2 Tips to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Watch celebrity jewelry designer Amelia Rose on "Real Biz" with Rebecca Jarvis.
6:30 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for 2 Tips to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape
She hated her job as an attorney with a passion that is a direct quote. So she quit to pursue her real passion which is jewelry I want you to meet Emilia Lockheed CEO and founder of the nearly erodes design. And today Hollywood can't get enough of or jewelry line her fetching jams frequently featured in magazines like Bo. Celebrities just can't get enough. And you can even spot her beautiful bubbles in feature films like the rebound with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Also you'll see it all over ABC news because so much of Good Morning America is wearing it. Amelio rose welcome Emilia not welcome they alliance Emilia row is so great to have you with us thanks for having me so ten years ago. You are studying for the bar. Yes and you decide to start this on top of that actually started the company when I was in law school. And I was studying for the bar and I just kept thinking what in my doing here in and I knew he wanted to try the company out. But I I committed to lie practice for a couple years and and then I just went. What what beat you think I'm ready to do this what was in place at that point. That there wasn't that much in place at that point but my passion I just couldn't I couldn't quite down. So we're some of the first things you did because now is assess its successful venture of US. But that is not. How things get start now now so now so initially I incorporated the business on my lunch break when and and then I started going literally door to door to businesses and I would ask them just on consignment if they would try some of my pieces from went. And then from there it at my first street shadow. And then slowly but surely we just started to build the plant. So getting out there huge part of it getting people's eyeballs on it yet. And it is also was a time when you didn't have social media to exact really do that you do a great job with social media that I had people if they're following you want social media they can go to so we're at and nearly rose jewel. So on its to grant and on FaceBook and you do a great job of always promoting when there's some television airing. Emilia rose one thank you yeah but a lot in so many people on you know wearing a new heroes injury. So what you got this into the hands of vote for example. How did you get it. The wonderful PR team. I can't let it out. PR team. And now that I do they're just wonder fox picking picnic but. The F that was quite a placement you know that's not her. And wonderful you are keep for anybody who who is who's out there trying to start something a lot of what you see. You see on television if you see in a magazine and frequently it does come from that great. Greek PR team so yet the number one question for people there were looking for. PR ask yes what would you say that it speak to other businesses that you know if he's seen a business placed in a magazine or in a movie. Look them up call the head of the company and asked them with their experience as me so I actually just had too costly patent last week and you know I can't praise my thirteen. Now as somebody in the press I can say that I think there's a lot of you are there's there's many different types and he aren't you there yet and the best are in contact with me ask Ali. And they also have stories so it's not just who you know yet but it's also saying we've actually place this. Here and be able to show client so are we got a new heroes and vote for example that big deal how do we know somebody. What is you know one piece of advice in general for business leaders. I think you you have to love eating and taking what you do. Most likely the success will follow. That need you just really have to file your passion that's what I dead and here I am sitting now and you know I just love what they do every single day. And it when it love it with with all of these beautiful bubble surrounding you how does what she news. Because they're so many different colors shapes sizes and how does one accuse the perfect color shape size for there and I. Think a general rule of thumb is to keep in mind contrast. So you know there's different schools of thought on un matching the shape of an earring to. The shape of one's face. So you know for instance a blonde with a mortar round shaped face probably shouldn't Wear. Round yellow earrings I think you want some contrast. And maybe something more emerald cut or to your contraption tear drops are pretty Versa tile and tend to complement almost anyone's they share. And then contrast instantly queue for simply worn orange and Brad and those really popped out. Actress with a dark here to the starting exactly how the dark hair what is the biggest mistake you think women may wearing jewelry. Think less is more. I really did and then my time contrary to promoting my business week and I. But anywhere lit up. Now I think less is more so I think you know pairing if you're gonna Wear a big statement neck Christine Lagarde six. That's really all he need or a big pair of statement hearings that's fine on the town. Or a delicate necklace likely be on and and you know medium sized earrings not over doing. Yeah anything it's the purpose of the accessory. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and then a lot of people will be buying jewelry and the yeah yeah what's your top piece of advice especially for men who worked out fine jewelry here from a lot of men at this time of year. Know who we are moving forward knowing your audience I think. Women in general. Loved Hillary and will love anything that's given to them. You know don't know if your significant other has their ears pierce had. Liar. If I actually did head up and back back many many years ago somebody gave me. Pierced earrings that I didn't have pierced ears not real. Maybe not keep our campaign. I think not my husband. And now you know just does she Wear gold or silver both in and do your homework speak to mom or friends and I think. When it feels awful and there's meaning behind net you're gonna love what every. Fantastic advice and Iraq Emilia roses though I think you so much angered Iran we really appreciate it thanks.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Watch celebrity jewelry designer Amelia Rose on \"Real Biz\" with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"28404970","title":"2 Tips to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape","url":"/Business/video/tips-choose-best-earrings-skin-tone-face-shape-28404970"}