Super Bowl XLVIII Over Sold?

From vacant hotels to plunging tickets Darren Rovell reveals what's wrong with Super Bowl XLVIII
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl XLVIII Over Sold?
Hello and welcome to a special Super Bowl edition of real -- -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis thing guess who's here with -- we have a special treat their rebel ESPN sports business reporter he goes way back with me. Yeah I'm happy to have him here on real bids again. And guess what it's four days till the Broncos in the Seahawks face off in the biggest game of the year and the biggest TV event Q here's what's on our radar there -- Well -- would plunging ticket prices something we're gonna talk to you about you heard that right ticket prices are plunging. Lots and supersize parties in New York City and super food. With an Iron Chef and a hall of Famer. It's all coming up right here -- -- to get right to it so much talk about those ticket prices dropping to the lowest rates ever. About a year ago they were expected to be the price is tickets ever but joining us now from Houston Texas on Skype. Is Patrick Ryan he's aware of the ticket experience and Darren before we go to Patrick tell us what's going on here. What started about 3300 Foxconn was the average ticket price and it dropped and dropped and dropped. Part of that was because you had any of the teams that could drive the answer. We're coming in so it's been about 17100 dollars for average -- price to -- this horrible past. Couple days and with the weather forecast holding up. That is held but 17100 -- that's they get in price but. Patrick -- I got to ask you this. Argue was surprised. By the way it dropped. And then why do you think it dropped it if you -- give one reason do you think it was. The weather or do you think it was the team's what where would you give more credence to there. Actually I've got a different direction I just think that there were -- few early sales com. Brokers didn't put a lot of tickets out early for sale and the ones were -- on the market were really expensive. So a lot of people -- casual fans thought all may have gone to Super Bowl just immediately cross that off the list that cannot -- So -- so it's always almost like in his interest in her -- is almost like a communications crisis or an or media putting things out. Much like the one million dollars sweet you know in New Jersey New York's Super Bowl committee sold sponsorships that were one million dollars that included this week. Ever wants its one million dollar suites and and you talked the NFL only said no we sold a hundred of these things in between 40500000. Dollars so. There's a market for that dollar price exactly -- to have how much is communication the way we have the speed of communication today how much do you think. Kind of a miscommunication. Can could crimp sales. Lobby it's always perception and -- -- were perceiving -- -- and we forests in the lower level is gonna cost and 161000. Dollars. And then once I I'm a market corrected itself it was too late. And it's a matter whether or not -- are gonna comment locally. It's so expensive for any family any time of the year to go to NFL game let -- the Super Bowl game. But it's interesting that you bring up the fact that there were sales early enough on because if you look at for example holiday sales. Chris Smith started before Thanksgiving this year retailers and that didn't work for them either so not so -- Had -- reduce prices earlier on. That it would -- worked out the weather here has been a big issue in. Literally every day in the headlines it's colder and colder how many people do you think would rather just stay home and enjoy it under a blanket. While adding that -- a big part I've said for weeks that the biggest factor the biggest player was the weapon. Once we got the NFC east out of contention mighty Eagles giants talent -- drive. Yeah what once we eliminated those fan bases it was gonna beat -- the weather and yes it's looks okay but I mean you're gonna spend 20000 dollars for decent seats for -- usually go. That money goes a long way and a lot of other voices. How -- Patrick got to ask you about transportation here because. You know this is the hardest Super Bowl ever to get to once you get in the city. They are not letting you come close in a taxi -- in anything they cannot drive there in -- So. I think that puts a premium on parking passes any insight on that couldn't -- a parking -- you can drive there and that's the only way you can get it. Frantic literally get point one best selling general parking passes and do appreciate weight because people when I got to finalize -- tea plans. There's a really good chance that you could see some parking problems it's important -- issues. And I don't think a lot of fuel automatic yet I think the limo companies and drivers -- drivers. The look at those now can be -- because there really aren't that many out there. -- Patrick Bryant of the ticket experience thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate it. -- I want to turn to you now because we've been talking a little bit about the Super Bowl economy a lot of people wonder how much is a Super Bowl actually help. The local economy and there's different statistics around that's. The one that they normally put out is wrong -- talking. It's like okay there's there's a couple things you normally come out with one big number which this year was 600 million dollars the NFL while it walks away from their numbers and we didn't put that out usually by the host committee order -- the city. And the reason why that number never comes to fruition is well maybe it does but they don't take away what's called typical displacement. If it 600 million dollars what is done in a typical week in the new York New Jersey area 550 million dollars so. You know -- -- and then it depends on who's coming in from out of town. If you. Staying in hotels if they're saying overnight if they're gonna eat out the whole time -- they're gonna. Bring the food along is because -- sometimes her Beckett everything is sucked in from the stadium everything around the stadium they are getting all the economic impact. And not necessarily everything around New Jersey. That you people -- -- he said Dave. Be disappointed they thought people would stay. In New Jersey that they'd win this battle other people being disappointed posting homes on home away thinking that they're gonna actually -- their homes and there's been almost no it's. People reading albeit even though this is an event that happens in New Jersey a lot of the excitement a lot of the -- is happening here in New York City -- -- -- in midtown Manhattan in Times Square right now they've built. Literally a huge structure right behind me. Right behind good morning Americans that I might add. So you see it every day at Times Square where is -- here in New Jersey you might not see this as -- And and I would sit -- the hotel story for me. He's more intriguing -- the -- story. The hotels -- the fact that you can have the west in in Times Square which a week ago was selling for 700 dollars and now is 325 dollars. And three -- 35 dollars. I don't know if they sell that on a Saturday during the year as every week by dealers -- -- yet here and let alone simply because they have they've relied on nothing but the Super Bowl crowd. There's all these parties -- Are happening all over the city and I are going to -- but I'm going to some and what and and like every Super Bowl there are some parties that are actually hotter get into. When the candidates -- to get its I I think not the best who won easily have a ticket I had I -- to take uniting the best one is the American Media party -- fitness maintenance fitness cheap magazine. American Media party. Actually -- -- -- sit down dinner. John Legend Mary. -- -- and you're going to be there I'll be. How many people are going to be there. I'm only -- I don't mind yet on that list you -- the work it speaker several weeks yet to have 400000 at least Twitter follower. -- -- is programming and photos after exactly tell our. So you know and and as far as the parties -- -- they'll probably be. They'll be hundreds of parties over the next -- Thursday Friday Saturday and summer gonna -- do well and summer just gonna. Fall flat I mean just people will not show up the order to -- sitting there. Which by the way I am going to a couple of these parties and I'm not gonna say which ones but -- authority told me know -- -- showing up at the party's but I only I'm handicapping. With a camera so if that happens on Nightline on Monday night you will see OK well that's good -- I think the Bud Light. -- the idea of bud -- party. You know for on the crews over three days I think that's going to be interesting all the parties that's that's. Eagles are also bank skill it doesn't anyone Blair TM Marshawn Lynch is his mother started feeding him the power pellets when he music in pop Warner all well she got -- -- -- the power -- did did well and of course -- forgot to bring my. I would -- -- and he didn't Flintstones kids. Out as -- light and by any. -- -- would've been nice if it weren't dummies. But -- but I would say so Marshawn Lynch -- -- deal with scandals that's the first deals Beatles has ever done. Don't know the terms of the deal but we do know that they're doing a bunch of things 101000 dollars for every touchdown during mr. -- he scores. Skills -- with a lot. Don't -- operator they are ready for the scandals to follow onto the field how -- -- clean those why now paid I think an epic consult people in Seattle for the for the scandals Irish -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"From vacant hotels to plunging tickets Darren Rovell reveals what's wrong with Super Bowl XLVIII ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"22284763","title":"Super Bowl XLVIII Over Sold?","url":"/Business/video/super-bowl-xlviii-sold-22284763"}