Richard Shelby among Democrats to nab a 1986 US Senate win

Nov. 5, 1986: In Alabama, the incumbent House member narrowly beat Republican Jeremiah Denton.
2:44 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for Richard Shelby among Democrats to nab a 1986 US Senate win
The man the president will have to compromise with is the man who was expected to become the new majority leader in the senate. On Capitol Hill here's ABC's Brit Hume. Robert Byrd his band senate majority leader before and always thought he would be again but he couldn't conceal its glee today. Thank you all related to settlement for coming here on this beautiful. Rain and cold. Those days is jubilation that was shared by the nine Democrats who want Republican seats in Maryland the popular and colorful veteran house member. We acted for the first time to the United States senate by Democrat named Barbara and saw my. McCall's gate and us senate won't be the same. Can Florida Bob Graham a well liked incumbent governor who had served two terms. In North Carolina Terry Sanford a former governor and former president of Duke University. Dick good times wrote. Georgia white spell out. Respected nine year veteran of the House of Representatives. An Alabama Richard Shelby another incumbent house member it's great that have a Big Three for the people of Alabama. In South Dakota Tom Daschle yet another congressman well known since his state has only one house seat. From North Dakota comes Kent Conrad who is the state tax commissioner from Washington Brock Adams former congressman and former secretary of transportation. From Nevada Harry Reid another house member and a state that has the two house seats the man who directed at Democrats ever said it was the caliber of those candidates that made the difference. It's people skilled public officials were able to command the respect and confidence. But the people in their states the new senate will have Democrats heading all committees judiciary will pass from the conservatives sermon to the liberal Kennedy. Foreign relations from mainstream Republican Lugar to mainstream Democrat bell armed services from the hawkish Republican goal water to the conservative Democrat none. Budget from the deficit countries to manage into the like minded Democrat chiles. And appropriations from the liberal Republican have failed to the conservative Democrats Dennis. The president can expect trouble on these issues very judges mr. Reagan's conservative nominees will get tough scrutiny. Trade the Democrats seem determined to pass the kind of trade bill mr. Reagan calls protectionist. Defense Democrats will look for savings everywhere including the Star Wars plan. Contrary the Nicaraguan rebels barely got their money in this congress and it will be even harder now. If the Democrats had taken the senate by just a couple of votes the administration might not notice much difference but it ten vote majority is another matter. The Democrats will be feisty. Brit Hume ABC news on capitol.

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{"id":51765044,"title":"Richard Shelby among Democrats to nab a 1986 US Senate win","duration":"2:44","description":"Nov. 5, 1986: In Alabama, the incumbent House member narrowly beat Republican Jeremiah Denton.","url":"/Archives/video/richard-shelby-democrats-nab-1986-us-senate-win-51765044","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}