LEGO teaches kids how to code

LEGO Education's new product aims to make STEM education fun.
2:26 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for LEGO teaches kids how to code
All right guys a little happy news before we go before we go and talk about lay goes OK so yesterday in New York Lago education launched this super cool toy. To help kids all over the country withstand AG education and coating. And as you might know stem education helps kids prepare for jobs that may not even exist yet it's the future and the future looks like brightly colored bricks so labeled a talked to one of the designers about how it all works in check enough. Talent. I am I'm here with say it out very excited because this is the reason we even have this bike prime product. See if he can do we. Handling education spike Brian it's a new scene from a full bathrooms but a school bathroom so great 67 and eight. Com and assist in the the possibly technology easier. I want to need a simple system for civilian and on. Program and create unique models and creations citizen exactly like Lego bricks he had neck like a great deal more sense the some breaks. You have blocked saluted which is connected to those. So the software is sort is replica on what you're doing and yes sir you build with the software you build Lego bricks through through the guy who looks at whether. And he predicts the full gospel of the foe for the day of course that's your if you don't have glasses. Connected to a motive is moved up and down municipal as the cost of an umbrella which moves up enough. Doesn't mean you simple typically does. Lou depending on what the weather is this little these little gadgets come up exactly which at the weather today. Got a sunny outside the Oslo and we have the smiley face up so my guys do you happen. Amazing. I love me why is this sort of products so important. For stem education and by the way. I noticed that she sent steam that gay is an added in there you know it is for art club on Saturday so why's this so important for the senate. Cecil bond building confidence for children and in this age group we find that kids lose confessed on engagement in classrooms with technology. And it's also big focus in the future it to be prepared for only affect children out. Christine Jones Sam Jones. Annual or build something that's seen diesel bus. And easy and Houston and plug things in confessed out ideas. I had my friend it's all about building confidence.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"LEGO Education's new product aims to make STEM education fun. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"62143115","title":"LEGO teaches kids how to code ","url":"/Business/video/lego-teaches-kids-code-62143115"}