Vanessa Williams On Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Episode 87: Vanessa Williams talks to Rebecca about her career, overcoming setbacks and the best revenge.
7:06 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Vanessa Williams On Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
I would say success as a best revenge. Do any ultimate comeback story if anybody. Can talk about rising and found lows again and again and again yeah. Anyone who's out there trying to accomplish anything how do you work. Through those terrible moments you just have to take the opportunities it be supported by the people that lucky whether to family friends. Community that she can act lists. Don't be afraid to reach out that's my biggest advice that I can say for anyone going to any kind of obstacle learn trials and tribulations. Don't be afraid to reach out ask questions asked for help. Because you never know where you'll find it and I always would ever came at me next July. Embrace and you just never know when it's gonna happen but keep. Keep. Yeah yeah you have now. Come full circle. You've gone back to Miss America that you actually literally full circle and and a bottle and what was that like that moment that the CEO of Miss America. Apologize. To. There's a lot of emotions ass and hassles now the the chairman of Miss America was one of the judges that selected me as Miss America thirty. Three years ago I trusted him I knew him as a man in his integrity so when he called to say. We really like you back. I knew that there was no hidden agenda. He really wanted me back and talked man ominous atlas and they invited me back and she said I have a lot of issues and we talked it out and I talked to them. And so there's a lot of things that were not addressed and not said I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to use England music. After thirty years of recording artist I have hit records and wanted to sing my song. I wanted to be able have my musicians up there and show the full circle of having a dream and being able to have come to fruition so that was a porn to may and grandmother was important for her. To have some kind of recognition some kind of acknowledgment saying. She did the best she could and at the time she is giving and you gave us zip and we deserve some kind of acknowledgment. And it all happened. Had to feel so good in that moment it was way in some ways it felt like time had even. Mouton. Like I was back there and thirty odd years hadn't gone and in other areas I came back. With my four children and a whole. Career and life that I had lived and came back as a development. I always think what when people go through the worst moments there is no better way to overcome those been to succeed absolutely. I always say successes at best revenge. Could not agree with you more on that front. For people out there who are going through their own moments. What's the one thing they can focus on to get back into that's successful head space focus on tapping into. What you do best I mean everyone is unique and has something. Different to offer. To the table and no that no matter what the circumstances. Are out there it doesn't change who you really are so once the dust we'll sentinel. People have a chance to see who you really are no matter what is said when images are out there and authentic you. Well ultimately get a chance to shine to just be patient. There's a happy day I hear you have a new album coming out next year it can you give us any hint since as to what it's going to be what's gonna sound like. Yeah it's saying. A throwback to. All the songs that were influential to me. While I was becoming a singer. So these are things that I sang in shows when I was in high school and college. That I did for performance classes so it's a combination of the American songbook. But a very Preston L Vanessa Williams who has the most influential musician in your life. I would say in my life my parents as their book music teachers. They may be taking they made me choose an inch of manages French aren't played recorder and violent and did a lot of things because it was part of what we did you know in our households it's family time and we have to practice and it was our discipline anti graduate high school. In terms of people that I enjoy. I definitely think that my. My area was seven season and before. Intent as the pop music of seventy's and a fire shot the cop that's on my. Music that I grew up with but in terms of pure singers like L FitzGerald for her phrasing. A for her July for what she brings. And scanning she's government favors us artist you're working with the nonprofit world about the work you're doing I'm fortunate to be in my second year working with success is calling its a joint venture with six addresses successors have worked for for years not only. Donating my old clothing which it helps women get back into the workforce have had some issues in the lives. And it allows them to have suits and dresses and handbags so they can make an impression Monday. Have there for acidity of the tracks on his part with them success is calling is a program that women can do. To learn how to have their best foot forward when they have job interviews over the phone when's the last time you did a felony murder of a long time but I did phone interviews all the time on the radio station and my my biggest tips or have energy for sure and Allen from the camera. No matter what you feel I win the lights turned non. You have to have energy game play yes exactly. And again being articulate I can tell that you're very well spoken and then CH of people understand what you're talking about and understand what words you're saying having great diction. And also vote. Larry it seems like ten years ago was easier to be a celebrity and yet yeah and you have your clothing line and eat how even getting burnt to. Every every project is now in exciting. I I don't get burned out because a much in the same thing all time and that's what's exciting for me it gives me an opportunity to. Two to expand and you know we dip into different fields and and succeed in my life and what's number one piece of advice to building a lasting brand like yours I think that my A legacy is been my brand and I would think if there's one word. Mice survivor. Is my brand because people see and then gone through and know that I never stopped not being afraid to. Take a risk is is my other adage. You know you'll get a lot of opportunities. And you can stop yourself saying are now go Gulfport if you fail you learn from so just keep gone for.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Episode 87: Vanessa Williams talks to Rebecca about her career, overcoming setbacks and the best revenge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"38691151","title":"Vanessa Williams On Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/vanessa-williams-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-38691151"}