'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Hyperloop One co-founder

Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar talks about the company, the only company in the world that has built a full-scale Hyperloop system.
21:26 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Hyperloop One co-founder
Hey everybody I'm Rebecca Jarvis happy Friday welcome to reeled is here coming to you live from ABC news. We have a great guests today with us Schuermann commissioned art he is co-founder. She'll avengers and co-founder of virgin hyper loop one looking out my paper because. Your company hyper loop want you just got to name change because of the big investment from none other than Richard Branson this week hyper loop one knows sell this big investment. From a Richard Branson you also are now changing the name to virgin hyper loop one true. Tell people out there who haven't heard about hyper loop one until now what idiots like an all about. Well I believe one is revolutionary new transportation. Company and that is pursuing the idea that you on Moscow originally proposed. During transportation that airline speeds and into. And the way you accomplished. You basically in venture on sky in side of the steel tube. You create a vacuum in your vacuum you basically suck out here of that vacuum. For the same time you have levitation on the parallel tracks city of the pot actually levitating about it and should above two of a Christian and there are. Then you have a propulsion system the U we've invented over the last three years since just got enormous the company. The propulsion system. We've invented from Scruggs and we manufacture in Vegas. That is probably the biggest breakthrough that we've done he engineers. Virgin have removed one now. Are are really some of the very the most brilliant minds in the world. And just struggle is one of those I say. He's got one of those Manhattan Project type of brains. He can actually. You know invent these things created and build it was time incredible people around the world that he's been able to recruit. So now or it's last summer we reached a major milestones and actually. Launch the first pod. We didn't launch in North Las Vegas and in the deserts of Vegas. We bought the land. And thanks to the leadership of the governor and manner of governor of Nevada and the mayor of North Las Vegas we are able to accelerate the regulatory process. So we didn't have the usual obstacles that should build the structure and the structure is pretty epic it's. About two million pounds and we Bolton eleven months. Which will get to in a second is a signal. There were living in a pretty historical time we're actually able to build these tapes and shod. Challenges and faster periods of time than any other time in human history. That should get a lot of hope to people who are watching if they have dreams of building. You know incredible things that might seem impossible and and you know there are. We're here to tell you that this is actually in our over if you are you know. Have the tenacity and the commitment you can ban together with a bunch of people who also are believers. They make ideas that seem like Tennessee is actually real. We're living in a time where private companies are doing what nations used to do. You on this shooting rockets into the sky right. He's trying to colonize Mars. You sound like you know science fiction books I think that we grew up. Something like Asimov would have dream 4050 years ago. Except now it's not just streams in science fiction. This session the reality of our lives. Her physical laws so there's George Jess and dreams and cartoons that we June grew up was. And tables. Welcome to the future. I want to let people out there who are listening to you sure tonight top now. That we're taking your questions you can post your questions below I also have questions here from many of you who have already written to me on Twitter. I'm sure there will be a lot of that because. This whole thing everything that you described it is sort of like at page street Adams five but it isn't coming to life gives you had your test mission in that would could you call it a test mission load Goldberg hitting a moment your yacht it is losing your first flight how the first flight go how far. Did you did it actually helped. And two great questions so we Dylan. Pond and may and June unmanned July. We actually tested the entire system full skilled so this is a says two million pounds. The to really build on pile ons in the desert. With a fully integrated system. It's about almost twelve feet wide so it seems pretty much. It's above ground above ground an. I wanna just clarify for people because Ilan mosque between mention was one of the first people to start talking about this he has his boring company and their underground frighten him so can you let her above ground they're under I don't know we know it's not. So the on the choice point yes as you can you can do above ground now for version of who won you can also do. Underground for the tunneling they need and also do on the ground so many of you base of the use right of way is exempt existing right of ways. To build this. And you can also basically tunnel on borer your way and so. Now art it be going back to the original enough art at Al so me this structure. It's 500 meters long. What we do with the pod and and in the actual full full house. We we when 290 miles per hour in 500 feet and stop safely. So bit of mistrust us of seeing you know in that kind of environment could be make this happen we see if we break the answer was yes. The key thing that's important for you in the audience to understand. Is that all of the system and everything that we've built in the tests that we showed actually proves that we will get to settlement miles per hour. The only limitation was the distance of the tube itself. Still the tube went from 500 meters to three kilometers. OK and it would hit 700 miles per hour with the existing. System in design that we did that's why we're we say is worried there. OK if you can hit a 192 miles per hour in 500 feet the means are gonna hit southerner miles per hour in three kilometers the reason as. There's no friction it's a near vacuum. The propulsion is gonna continue into two speeded up. And in about thirty seconds forty seconds later it's gonna hit 700 miles per hour in that distance. Now when you commercialize a woman gets in his next phase which were and now we're in commercialization. Is. With. Visionary like Richard Branson. And investment by by virgin group. And how they were to join the board. That's gonna help us in the commercialization process we've graduated now from the R&D process solution on all the works so now we go to phase of signing contracts with governments and actually building. And breaking ground high food systems around the world five version if we bought. How far away are we from that actuality of governments signing up for this and saying. We're cool with S we're gonna regulated in some capacity and we're gonna allow you to take up the space to make this happen. It's a great question we're right there I think. You know and I was finished within. The and the next year. We should deal to make announcements of our first contracts with governments around the world not and the U. So most likely we're going to be building the first article loops and and places like. The middle East Asia and potentially your of my dream of course would be the bring it to America would love to build you a New York to DC. And do you know 35 minutes travel. Basically turning the citizens of metro stops. Bends the idea of Kano where you live and where you work. To zipping ghost city Center City center. And that's reality is we don't need a lot of realistic to build I believe stations they can be in the middle of the city. And then you're gonna build it you know transfer people on things done for us. So some of the questions 11 question we got from bong bong. Well I think it I don't know what your name is on bond but that's your Twitter handle Obama bonds BO and GE O Yong -- so bond bond asked. Will brands and hold a controlling interest what's his role in all of. It's. Richard Branson and the virgin group Vuitton made a minority investment and and and having of one. Richard is join the board of directors. We better than to a strategic partnership. For the same time we've merged goodies to global brands I've who have won and version. Together and we'll be rolling out of ground is version has bloop on. In the name in the company were illegally also changed to reflect that. So that's that's. He seems like up the kind of partner that would be very useful in this and that he in figuring out virgin airlines worked with government is accustomed to you. Dealing with some of the bureaucracy. And that weighed it definitely be in the path of any kind of moon shot venture likeness. Yes of soil amid. I've looked up to Richard for very long time he's on the great. Hunters in the world is built Brandon done is known worldwide. He inspires a lot of people's well and has a good human being. How many conversations dictate to sell him on the idea. Well we've known each other for some time so he's a for and became a virgin galactic astronauts some years ago early on. And so I wanted to go to space for the childhood you know my name is. Hide myself under coffee table I was growing up and Legos and spaceship. For hours and hours traveling on space so. That's why I signed up for virgin galactic and I look forward to making that trip in the future. What comes first your trip to Mars or someone taking a higher early. One the virgin higher early line from New York to Washington DC it. Over neglecting his has been around for along time that coin of you know goal takes time. You know long term vision. I think there are there they're nearer. You know getting there. So. I don't know what the exact dates are but. I would I would think that it's it's eminent. In terms of in order through so I guess you only announced it. Then. The in terms of Turkoglu. You know working around the world virgin have who have won tends to kind of break ground and build these things and you should be seeing them operational in the next 24 years. Two to four years and all right we have a question from Kalla who wants to know the estimated price for one way travel do you even have a sense for what pricing could be like. Sure. Well the key way to understand. The answer that question. As we don't intend to really try to you know profit from passenger travel or business model from the beginning when it started the company. One of two. Basically focus on cargo. And logistics because in the movement of goods is actually a much more. Interest and business model in the world if you can kind of shrink. Commerce. You can accelerate the economic growth of the world and create economic opportunity for many many more people are on the world. So this is very much on a mission driven from now perspective it is also was. The ideas the business phone I think is a beautiful business model and what I mean by the if you can move you know people on things as fast if he can move things in cargo this house. And by the way green. Queen lane. Then you can actually take the ports around the world and most salute the in the major ports in the world. Our. Because of their function. And the existing technologies are on the water fronts of all the major cities of the world. Now there's something about waterfront property. Real estate. It's actually quite valuable. Waterfront properties of these cities around the world are extremely valuable but they have they're forced to use it. To be able to bring goods and guess what happens in LA port. The value of the real estate deal and poors were worth about 200 billion dollars just by itself. It also brings in about 8000 trucks and these aren't small trucks is are 8018. Wheelers they go on the highway systems of LA every single day. That's a waste. Causes pollution causes congestion and it causes a lot of pain and loss of productivity. So you can actually move the port and make it in the desert. The trucks move out of the way have a cleaner city of less congestion. Also on law 200 billion dollars of those states to develop. And guess what that subsidizes the other business model which actually should make it very cheap for people travel back and forth. And the reason is if you're gonna unlock all of those goods. In that way and you gonna move those goods and real time. You actually want people moving around you wanna make the very cheap because that's gonna make the economic flows mover on the city's. And those reasons regions much not faster than ever before. I can hear the argument but with the way that you would lay this out to any and regulatory authority and government in terms of making the case for a why you should be on site be. Should there be subsidies for example for what your trying to build out I do think we have some questions coming in is that right Taylor human. Okay. Furnish Thomas that this isn't capable of withstanding a joke and he is. Good question some parishes are people out there in case they can hear it garish asked how much can the system withstand natural calamities if there's an earthquake or hurricane what happens. Sure thanks Dershowitz a great question I'm safety. Is extremely important for version has moved on. And it's actually quite term months to how we think about things. If you look at can a safety. Airlines. From the airline perspective. You're in a tin can up in the air 30000 feet if anything goes wrong. You know what's gonna happen for an it's not a very safe. Environment at that point so. In on the trains side. If you have the real man's. Due to any other cause. Because it's in open error. When a train or high speed rail. The rails. What happens is that. It moves all over the place it did it crashes. And that's also not very safe. If you have an environment where you're controlling the whole environment here and steal to. And you. The system we've designed. We've been very mindful of it reduces the possibilities of any kind of derailment. We've also designed the pods. Who also designed the pylons. So that they actually shift. We did that in terms of actually shifting towards temperatures and so it expands and contracts to the tube itself can slide around. Because of what we've actually invented so I can show that you if you ever come to Vegas. How big is is one pot how many people could be it seated in one hot and and do you believe that. The people would also be traveling with the cargo. Considered your very question you wanted to be bi directional C to use ago both ways it. You could and turned mixed pods. Where we are one part house cargo in the other part 'cause people. And so you will be able to makes those around. Because of the speeds that it goes you want and also have enough buffer in between the pods. And all of its automated so that it's extremely safe if you need one part of the stop. It creates a there's a sixty. And of logic to you actually regulate. Through the automation system all of those rules. Then on the cargo side and the people's side you want ability to different kinds a cargo and he also won a house. Plaza might fit more people and less people depending on you just let your location that's right. So the size of the plot does not need to be uniform. But you know if we need a pod for 35 people are putt for 65 people we can make that work. Because this is all inside of a steel container and the steel container this does the sides of it won't change all of that much. Does the technology to propel different shapes and sizes of pods for example or different sizes rather of pods. Did that technology have to change and adjust and given that and what happens if you know there are multiple different size pods all traveling within this this. That that the steel container. Sure. We'll some some to you and me wider than others depending on you know function. So so the idea wouldn't be an necessarily have different size pot in one Q that would just be different routes are going to be different sized chips right. And so it kind of you gotta think about it and kind of morphology -- ensued. If the functions and to determine what the actual design vision of the year of the size of the actual tube. The pods. You're not gonna have different widths of positive of this you know if I would. I have longer publish order prods. The other hospital this is you know creating a people talk about self driving automation etc. but the pause themselves should be able ago until April. And if you design different kinds of pods you can actually. Have the pods continue to do the last miles well so once you get in between mostly in Europe DC. The paused and then leave and take you home or to due to the office. You can kind of could you know create. Pooled situations where you know people commuting together. But all of these are electric bill that screen. I'm reminded of there's a boat in Chicago then starts out as a bus and then turns into a boat that takes people around the Chicago river anyway it'll exam the article yet that it's not. A we when my another ten million of them don't pogs. By luck. Of the teamwork. Meeker. And me. No Manila. Do you have any schedule through market rollout. Schedule for market roll out Malden. I am 08. Day. Her thoughts on. But the thanks to your questions in terms a commercialization. Version have to move on. The role it is you know once we sign the first contraris. We'd like to be able to break ground. Somewhere in the world in 2019. And then be operational by two points when he won 21 to. And those who believe. Either cargo or passenger. Just depends on what you know it the government there were talking to. What they need. For the nation. Here. Killing my math. It really be powered by. Funny adversity and we will really be powered by humans humans what a picture on its parent had great close. You know my daughter's favorite movie news monsters things and is remembered. They went from. Screams to laughter and joy actually high approval be powered by human joy people are going to be extremely happy. To deal move around them save time. In a way that you know changes if Robert I think the way people live their lives not just in terms of jobs. Mostly personal if you can go visit your. And parents or grandparents of the grandchildren can be around. People can come and visit each other there's not just going to be enjoying the experience of being transported there. We'll have more moments of life with her loved ones share. And that I think is probably keep this empire that we can now. Great thank you so much for joining me Sherman as well nice chatting with you thanks for all the great questions I've on both FaceBook and Twitter remember. There's a new episode of no limits that's up you can check it out it's with both in the Saint John she is the new missions swell she worked at the company invested in him over. Recently joined over from apple as their chief brand officer and it really enjoyed our conversation. I hope. Right and I am certain literally that if it started to make it at a high. There were right on time hoping I'll have a great weekend happy Friday be well take care. It hurt or hit.

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{"id":50471865,"title":"'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Hyperloop One co-founder ","duration":"21:26","description":"Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar talks about the company, the only company in the world that has built a full-scale Hyperloop system.","url":"/Business/video/real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-hyperloop-founder-50471865","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}