Holiday toys to splurge or save on this holiday season

Toy Insider Laurie Schacht tells us which toys are worth the price.
13:15 | 11/20/17

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Transcript for Holiday toys to splurge or save on this holiday season
Hey guys on an about here live in New York while Thanksgiving is just days away which means cricket. It not far behind fear not you have plenty of time Laurie Shaq need toy insider it's here right now. With price points are right. Kids for ever run across all price points you've got a hold budget spectrum cup I hear it might yet you know sometimes you're ready to splurge on that one big yet sometimes it's what you're given over to grandma and grand got to get pretty candies. Com but you can also gets a Tim meaning toys. For under twenty dollars had better make your kids having so you have so many. It's a look at. Com and you know one you know the child that you're buying point one and it featured something. That they like where I'm sure that on this table somewhere is something for every so I think for every possible it yeah without it there aren't casual look at this this isn't. Howard DC super friends. Backpack and he is incredible sellout and a turning on and in asking the money he area. And turn this not right here watch what happens not yet given. Oh Natalie yeah you're seeing our alleged that's okay. So many now credit here and I'm yep I'd. Yes they go you've opened up in not have shooters in the right. And apparently it does say something to everyone is listening. Good morning you. Well. Girly me. Mayday it amazing that happened to Bob this sky its assets after. How there's a lot today is a lot and it clearly is blurt it is a splurge it's 99 dollars against the arena and every sound much amazing as hunt we're not that we didn't yes you know so and you open up despite. At we have a motorcycle that comes out of all of these shooters it's a lot of fun of course that attack ads running because they want to get back into they can do it again he'd get a move and get moving without. Things that we lover classic place to place set up in the front. The first one is on the right it's slight and it's the whole bond sell. I have part of the roof off and part of the work on CC and cite the animals. There unknown for how beautiful their pieces on the figurines each animal and painted their hand crafted. They are gorgeous so it is being very except that you're Tugnutt hours of classic plaintiffs no screens there's no batteries. Nothing cell. Really something special and and critters and also one that a lot of people remembering now so this their luxury townhouse so you can see that looks like we have balconies in the front in the back because of over fifty pieces. With comes with two craters. Again it's at play patterns kids sit on events and like Alex it is a good quality pieces there equality last minute and then they're gonna make up stories that battled the characters are all the animals and what I love about both of these. Is it's the kind of thing at when you're done he going to saving you gonna handed down that's right it's not you know. It's summit sometimes toys when they're done they're done right and sometimes their investment and you know you might put it away and save a few ranking answer but the money is now the and a payoff later an island about everything closes up inside of them and cleaned up exactly how exactly they love those storage solutions right Ali. Answer the three day yet so called the three dude that we need to this kids at a fourteen an app development that it's a little pen now I would deepening the eco friendly plastic in here actually is over 75 kinds of plasticky and with color clear glitter we plug this in. This is older kids the tick it's very hot spot. Look at the kinds of things. Just in this one just from the easily. This isn't any candidate arts and craft are designing engineering and pitch through crafting to cool it lightly you would've. Absolutely loved Hitler that we need to live another layer to item yet have a 3-D star which is for younger kids there. Doesn't get hot eco friendly plastic that this is the one you're really create another Canadian learning and younger GAAP. Now colored and let's talk about construction. So right for any of this is the knack for recesses they're like bricks satin and it's gorgeous you out all of these beautiful piece since. So kids in the killing all kinds of crazy structures and put at the end to its magnetic. So that's why yet so that's not where they're for the magnetic play. And kids can make a really amazing thing as beautiful takes building to affiliates. It's. We get this to fly certain loving you drinking supply and seeing so. I'm sky rocket attacks sky high for 24 fifth day. Elena a lot of that. Yeah. MacKey there. Pat I wouldn't let net. In that it got GPS. Bella finally outside and I can be streaming. On taking pictures if I had my phone in this together do anything but more important I can hit a return button. And we'll come right back adding. Selanne had apparently went and made that investment the F aren't going to do that has an indoor notes you can fly this indoors or out. Safer inside yeah it is very cool and what's that called again so this is our Scott Baker 24 at it pretty and protecting GPS axle. Her hat and everybody needs a great robot. Maxim come on and say hello to us. He takes a second to warm up. But I want you to watch his face it people. See him. OK so he's got pool and leave the X action. Instead day. He is so he. Next is part of the McConnell line OK I'm which was the original rector sat own work you remember. That's a long way to answer that and with personality. Sad. Things about hand better built and OK what's exciting is that kids program. He's got navigational abilities he's that so many ways to program that note to max's will ever see the same. He heard is named came acts. Max. Like going to argue the current that sound a little kid isn't you know what every child get snacks that sick. And they can a candidate there I can't even begin today you how much personality is packed into. How the how many analysts ways there are for kids how to program so older kids they're care yet analytic program went back up it fabulous and other splurge there another specs mr. tighten that up let's go right here first because look at these guys. Cute it's not Hugh Connolly pitching hand and let's say. It isn't from open honest and using arc classic Disney pop that they have brought back. In day around on a cute so they make Mickey and Minnie Donald Duck Pluto and goofy. And basically you put these on your cancer at seventy point Alex you gonna bring them to life with movement and you're voice adorable is adorable so I'm not acquire Internet and I namely. Saying oh yeah. In fact this guy who can see you know. No meat in not you know now that you've dealt yeah lack little ear proper thing. But that yes and these are great to irk you always a good gift for kids and every went intrigued by them. Let's take it kind of acting under fifty and decided he finally here so you know I forgot one more thing going let's talk but that's it's fun of the there so it's my new nite Channel 8 it's I want abolition so this pricey at this is definitely you know grab at about by this because it's 99 dollars and any. It's like a report but it different. I'm into that amnesty sport you have a sport that like there's 18 we in the middle of the kids are gonna step behind. Put their foot on balance it out and now they can move forward. Backwards at seven point seven miles an hour I'm huge will be in the middle and all too green for the most part. Really really cool that's called the eight and that nitro nitro aids grandparent everything they'll only it's raining on here. They can have that about night at seventh and step Pierre say. It. And they are X our goal. And I love it on the now an incredible feeling it's your chance yet river valley town. What would it we would bearing the yes obviously and then we aren't. Really think like an anxious. Jack and I. Salon he'll also during an interactive. Kids having kids to Ron what to do get movies and light sweet light isn't feeling they can break Iran who has been going to at least have a party there is no rumor going to let her tag now when you can do this at home and I think item this is not more than fifty dollars now this at thirty dollars each it's one aka the tank. It's an let me keep acts in the bank at. I next year may I know the extent I'm so. Get the kids and what have arts hand here and our main piece of our gain OK we determined that not. It light fat and we basically need to spread those here at this bar is we want if it like that yellow I have to look at that India. Then the green now only more hands on one thing so asking you is they can play against themselves timing and sounds yeah or are they can play against different also time each other. An amazing way to hire big hats they learned they are always. Amazing how they grew another saving item that I. On admit that I love this I didn't attempted top item that is cool animals at this mechanical Hamlin to that is a truck that kids can punish. Com it's our towing don't track what we have topped. Are the blocks those lots came back inside to the whole top comes on there's blocks inside kids use the top truck to deal done. The blocks back inside lob Los stories. Antennae only everything goes in I don't. It made me think is that really a great item for kids attend his three year results. That isn't out of this one has no sugar and that's a Whipple. Yes so he actually having the what comes in this box are little plastic cup cakes brownies all printed and things. And wait clay. So no role as he redecorating his campaign like cream and I think her problem. Just like icing so it's little pretty decorations and make it using his room to court. They can but key chain founded little wings to make so a lot of fun beautiful out callies older kids but it when they opened their mouth if we're getting that I spent some reports princess yeah frank what that those are real cakes. Yeah real dark princess Kay peck on the deluxe aching Santa that's by skyrocket they are beautiful the kids will actually make you reasoning Avant you know. Did everything you need to make those two princesses except the end the batter in the book that's currently considering either fresh ingredients. The kids make the cake. They meet the fat. Now rain this holiday activities here opening a secret yes and so they in the senate what we have of the year eight sell it indeed Rosie you know what I and makes the right on to The Beatles and all of these guys seen The Beatles song now with bush about leaking is that perhaps you heard we would have been singing there's three different songs they sing but. The best part is when it all starts singing together kind of magic. Or love lady and I don't know what those guys designing a push a button list Friday on the trial you move on to the next when payment fee and I LA. No an art and crafts for our kids step. Thought they via. Has hand. Picked up. And finally made hair color wonder you know we love Linux cancer that's right I am so we love when our kids are being aren't artistic yes we don't like they're being it is Eleanor furniture clothing wolf. Out in a Crayola as Nancy. I hate us so what we do is we did art brushed into different. Color paint kids don't see the color the light fresh actually light up. We the color when an eyewitness did impact and then you put it omni magic paper. And actually become a little appear. Figure out exactly depression goes like this I think yeah I'm alone that they do nothing. Not a single mar. Com paying via radio related to my prayers while Lily pads and a magic with him in the Atlantic cutlass this is the magic hat. I'm basically we have thirty to 35 tricks in this acts of course. I had come up with one. Nothing you can't rent and pink little magic words what is it. Add directed dad rat and see what I can. Laurie stacked the toy insider with Wednesday evening to allay some splurge toys she got you covered they think symmetric being you're heading out. On the toy insider that pat dot com hey guys go check it out plans that are dot com for now I'm on an about the back you're very.

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