New Technology Tackles College Grad Career Crisis

Digi-Me connects the employer to the candidate through video job descriptions that appear on the job seeker's social media sites.
3:30 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Technology Tackles College Grad Career Crisis
Unemployment rate as you know is dropping but there are some alarming new studies that show young people are in trouble and an increasing number of recent college graduates are facing a tougher time finding work. And could be in long term jeopardy. I want to welcome Lindsay stemmed from Chicago she's an executive board member of job search. Television network and they say that their teen technology is part of the solution so tell me about this new technology -- -- me. How does it work. Thank you for having me we're so excited because basically what we do is make the process that marriage between the job seeker and the employer. Easier so you're the power -- video which most people actually start their job search process on Google 80% of people won't start looking for a position. Through Google. -- so in order to be able to connect with that job seeker you want to make sure as an employer that you're reaching them fast and video actually outranks. I'm a Google search by 53 times over taxed -- helping make that process easier. Were also reaching job seekers were there are already going so. Through social media are videos go viral so they hit FaceBook they -- linked and are on the company's prayer page. There on mobile there where people are going especially your younger you know new grads who are looking for a job they're definitely going to be looking on their phone and they're definitely going to be more interested in viewing a video that tells them about a job and accompany -- reading along. -- -- -- -- So if I understand you correctly it sounds like the problem that you're trying to solve with DG me. Is that there are employers out there who aren't getting that kind of quality graduates that they're looking for maybe some of those people are going -- the hot companies the -- the Facebook's of the world. And -- are ignoring these other companies in -- saying these other companies could really benefit. By making themselves more appealing to the millennial generation the young generations of kids coming -- -- school. Absolutely and I think you know probably want -- -- -- in the market is first -- -- frustrating process on both sides -- I mean. The employers are trying to reach that more qualified candidate. The job seekers apply for a job they feel like they get dropped into a black hole -- don't know what's going on. So it's very frustrating on both bands and what we want to do was really simplify. That process and make jobs more accessible for everybody and make that connection better because. People actually understand the information in a video. Over 60% batter then when they read attacks -- so I think if you think about you know your own behavior and just watching something on YouTube -- tend of -- -- so much more information when you watch a video -- reading something in tax. When you watch that 32 failure really take it -- -- Exactly for the employers you know it's about cultural -- it and I think you know -- -- shows how much more about your culture as a company. By doing one of these videos we really appreciate actually we really appreciate you joining us thank you so much and it's called -- me where can people find this if they're looking for more information. What they -- it that it did she dashed me dot com and they'll see where were working with some of the largest employers out there. Companies hiring for anything from engineering positions like. USG corporation -- corporation to the Hartford who's always hiring for sales positions across the country. Great even though your joining us from -- Lindsay these are nationwide roles we appreciate they are absolutely thank you thank you so much Lindsey it.

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{"id":24382615,"title":"New Technology Tackles College Grad Career Crisis ","duration":"3:30","description":"Digi-Me connects the employer to the candidate through video job descriptions that appear on the job seeker's social media sites.","url":"/Business/video/technology-tackles-college-grad-career-crisis-24382615","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}