4 Women Who Are Changing The World

From Goldieblox CEO'S mission to make engineering cool for girls to Petra Nemcova turning tragedy into triumph watch Real Biz 12.16.2014
22:36 | 12/16/14

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Welcome to real does that Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar now that we are well into holiday season we're going to see giving ramp up in fact 80% of Americans who typically make donations during the holidays. Say they do not plan to change the amount of their giving this year due to the global crises. And it and real as we want to bring you the stories of four remarkable women. Accord giving year round from will be blocked CEO Debbie sterling mission to make engineering cool and accessible to girls. To Patrick M cove out more beautiful on the inside who turned her tragedy into rebuilding schools for children. Each of these women were honored this year as Forbes thirty under thirty for dedicating their lives to making the world a better place. But first we start with what a reform she is president and publisher of Forbes women. She's breaking it all down for us here is our conversation at the Forbes thirty under thirty. This conference who aren't that they're under there. This is amazing gathering of some of the most in dynamic change makers in this country we brought together young leaders under the age of thirty many of whom have been featured on her list of Forbes on thirty under thirty list. People and media entertainment food on trip nor social to collectors. All coming here to share ideas exchanged insights to make the world a better place and they're doing extraordinary work. You have been following the world entrepreneur or start ups business for years. More difficult choosing that thirty under thirty group because it feels like more and more pot growers are having younger free. It definitely has gotten a lot more difficult for us to select handful of people who get feature from Venus change makers when he years ago teams used to be handicapped used to see young people in saint. Lack of experience no funding no worldly knowledge yet. Today hey that scene as an advantage. You see people who have big ideas bold ambitions. And there are so fewer barriers to entry to the common onto nor today there's an extra opportunity to change something and I think there's a lot more willingness. And a lot more excitement from all generations to see millennial succeed. If I Ers up there with and I think to myself I land him splits. What's her when they act. Why think first you need to take a step back and say why do I wanna be one of these lists we had Peter till talking Hussein I hear so many young people sentenced starting a business. Because they wanna be hunter norm because they want to make money that is the worst reason to start a business you have to start a business because you want to solve a problem. What problem is it out there that you think needs to be fixed that no one else is doing. And then you also have to ask yourself. The resilience. Do you happen. She did taking ID and take it to the next level you love it enough that you may not sleep you know for year to two years that you may go ups and downs there's no playbook. You have to believe in an idea so much that gives you the guidance the fortitude to go through this uncertain times. Supermodel veteran and cobra is using her inner beauty to change the world she survived the Thailand tsunami of 2004. But horrific Lee her fiance did not. Petra is one of the strongest women I know she not only picked herself up after this tragic event. But now she is dedicating her life to rebuilding schools for children who have suffered through their own natural disaster. You're story is. Incredible. It's now a decade ago that you started happy hearts tell us more about it will be the tenth anniversary. On December 26 2014 since a tsunami that hasn't really impacting millions of lives. In many countries in 2004 my live has been changed forever but I had the luck to go back to my family and be a bit of recover many families. They Wear they lost their homes. There Los there live in the senate that left funds right after I could walk it to gain I went back to see how can help them the most. And buying Greisen not just doesn't the most sustainable way to help them. And that's where I put a first time seeing the children and families are forgotten when first responders city and they're waiting for safe schools. Four sometimes six plus years later and that's what gave birth to happy hearts fund which is focusing on me but think safe resilience coolest. And at that time we had a goal to build one schools. And fast bird suit today that they will actually open hundred schools 100 school in nine countries. Congratulations. Such an accomplished this the teamwork of and amazing hearts coming together. Given our donors our partners and ground for the communities because they participate. So I feel very honored and that there is like another wave of fluff and of the ways but the tsunami wave beach took life's but a wave of love which. Came the last ten years. At the Forbes 3030 conference U lodged a new challenges tell us about the challenge the name is happy hearts talents and there's no eyes involves so ladies don't have to worry by the hair it's all about sharing your Haaretz. Wits with someone. We can actually tried to happy hearts talents now you. Are you are you my favorite again Friday to sell it I need is your hand to create a heart nearly go and anything could still be. That if you post this yes you add me because I was giving you obviously and then you challenged three friends three friends exactly at hash tag. I think has challenged you can text hearts to aids 9544. And you text abort hearts. And it would donate ten dollars and it's very simple way how to. Spread the love for your pure hearts and how to spread to support for children how do you balance all of us it's a constant journey is to get the balance for a second. And the next second and goes debate because there's there's so many different things to come at you every single thing for me biggest who has been in the meditation and being there that's who. This they. Com where four different hats and a sometimes it becomes a challenging. But that the food and medication and manipulative keeps saying isn't this and I am sure that that was particularly important in your life. After this you not mean it. Which. Was devastating for so many and personally devastating for you yes. It definitely was an amazing true. I sat in my meditation and waved for the tsunami so it helped me to recover. One of the most important things you can do when you face adversity and we all face adversity is. The losing left bonnet being safe. I'm having hard time of the board. It's two to remember and be happy choice a beat Tampa was on the negative or deposited and there's always some lessons that you've been at its 5% or 1%. And we can focus on the positive. It attracts more positive and that maybe you can become stronger and you can empower others through it is about you have certainly embrace the hate you all have a choice everyone has a choice that faces you mean after her incredible thank you so what they appeared saint clearest image. It from overcoming tragedy now to overcoming personal setbacks. Two sisters fired from their jobs just months apart but they managed to turn it all around turning a hot meat that they picked up in high school. Making jewelry with their dads cardiology tools. And turning it into a business now there jewelry company Danny Joseph is mega successful worn by everyone from O bred a beyoncé and Madonna. Take a look. The company you'd you've started this with your best friend and sister. Yes suffice to start from dice monthlong and we've been making stories user accounts and something that we always in as a hobby. We love making jewelry from a young age with your dad's cardiology Clinton asked my sister taught herself how to make due firework that has medical equipment. And then at the beginning in 2008. Kind of one of the worst economic recession bar eyewitness got fired from my jobs you back fired yet but three months from China. And decided now enough and we started in jam march 2000. So anybody. Who has been fired from a job or laid off or quit. What is your advice I think that for I was Munich service opportunity because he always wanted to try as best he gave us the confidence. You before we would have been a little scary thing to quit our jobs to start his full time. The because we got fire we are very impossible to. Kind of trying to do what happened and I think I've got time event early twenties he said Linda Russell 66 months he has read a timetable we sell our parents sometimes. They're like. I didn't forever but I don't like don't that we get ourselves six months to see. If we get the business out of money and literally like my eyes on Bergdorf Goodman picked us up. And we really like yeah take to get. A lot of people here that it will they must now is that you don't know anybody sisters steer us. And she cold called artwork Edmonds and timing is everything and it's just a buyer picked up and sat come by for fifteen minutes to gets revised. And why I left the door and once we've seen on product she's off constantly want different ones from my house was on the marketplace should attempt on. Thank you just pushed in question I mean I am I always recommend anyone starting a business. If there are times where it gets really challenging and for me having a partner really helped me. At this difficult times beginning to have excellent compliments you can push you through any obstacle on the one day you don't just about because someone else is there are telling you we can make. For somebody who is completely overwhelmed by the prospect of jewelry now how to pair jewelry with clothing earrings necklace bracelet what's your best piece of advice. We always say that on you start with something small or start with something he felt comfortable and you can always gradually got that they Israel where most of the story. I think you'd be surprised because we're BT amazingly huge statement necklace. Bellagio armed parties we stopped cars I actually call that yes disarm party and sale I think that it's just trying new things to think what you feel comfortable plan. And we do like personal appearances and we're talking to customers. You sometimes we'll try things that they would never pick up but once it's on avenue C values I'll let you pick don't want comfortable and then got kind of starts emotionally for auction. What's your biggest piece of advice to you a man who is buying a gift of jewelry or a woman. If you buy some it's classic anti Nazi really can't go wrong on two things that are. Trying baster about it. Pearls. Diamonds gold one last question biggest trendy jewelry right it's kind of like a reference always I'm wearing I think your job well. So that's an asphalt and air jacket of the front and about for two different he says people are really into kind of this whole movement. You kind of worries over Iranians you can take some need help from mother grandmother. And next it was something that's new contemporary there's no liberals in this scenario as it's kind of I think that's a secret until you really an individual as you. Around the world just 14% of engineers are female if girls grew up with puzzles instead of dolls would that's still be the case. Denny sterling doesn't thanks out the mechanical engineer founded Golding blocks a toy company aimed to show girls that engineering can be cool. She also has a knack for her videos going viral overnight eight and a half million people viewed her parity of The Beastie Boys song. Girls in her sassy girls gone Rube Goldberg wild video. But that wasn't her first hit I asked her about her very first video she ever did I want to go out. Here's what she had to say I spent. About seven months living in rural India doing volunteer work it was this period in my life where. Yeah I wanted to do something good for humanity. And while I was there at and this amazing program this woman from England actually would go every year and raise money from her friends at home. And then go and buy goats for villagers and I'd seen it firsthand how they transformed. And I thought well. I can do this with my friends I can get them all to donate twenty boxers weakened by goods are villagers my husband boyfriend at the time it started his and video production company. And he was making all of these YouTube Nvidia has. And we thought we'll. What have we had some fun with us and made a YouTube video and these villagers and raping. I wanna go and we made the video and we also need this website where you can donate ago for twenty dollars but then you can add accessories and pulling it out with like Manolo Blahnik and ugly at this thing. And MO hot for extra money. And we ended up raising over 30000 dollars. Then you come up wind tech toys for girls and educational toys for girls. And create another video that goes viral. That would fit your DNA you need viral video. Well you know the thing is that when I had first came up with the idea for Goldie blocks I just thought it was. So obviously one and one of those ideas that so simple how does that not exist and when I'm in maker's prototype and I showed it to people in the toy industry. They also and it wasn't wearing a sell off. And the traditional way that normally it's my company started his you make a minimum Ryan you silence of the local toy stores and you go from there. But I knew that wasn't gonna work for me and so that's when I decided to crowd find that he's just people. Who said it wouldn't work. The people is that it wouldn't alert. Right after the campaign went live started picking up the phone and calling him and wanted to carry the toys. Stuff. Without it there my partners and you know every now and then I'll have to say intelligence south. We still have a lot of work to do that I get the message out to look at everybody the toy industry parents. Who don't yet understand the value add stem education for their kids and how important it ends. You in this video is the beastie boys and girls. And you did your own Tate got. Some legal issues around it did you expect to get out. No response from The Beastie Boys. No we mean this video and we wanted to have fun with that really we where Beastie Boys fans ourselves and picks this stock and we thought let's let's do spin on it lets you apparently answered an instant messaging girl empowerment. And that that would be really creative. And she way to get the word out how cool engineering is especially for girls we didn't have a marketing budget you know we weren't. Distributing this on national TV with at a pizza and video and then investor should realize that overnight this video is going to get it and a half million years. And just explode and go higher on so it was a challenging time for me personally am. You're simultaneously. Excited weeknight eight plus million views. But you also have this potential legal action on the side that has to be totally stressing. We Wear very night he and and really just one ensued. Send the message out finding ways to make engineering cool in accessible to girls bottom line. Is you know what we're all about. I don't you got the message out even more I can't really do what I think more people focused on the story. Because of the controversy that if there wasn't so on some levels as a blessing in disguise. Well you know we certainly weren't expecting it and certainly didn't want it but. You know at the end of the day we ended up settling and at giving examination said charities that promote stem education for girls so everyone want everybody Latin. You also got the act on this super ball and that's a pretty big deal. We ate we beat out 151000 small businesses and you know I think the reason why we want is because. We launched with this crowd spending campaign right we run kick starter yet these 5000 backers to. In a weighing our biggest advocates because if it weren't for them we wouldn't exist and so we went out task for votes. We had these people who voted for apps and told all of their friends and family. To vote for estimates it how big of the deal was having your company featured in this Super Bowl ad did it change the business did you get millions. On millions of hits right away. It was pretty explosive I remember we only had about ten employee isn't so we flew everybody out to New York to watch the commercial and when it happens. It it it's just filing this history making moments. Where the commercial itself really was this. Girl power can the rally cry and said it throw out your pink toy is then next thing you know it and build your own rockets have since then it really I think that. The I'm commercial helped take the company to the next level and gave us new opportunities for example this year float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade I. You choose that we were trying to come up with how how do we make engineering cool and accessible to girls. Similar really parade floats are engineering marvels growing up I always dreamed of becoming the princess. Waving on the float well this is our opportunity to create a flow over every girl can look at it and maybe not just dream of becoming the princess on the float. That building her own eleven. It's so much of your. Focus has bandit getting girls were interested in technology engineering mathematics. All of these fields that. Females are Trent genuinely underrepresented and what do you think is the biggest thing holding young girls back for pursuing. I think it's our culture I really zero. Engineering and technology as the boys club and that club starts when were little kids there our. Characters like. Bob the Builder handy Manny Sid the science guy Jimmy Neutron and in the list goes on and on engineering and science it is for these boy geniuses. So for me young age when your kind of developing your identity of what a little girl is and what she should be interested and mean those topics and just down show lap. And I think that that's where golden box can step in and change that conversation early. As the teenage daughter of a single mom tackle worked as a hostess at who letters today she runs a one billion dollar company. Cat as the president of cinema and the world's most famous bakery franchise and I caught up with her at the Forbes thirty under thirty populous. You're starting a foundation at thirty and I'm so looking forward to making a for the last. Seven years I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of nonprofits and NGOs and you work in eastern Africa and the US. And now it's time to have that not be just opportunistic and waging it in between my for profit life and activity arts in a bond. Disturbingly delicious cinnamon rolls and world changing foundation on the side so. Really excited we'll have named finalized in a couple of weeks and we'll be launching an at the end of the year congratulations thanks to you are a role model so many giving your pact story. But give it also accomplishments that you achieved over the years of your life. What's the most important lesson you learn a lot way. The most important lesson for me is stilled that voice in my head from my mom which is don't you dare ever forget where you came from. But don't you dare letter to find them. And this concept of don't forget where you came from but don't let it define new is something that I applied a mind. Personal lines as evidenced by evolving and I'll start a foundation but it's also. The exact principle I have used to build a team and build a global multi channel food brand with some of on when you think about. All of the decisions that you have made along the way now what are some of the keys that stand out to you the smartest things the best decisions made. Some of the best decisions I've made have been about choosing the way I want to deal with a situation or circumstance I remember. I had an executive I was working west back when I was working at hooters and the dynamic wasn't. Very positive and I was pretty sad when I would go home I didn't feel valued and included during a short period of time and I had a choice. Stay in complain and deal with it or leave. And I really struggled with the whole notion of leaving of quitting. But I made the choice to stay on that path but to define myself I would go to work and have some struggles but over time I learned that I'm not just defined by my job as long as I'm giving to others and doing some good in the world that actually helps me feel more confident and poised executive let's capitals and a but yes. What is beat craziest labor. You have come up with and that test kitchen the craziest labor we have come up with in the test kitchen is infusing. Seaweed into the DOC. Lee it really trying to push the dose limits to figure out what are some of the flavors that might be really exciting in the mini version of Ford Japan. And other parts of case. Interest staying and I remember I'm not the customer. Yes so we are really trying to keep in mind in particular countries and markets who our customer is. What might be exciting and relevance and occasionally we missed the mark you were great about social media percent of and your very active on Twitter for people who are trying to build that. Brands online social media what would you say are some of the most important things keep in mind I think the most important things to keep in mind when building your own brand are deciding how to engage in social media is making a personal choice that you really want to be there it really listen to people just as you need to take an active. Interest in individuals when you're meeting them at an office party or an event you have to do the same thing on line and so if you really want to build your brand. The key is to be fans of your fans I'm the biggest fan of sent a bond fans on line when they show love I show them up right back and if there. Kind enough to show love back my way I one up them with more love. You really do it I get pictures of people tweet your pictures and their caffeine than a Banja. And you're like telling you know bring it were say why it really does brighten my day I truly love it give us a taste of any. News that abundant type products that are coming out yes oh cool yes. So we have just launched the senate bon bon bake shop which is where we only have teeny tiny little Saddam bonds with. Eight or nine different flavors such a small hours and birthday cake and Oreo frosting and all kinds of fun stuff so. Lots of flavored frosting and we have new products in partnership with Pillsbury that are coming out we've got out pumpkin. Made with sent a bond cinnamon cinnamon rolls out right now and so flavors and fun with flavors. And just you know living the Monterey life needs frosting and so that's showing up in every product line that we happen of course. Expanding into some pretty exciting. Thank you so much for joining us for real they is we like hear from you is there a special woman in your life. That is giving back to your community tell us about her like us tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis and comment below. And from the studios in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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