Travis Alexander’s friends recall finding out he had been killed: Part 5

Police said Alexander was stabbed multiple times and shot in the head. They also found a camera in a washing machine that led them to their chief suspect.
7:21 | 02/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Travis Alexander’s friends recall finding out he had been killed: Part 5
As a company. Retreat. Coming up in Cancun Mexico. All expenses paid. Practices going with Mimi. Travis is friends had gone ahead few days before Travis was supposed to fly out once they get to Cancun they keep calling Travis. But it's very strange they can't reach Travis. Her car burglary to current it was his phone just kept going to voicemail and kept trying to call again and again an awesome voice malice fault. At the same time pain maybe is getting concerned because they're supposed to lead to Mexico the next day. I June 9 it is spent five days since any of Travis his friends and heard from. A few of Travis his friends including eating go to Travis is house. They not been newly answering the door and showed they call another friend can get a garage code. Travis is rented out to the bedrooms in the house so he's got two roommates. They hear music content zack's room who has one of Travis is remains. See you ask him hey you seen or heard from caption no reason Mexico and Mimi said he's not in Mexico I'm so busy telling him to Mexico tomorrow. So that remained get that she didn't have buses and add your own stomach she says Travis his bedroom and so I'll lock the door. When they first cast open the doors from the master bedroom there's the smell this horrendous. Foul odor. Something under that appears to be rotting. At this point my and my heart was pounding. Just a fixture for the worst. And I opened the door and immediately such as they opened it there is a puddle of blood on the carpet and I'm so as soon as I saw that I walked in walked past their. I looked down the hallway him to his bathroom and so I could see the blood all over the grounds all over the walls. As he turns the corner. He spots Travis curled up in the shower yeah. And he's clearly dead and has been dead for several days just friends frantically exit the bedroom and called I don't want. Like nine times. I'm MIN. You bet it's he has pain until I know me thinking that didn't pay me. I'm glad I didn't know it best I ask you get is that kind of anyway and I can yes. Oh. Believe he's dead he's in his bedroom out of him and Michelle are happy. It happened you have any idea what we have no idea everyone's been wondering about another on the unit. He's coming from 1080. If all the blend. Or it's. And shortly before midnight on June. Mesa police detective Esteban Flores arrived on the scene and the first thing that column I was. The amount of blood all over. All over. Floor is seen. In the wall. Even saw some on the ceiling on the windows it was everywhere in the first half hours there was a major struggling. I struggled with somebody I thought maybe even two people that point. My first indication was that it was deeply personal foul play but he's somebody. Somebody wanted him death. It wasn't as though was a burglary. It was somebody wanted to make sure that he was dead she was slaughtered. There's no other way to describe then was one of the most gracious saying is leaning out the place had ever Zain and Travis was stabbed multiple times we began to count as many wounds as we cut them. And we had to stop and it was just too many wounds heal wounds were not just numerous Hayward devastatingly deep and I mean in his throat was hacked from year to year. Yes it was hard to deal with them then. In all the ones work when you're going to roll him over continues although the several wounds on this back in a tight cluster. He knew the stairways. Almost motionless about. Just stabbing him in the back. You'll ever murdered this man. With standing inches away from him when it happened in and as he crawled up more staggered and tried to escape. They acknowledge him. Why this was personal. It was three or 4 in the morning. The phone rings. It was a colleague and he said. Chris. T dogs that. And I remember just saying almost like howling you know like no known well known and oh my gosh it is how this happened. It was a shock I can feel anything. I was sitting in the room by myself in. It hit me. To Travis has done. Are. Detectives spent a total of three days at that helps processing the crime scene. They're looking for fight errors fingerprints footprint hairs they're looking for anything they can find. They can help them reconstruct. The crime why. It was an all cope. Everybody was there because we hadn't gotten done did you see any murder weapons does seem now. Absolutely none so there was no nice. Now no gun no it wasn't until the first morning that I happen to look down and the bloodstained tiles. And and I realize it was a shiny little objects there and it was small. Boutiques and that was interesting to us because we're looking at the body really couldn't tell because of the modifications. Whether or not I'm person at that shot he had been murdered at least three times I ever. 27 stabbed learns his neck sliced to top it off and he was shot in the head this was overkill to the extreme. Investigators find on the wall leading to the bathroom a bloody palm print strain long brown hairs are found on the bathroom floor and some stuck to the wall. The sheets had been removed from the mattress quite bizarre Travis Alexander's chiller decided. She washed the sheets cops say there way to the washing machine we went through the laundry room. And some tips come and it was on the washing machine that was a slight little red stain. Just happened to list the lid of the Washington change. Who only holders. Camera. Yes. Inside watching it's extremely unusual. Difference in investigator. He called me up it's not tumbling runs from. It's the clues that's going to unlock this entire year case that's unheard up. To have that kind of evidence.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Police said Alexander was stabbed multiple times and shot in the head. They also found a camera in a washing machine that led them to their chief suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68998938","title":"Travis Alexander’s friends recall finding out he had been killed: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/travis-alexanders-friends-recall-finding-killed-part-68998938"}