Doris Day's 1983 reunion with on-screen love Rock Hudson

The "Pillow Talk" stars discussed their professional careers and longtime friendship.
4:27 | 05/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doris Day's 1983 reunion with on-screen love Rock Hudson
Nearly 1960s Doris Day was the biggest money making star in the world she worked with many of the top leading men then but the team would Doris Day and Rock Hudson. It was the most successful they also shared a deep genuine friendship they still do. I visited Doris Day out her home in Carmel California last week Rock Hudson was there to and they shared some of their members with me. Rock when did you first. When you first aware in your memories outdoor. Together not when you know one when you've really when you remember well it was. Going overseas. And over the speak your. Kim's son and underneath. Really. Tell me that the are you serious do numbers I didn't Slinger. Lee whom you were well at the four at the time we didn't know we're going through woodlands development. And then whether. And that the Illinois resident I didn't have this wonderful with a prospective because of thought was the first thing that's right and he was afraid. To do company. And everything you really wise one. When you through the I'd never done. I didn't. And you thought you do. When you do little boy. And he was so good that I know that he was afraid. Publicity here didn't teach the victim Michael Gordon might know right here directed that when he was sit. And one cent right what did you learn I watch more what I watched. Porch to do. What's true. And what she didn't do. Pretty good future. Conventional beliefs that they're human. Bono. Dutton parents don't touch rock and wanting you know there's by the will have to do or when do I. Duct. No I don't have that feeling about myself. Go outdoors for a woman who brought her the suspect. You know when you find friend. You you can see right through and into. A friend. Because a friend of allows you to. And you friends seem to you. I think that's. But the people have. Aside. And that's fine too much. If they have to choose to lately. And that's very flattered when you. It is that's the way we arc again. It's who. And that hasn't stopped because of food and I don't see him area. Now that he. You know he's been up here and he and he has that been enjoying Carmel I hope becomes a more. Move it. We've just can't be real isn't it time. We yesterday. Who and when we can. We picked up mid sentence. You know we just to. We don't necessarily. Correspond you wrote the content. But. You don't have to just pick them removed stopped mid sentences that means. Which I think innovative. Good excuse me the touring and and you say. You. That's what he co we're not come. When you. We've been. And you learn very very. You sooner we have always been through a repeat. If I write to my science you and letting it. That a person such solitude of the it's obvious campus but you're just bitter. Book what you've just on the square loss share. And what you fear and that's special. Factors. Are you. That was one of the nicest afternoons are when they are really something they're really great. And it was a pleasure.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The \"Pillow Talk\" stars discussed their professional careers and longtime friendship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"63004812","title":"Doris Day's 1983 reunion with on-screen love Rock Hudson","url":"/Archives/video/doris-days-1983-reunion-screen-love-rock-hudson-63004812"}