DREAMers React to Immigration Reform Plans

Los Angeles DREAMers share their thoughts on immigration reform.
2:44 | 01/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DREAMers React to Immigration Reform Plans
And. I believe we are finally at a moment -- comprehensive immigration reform is within our grasp. This week President Obama and a group of senators laid out broad plans for immigration reform and it's something people in this room and millions of other immigrants have been waiting in pushing for for a long time. If -- -- immigrants who are eligible for temporary deportation relief through a program called deferred action. Shared their thoughts on broader more inclusive reforms being discussed in the national conversation. -- -- -- about having having. A more comprehensive. Approach to immigration this is is that there's an inclusion to the family because. You know it's not just about it's not about me my parents have worked. Very hard to make sure that we have the -- on impact when fed. And that you know we are taking care of they have worked just as hard as I haven't -- going to school -- and working. -- my -- there would benefit -- not mean to target. This is that your position and that's a cranky. Alison Alison middle school and and over the -- work and need not -- at 5 in the morning and -- -- -- We want to make sure that. What ever happen this is something -- we are coming eighty agrees to enact needed -- everyone will be benefited from. When my first immediate reactions 22 the buzz around immigration as it is a little bit of thinking they can. Because politicians have always -- immigration as a tool to gain political success. And they've always used in the narrow way to maintenance separate communities and have our communities fight against one another. But for me personally it would be something more than just temporary relief which this friction as. But and from my parents and it's just the security. Does seem to -- they feel right now. It's sad world can be free and -- can travel and really make Lincoln sculpture it's it's just the American dream coming true if there was happen. And Barack Obama led path. Immigration reform -- it was not only benefit me. But my family have lovely family and come back I want my hands. -- was -- a career day. That a draft really really needs to. We are dreamers and I'm not seeing me as an undocumented student but my parents are dreamers -- That TBS holders workers there are you immerse the horn and then it was that they laborers are dreamers to everyone's a dreamer however is everyone gonna be included in -- And -- -- all night we want to make sure that. Our people our commute is included and who would like to hold people accountable for.

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{"id":18368677,"title":"DREAMers React to Immigration Reform Plans","duration":"2:44","description":"Los Angeles DREAMers share their thoughts on immigration reform.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/dreamers-react-immigration-reform-plans-18368677","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}