Witnesses recall a man named 'Ted' at lake where women were abducted by Bundy: Part 3

Witnesses described a man named Ted who drove a Volkswagen to Lake Sammamish where Denise Naslund and Janice Ott disappeared on the same day.
7:49 | 02/16/19

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Transcript for Witnesses recall a man named 'Ted' at lake where women were abducted by Bundy: Part 3
keeps all your bills in one place. A wave of fear spread across -- Someone was abducted young -- It's hard to say if there was foul play. There was incredible pressure on law enforcement to find the person or persons who were responsible for causing these women to go missing. It was an ultimate challenge. What cleverness or what sophistication of the suspect are you looking for that can manage to pull that off? There were no clues whatsoever. I mean, it's kind of remarkable that nobody saw anything. Lake sammamish was another story. Lake sammamish state park was huge. It was a magnet for all of us, young and old. Like a place you would go to in the midwest or something, with this old-fashioned concession stand and, you know, people just coming out with their little sailboats, or coming out to sun. July 14th, 1974 the place was absolutely packed. There were 40,000 people there. A number of people that day at lake sammamish were taking photos and shooting film. Little did they know the police would want to review this footage. Ted was able to meld into the crowd. He was wearing casual, beach-type clothing. He was able to strike up conversations with people. He was able to convince Denise Naslund and Janice Ott to help him with the ruse that he had a sailboat, that he had his arm in a fake sling. If anybody has seen the silence of the lambs where the killer is trying to get that couch into the van and he's got a cast on, that all came from Ted Bundy. Can I help you with that? Would you? Sure. Bundy was a real schemer. Remember that these abductions were benign on the face of them. They were always Bundy approaching the women in a state of presumed need or weakness. "Can you help me carry my books? My arm's in a sling. Can you help me load my sailboat onto my car?" There were three women that saw Janice Ott roll her bicycle up to the beach and lay it down. She had on a yellow bikini. Then they observed this man walk up to her. And they heard her get up and say, "Hi, I'm Jan," and he said, "I'm Ted." He gave his real name. She was L.A. Last seen headed towards the parking lot pushing her bike and him next to her. We did have about five or six other women come forward that said that they had been approached by the guy with his arm in a sling. They looked just like Janice. Those women backed off, but Janice Ott left walking with him at noon and never came back. And first, Janice went missing. That was earlier in the morning she disappeared. And then later, he came back to the park. The time difference -- one was about 10:00. The other was about 4:30. It was a Sunday afternoon, and my buddy and I had this great idea. Well hey, let's take a break. Let's go down to the lake, maybe we can grab something to eat. And we noticed this guy just a few feet from us standing in front of the women's bathroom. And he was dressed in nice casual clothes, but the oddest thing about it is he had a cast on his arm. It's 4:17, kjr. So we were going to, actually being a couple of smart Alec teenagers, we were thinking maybe razing the guy a little bit. But it turned out it was our turn to get ice cream. So we lost track of the guy, didn't think anything more about it. And that's when Denise Naslund was abducted. Those ab were very brazen and in front of, literally, thousands of witnesses, but the witnesses did not know what they were seeing. With regard to Denise Naslund, her car is in the parking lot. Her purse is still there. Her keys to her car are still there, but she's not. She's gone. Who does that? He wasn't satiated with just one. Think he was trying to make a statement that day. For tedf going back to where he had been successful in the morning and be able to abduct another woman was probably very exciting for him. It was almost theatrical the way two women disappeared. It was as if the stakes of the story had been raised in this dramatic way. It was also critical that people who were at the park that day, who were taking photographs of their friends and family, any filming that they had done, turned over their photographs and film to us to see if we could find something that would be a clue. The lake sammamish abductions would come back to bite Bundy. People saw him and he identified himself as Ted. There's a Ted and he drives a Volkswagen. And he's handsome. And from the witnesses that saw him, were composite drawings made. Then when the picture came out, when they finally got a Ted Bundy picture of this person of interest, no question in our minds, no question that this was the guy. Each lead has to be followed. Every phone call has to be made. Most lead no one. Some pan out with a speck of information that may some day clear up the mystery of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund. It was a very creepy sensation, knowing that we were just steps away from somebody who is ultimately responsible for doing some very, very, very dastardly deeds. One thing. Since the publication of the description of the man called Ted there have been no further disappearances from this area. ??? One way or another I'm gonna

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"Witnesses described a man named Ted who drove a Volkswagen to Lake Sammamish where Denise Naslund and Janice Ott disappeared on the same day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61110960","title":"Witnesses recall a man named 'Ted' at lake where women were abducted by Bundy: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/witnesses-recall-man-named-ted-lake-women-abducted-61110960"}