Arianna Huffington on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Episode 94: Rebecca Jarvis joins Arianna Huffington at her offices for a conversation about her secrets to success, the importance of sleep, and corporate America's changing habits on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
15:58 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Arianna Huffington on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
You know it never going to be passed fact you know we're never going to do everything flawlessly. And and Leno except that. And not kind adolescents who actually have more energy available to get stuff done. Tell me something that you've never told anyone in an interview before because they didn't ask. I love country music to you know you love your country is neck. And OK let me let you and your favorite country music live. What about Kenny Chesney lot Kenny Chesney relay I haven last Kenny Rogers. I got it doesn't matter how hockey an ounce of his state gave. And how did you come to look country music. I just have Saturday airing it when asked as came to in New York. Adam. And not my iPod is wasteful enough. Of country music song some of them on some new and my youngest aunt. And we are paying to awesome last country music. I'll sometimes borrowed iPod. Do you have a favorite here. Let me count is eight yanks I sound like we when UConn to date time. I'd be edgy and ended via phone. Bears are hot sauce. Police think from my man BF on my house his nightclub the kid. Have you ever had veered too hard. Not and I haven't even friendly ski to my man I think it. In your but this week's election you talk about your life's trajectory in usefully. And why sleep has become such an important thing and things that you have mentioned is that you're getting eight hours of sleep. 95% of its eyes. And I find. This makes me infinity in my productive. And Fiat and happy suffer some when you had a Fiat. India immune system is not suppress which is what happens when you're sleep deprived yeah I'm Matt much less likely to get. Call the fool August things that obviously they casts all flat already used up for that David do you plan. Adam then I find that I. I make decisions fast. And my decisions are bad because there is a clear connection victims sleep deprivation and called me giving bad month. When you make decisions as though you're a drunk. And that I think everybody. Can identify. We've making bad decisions. When you're exhausted. And poor thing is that you waste so much energy. Plan we be. Two big it by saying sway annually stressed I NASA Saturday by. The news ops that bonds and the challenges of the date which are inevitable. And whether some. I have gotten. My footing night's sleep I think them on my stride I see as out of life and it doesn't really affect me. That way it affects me when I'm sleep deprived in order to maintain that eight hours of sleep what percent of requests. Do you saying note. What I'm saying to an out of things bot then lost him upon seeing. Easily integrated each and 4% in August a slow down Britney and what's your ritual my H is still. Daryn a fund my devices that argument is if I'm going to go to sleep and charge them onside to have a hog. Who is at every once every night how the sounds. Area manager at Arianna. And candlelight. You do every single night. You collect I handle it bath with as a result yes and I hear is that time to take off my make up. Well after say I appreciate the extra push that you're giving in your book to people really think about getting more sleep. At the same time I personally struggled with that whole notion because I think about my own career. And the fact that. I don't think if I was getting eight hours of sleep a night that I would be sitting here inner feelings I just don't think it would it happens I. Wood and begged to disagree. I would check with the walk through a day in the eyes. And seeing lot. Code to do his op. You to get a commenting yet now. Now I'm getting about six but when I started my career for example in investment banking. I was getting three to four hours a night and as I was reading your book I was thinking about this email from my spots. It was on a Saturday morning at 9 AM and I was for the first time. In a year or something like that sleeping sleeping in I am had been out of commission email for about six hours. He wrote me an email and he said. I don't know how it's humanly possible that I have not been able to reach you. For the last six hour the expectation was really. You're in the office until the work is done and your back the minute you need to be pack and that was not allowing for any more than four hours sleep. I'd like you do realize that they weren't changed so right now in the middle of a conscious it. Who and that kind of behavior describing Steve eggs days but it's becoming less and less Kama and especially as the big balcony knowledge he's. Recruitment and retention down then. And and lie is an HR departments now that they've accused employees like that and I'm going to get the best if you over the course of your life. Or only sleeping in hours do you think he would have accomplished. All the things that you have accomplished. Thousand dollars you could do tactic golly cable really if you want to sit down with me. I want candy on the mistakes I made it through thick and long time what's the biggest mistake you. I think there was some mistakes around modestly what happens in my head I think the biggest mistakes of me. It's when there Auburn option his roommate leaving in the head. And goes all and all that and offers something which can be asked to Fiat as an answer that question. That way two way. I want the right thing. I think my hat it's like it can be silent ticket and sell most of it is almost embarrassing to be counted. But it's so draining. And if that energy it was available it to me to achieve. As a bus to be nice and fop. I would have to hunt them up why we believe that job always doubt it can't just be that you sleep eight hours when it's it's that foundation. I mean obviously he wants and need to recognize that that voice is not view that devices but the truth. And day and 288. With damp rapid amount of Hugh mop up on tab depending on what lax with voice. And body but there is not question and again it's not what I'm saying. It's that conclusion. Scientists. That's when we sleep deprived and exhausted on his admonishment weakness. Activate it send it's much tied to act. 22 DN. Am. We've whatever it is that stresses this do you have a Montero or something that you say internally to shut that person down. I think we my that way I. That my advice now he makes guest appearance and really yes so when you got appearances how to treat wet. Every three months every three months at that self doubt without it happens you know it could be I remember than last time it happened. I was. I was going to sit at the whose prime candidates on heroes. And I was in the cop running day I started to date and those traffic. And on felony hire an outside it gets really mad when I would say gesture by the misuse landing it actually. Stop month advice was guide. I kind of behavior that some innate I have no idea why he left tonight this is it was sponsored by this every night beating me up like that. Like that west possible alike it blocks it's great. And some by that time I've got that I was so exhausted from that flies and of course I was completely. Flat stacked. How'd the interview go out. You're happy with it could have been bad that if it could have been back abstinence that you look back on and say I would have been better off if I had here is the good news yes what is the good news. The good news is that I said demise and that could have been better lab animals job you know it never going to be passed fact you know I never learned to do everything flawlessly. And and when we accept that and not kind adolescents who actually have more energy available to get stuff done. To that. Woman or man who says I'm really sorry but I do you have to work 1819 hours a day I have to work two jobs. And there's just no way I could be getting more sleep. What's advice. I actually had that kidding me can hide them and invited people from the community do what exactly in that position you are describing. And who had two black round the clock. Am. By the in fact what I found out it was fascinating. That they were very and now laughing pardons of sleep and they really had bought into that continent delusion. That is funny though it likes mocked. Maher and energetic Vick would create. Get far hours and do great so McGee was just one example that sounds out. Very much what analysts on by dozens of people out there is this will mining that is she was very overweight she had diabetes. And she had two jobs and she said to me when I come back from my step on talk shows a pastry chef and their babies she said this is my time to watch my show us. And she would she said I watched television for far out as a father escaped with a TV on at some buying the TV wakes me up. And then I can't go back to Steve subplot to the kitchen that's something sweet. So you can see that vicious cycle. So. We cited a whack you with and she may got to change I have dates now she doesn't have a better job yet. I have is some much bad that she's using way so that the truth of the matter is that. Then mop I am difficult hour live phase them Marley need to be AZ yet. And am asleep is they gave to way to resilience. It's free and it's available on there's a lot. As we need to do we need to raise the minimum wage and need to make Myers good jobs as they about. But this is something which can happen right now at my. Has given fake Bates to line its employees and has them. Cost than we do want to opt into the program to am measure how much sleep they get that means they get more than seven hours. Flawed 29. That honest debate comes thank you do they get 300 dollars. And what is great about that is not just the financial incentive it's a mess has ended sending Japanese. That getting enough sleep is not just good for your hand it's actually good for the hands of the bottom line it. Because it reduces health care costs and improves productivity. That's very different from the man sent. That and reliance. Has been sending in the past squeezing out productivity every efficiency. Exactly and the other thing that's fascinating that Mike Cusick on sunken group has done an amazing standing. And which exempted from the Harvard Business Review and the headline mis. That proven link between effective leadership and sleep. Now you would not have expected that from McCain seeing right. Which I'm sure number of the employees working on the hit probably slept about four hours and you know why did you at any adjustable. Adam I met and bam they may not clubs appease. Cool is that I am identified in the bays has MI kings is expansion next pig. And what it was fascinating is that they walked his science to fight happens to that pretty fun on the clock ticks of the brain where leadership functions house. And how degraded decently sleep deprive so do you feel like things have changed internally for you. In your pre frontal cortex I honestly I more active walking here and number you know presented every day with problems. And I am I can find solutions. There are problems much Maria is in Lee. Act and move on the land something difficult happen secondhand it and move on to the next day without carrying need to leave me. And it affects not just how operate as a leader here but there that then couch. That who has the it. I want to talk a little bit about your history you were born increase he moved to the UK when you're sixteen. You went to ask phenomenal. University for college. And you have essentially had this meteoric rise through out your life I wonder along that journey. Where did you face rejection. And how did you deal with it. Fast Samara. You know there is knocking me to not make. Really is there anything that relate to and as they're living through yes he's okay that way radio me TRE as you're looking back. But as you're living Theriot. And I think it's on fire and distressed at having a successful life has had failures among the way. I agree one of mind the united my two and a uniter not my FaceBook Atlantic City. And if it was a big success but then I wanted to write a book. On the crises of political leadership. And usable cannabis seemed to want to Bob Beers senators rejected by 36 bobbled says but then I had run out of money. And I was beginning the obnoxious roommate was beginning to question whether I was really a right to know whether the fast move was a fluke. And then I mean. I I was living on another time and I happen to be walking depressed. Balance and James street and I saw about his plan canal walking. And them I asked to see the back on my eyes and ask my knowledge. The united and they had not assets I had nothing. And for some reason the manager gave it to me he said that yes on the spot. He said yes and it right and what is amazing about that is that. When you don't back on your life often in the darkest moments something happened something unexpected Evans it's almost like in Fannie days when you have. And the had for nine months appearing to land that. Here they have rain out of adopt forest land that bond manager whose name Lizzy inventiveness and remember it. Was like I had salon in my had been made at that time to keep things together. Fly and not. And the city of flying objections and then find me an acceptance. So thanks in I sent him a holiday cod every yeah you did well that's fantastic what does he say in return. Since hot. It's.

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{"duration":"15:58","description":"Episode 94: Rebecca Jarvis joins Arianna Huffington at her offices for a conversation about her secrets to success, the importance of sleep, and corporate America's changing habits on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"39905252","title":"Arianna Huffington on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/arianna-huffington-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-39905252"}