Black Friday Shoppers Brave Long Lines, Short Tempers

People looking for deals storm the store barricades.
2:56 | 11/23/12

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Transcript for Black Friday Shoppers Brave Long Lines, Short Tempers
Black Friday frenzy just in full -- At malls all across America the die hard shop till you drop crowd. Gather out in force a lot of stars are trying to cash in earlier than ever opening Thanksgiving nine and already we've seen long lines and some short tempers ABC's Bob Bradley is here with us now with the latest good morning live in the -- to -- -- -- good morning -- on good morning rob. Morning -- good to be with you and happy Black Friday. Black Friday the unofficial start of the crucial holiday gift buying season. This morning lines are already long its stores across the country its people looking for deals storm the barricades. Shoppers -- stores overnight -- -- Black Friday -- best -- opened its doors at midnight. That was hours after shoppers had already met deals at stores that opened on thanks -- Retailers are trying to get an edge of the 52 billion dollars up for grabs this year. They -- every day counts that's like Toys 'R' Us Wal-Mart Sears and target offer door busting deals but date early. In a certain sense it's almost like an arms race first -- -- 8 o'clock 7 o'clock and six. 4 in the morning -- the night. Shoppers filled their carts with toys and rushed for flat screen TV's this woman bought four of them. They think -- sixty dollars across the country the lines were long and not everyone was in the holiday spirit. Yeah. What do you tempers flared this Kmart in the plasma TVs ran out and everybody -- go crazy about it and then cops got called and religious and not house. But tempers flaring during this time of year is nothing new Connecticut police teaser this man who resisted arrest after cutting people -- line. In this was the scene of a fight that broke out and H&M in Culver City, California. Hoping to avoid incidents like these big stores and police are using new tools to keep shoppers safe. The Los Angeles police department is putting hundreds of extra officers on foot horseback and in the air to monitor crops. While stores move merchandise around to ease congestion. And some workers are upset about stores opening earlier each year Wal-Mart employees in Kenosha Wisconsin and other parts of the country picketing. A 147. Million people were expected to shop this holiday weekend only the beginning of the national holiday shopping spree -- and rob. And it is my big question did you actually go out there shopping. Years policy and he gives the drugs dollar fortunately don't have any guess because -- lives eating Turkey I was actually having a normal Thanksgiving but god bless those people who stood. In the lines I don't like electronics I do have to obviously get gifts for friends and family in the course for you guys. -- I can do that December 24 that's what I do every year. Robyn lively yeah that is. But at some rooms free we might -- for not entrapped and -- -- -- that's good news all right and they say thanks they exist despite months about a -- in the -- my friend thank you.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"People looking for deals storm the store barricades.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"17791446","title":"Black Friday Shoppers Brave Long Lines, Short Tempers","url":"/Business/video/black-friday-shoppers-brave-long-lines-short-tempers-17791446"}