stare at you. I don't know how many I times I changed my phone number. She was no longer just ranting at a boyfriend that things didn't go well with. She was flat out stalking him. What do you do when somebody invades every space of your life? This man's life is about to

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"Dave Kroupa had only been dating Cari Farver for two weeks when his phone started blowing up with vile texts from her. Meanwhile, her mother grew concerned when she couldn’t get her on the phone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74548901","title":"Texts from Cari Farver become intense, but no one has seen her: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/texts-cari-farver-intense-part-74548901"}