XO Group CEO talks new book 'Career Manifesto'

XO Group CEO Mike Steib speaks about his new book, "Career Manifesto," and shares his best tips to advance your career or kickstart your side hustle on "Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis."
10:33 | 01/29/18

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Transcript for XO Group CEO talks new book 'Career Manifesto'
Hey everybody I'm Rebecca Jarvis ABC's chief business technology in economics for a spot it coming she live from office for this week's episode of real is. And we're talking it's a perfect day Monday is our perfect day to talk about this topic because I'm here with the author of this book Mike Stein. The career manifesto discovery are calling and create an extraordinary life. What Saturday to think about that. On Monday in a really good morning. Welcome might I'm glad that you're thinking might is also the CEO of act so group which a lot of you know it's not the biopsy are helping couples get married and work their way trail. The biggest choices in their lives but now you're helping people with their careers TO. So this book one of the things I think is really interesting about. You were story. You're 25 years old you have this job it looked great on paper yet the threat but it was it satisfy. It wasn't satisfying and it was over consistent book but I was actually went with a friend who was a kindergarten teacher to. Talk to some of the kids at their school and one of them was asking about my job and often would think well isn't important job is an important. Minutes ticket titles as a nice company is like the you know for me like I realized in the moment I didn't have this job that was aligned with what was really important. To me in the impact on wanted to have my life and and that's just hearsay years ago. Split at the time I started on this turning to figure out you know what I'm here for months was to be doing. Now among the other end that I got a job that I love it competent as things and I feel like a really important people's lives and I can have an impact in. So I wanted to one to pass some of what I'd learned along the way on to others in my experiences and. And you have a quoted them but it's one of my favorite quotes from an anonymous person that is basically. The gist of it is their two most important is your life the day that you're born. The day that you figure out why figured out and this is trying to help people figure out the KYY may hear what Atlanta do how do I find my purpose. We're gonna let you guys by the way ask questions as we go along but one of the things I wanna talk about is purpose and finding that purpose that you you talk in the book about how people can do that how do you recommend people my. You know were among the most. Fortunate people who ever lived where were safely educated were well fed and we have these choices you can you can work. You know and so many different places or somebody to from ways to make a living in. For most people in human history even our own families generation or two generations ago there were so many choices many options. And we now have the privilege many this of this happen to good fortune of being the same not only I want to make a living but how to I want to make an impact what do I wanna do with my life. And in the book I try to walk the reader for some exercises that I've done not just for myself but also that I teach to launch minds of my own company. That I would very bad way I bench he's an hour luncheon and as a lot of fun and be one of the six core values that our company is to get better every day. I feel real responsibility for that in tried to share some of that here. There ways you can think about the impact you want to have their ways you can think about not just work work community family. When things that are important to you. How can you help other people and how do you line that back your job. And when you look at your job that way not just. Do I have the paycheck I want not just to have the title I want to just feel prestigious which is what would a lot of us and up consuming in his career. We say is my work every day impacting other people in a way that's a line to my values and the impact don't have in this world. So bad it's better when live. Absolutely angry with back to you and I think. You know when you talk about success success is hopefully 360 degree day hopefully you wheat we all acknowledge that this idea that it's not just about. The perfect job it's not just about the perfect moment in time that there are so many factors that go verdicts. And and most importantly it's not about what other people think. Yeah this is perfect job for right it's not. Competition it's it's of the spoke process it's finding the thing that is the right fit for you in in the world and when you find it it's magical. So let me ask you this because I think there probably a lot of people out there. They do they might believe that they've found their purpose I mean I I know friends family they believe that they found their purpose but it's that getting their point. Where where things get tangled weary east you can start to feel stuck so what do you recommend people do that. So lived part book search of finding your purpose in the next step is thinking about the plan for your career and the clip your career is look at your purpose. I thought fifteen years and years ago I would love to run I'd love to run a business built on technology and agree team that helps to. Helps other people in their lives. I do know is going to be planning weddings but something ignite something like what I did today failed to me right way earlier in my career. And I look at that the patterns in other careers people who had gotten to levels like that and narrow. And reverse engineering at a dart gets right to reverse engineer from other people who've had that kind of success it's okay when I look at these kinds of leaders. What experience is that she had what is he done that I haven't done one of the things I'm have to learn. And you know on these it to go to do is run a big team. At this point in my career ahead I hadn't Aniston. And cities say okay how to westar to build the experience is my career to be a good manager David leader build a team that was the one area. And whining about financing to get stack of books he'd probably rather eat it and read but if you really want to understand finance you've got to start somewhere. I found the mentors who would who supported me help me in my career and and I took on a lot of extra work a lot aside hustle to try to build out the things that I needed to. Do in my career to be ready when the day came that that the dream job would be. You you talk about networking in the book and I wanted to drill down there because when you bring up something like finding a mentor in everybody talks about how important mentors are. You have some very concrete ways that walk people through the right style of networking tell us about that. People networking has become has really. Gross thing that people do where they. It's not a it's. As it. So you go to the conference and and you like when you walk of neglect conference they look at you nailed down your name badge to figure if you're talking to and the NATO attack that you're they walk away. I would rather than any other I don't know that you're getting back to bingo what I have found is that in your career. If you find people who you think are interesting and you like and you just. Approach your interactions with them not like what can I get from this were it not as transactional but hey here's my life is now in my life. How can I be useful to disperse and how can you pay it out. I've found is that rather than that transactional appropriate ways you know trying to add up okay who'd guy introduced who who's your favorite how to write quality but instead just. Particular people like and literally ships jet. Fuel and expect that sometimes just comes back is this isn't what is different now and enriches your life. Some time to comes back is you never got any. In fort that you hope someone else exceed their career. And that's wonderful. And it's a bunch of phone calls that you didn't expect from some when he did and did something for some time really earn your current nine well that. I can't believe that just that just happened to me and it wouldn't that you worn out there planting the seeds of being a good person with you interact with others. They are so many emails you know ago you know we know this person in common and we both went to the same school and could you please introduce me here head of revenue because we of the new technology and like all hub that if somebody else calls and they're like hey I need help. Letting someone you like in you know you can't wait to help them. I just found it's it's different than what people would what's what's what's. Work for his differently than people I think production. What for you has been the toughest lesson along the way. The toughest lesson. In my career. I don't know every ten new analysts and and witty learned a screwing something up so they're all pretty tough and hand. I think what's what would you learn as you move forward in your career is that the things that. You're good at they get you to one place your career. They're not the things you can get you to the next place your career. And you have this urge to hold so tight to the things that you've that right because those are there now they're part of your ego that are part of what do what you think is what is view is a professional analysts had yet let him go and we're admit yourself you know marketed them not as good as I thought. I need to learn something else to be in this constant state. Of learning and challenging yourself and waking up every day one with the confidence that you can do the job that the exact same time. Telling yourself and I need to do a lot more need to work harder and to learn more and in order to be re really grated the job. So to have that confidence and that desire to keep learning and growing is I've always found it to be. Hard and necessary and people who are successful markers I think to really well. You dealing technology every day. In your company but also technology has become increasingly important I would argue to anybody who wants to continue to achieve. What won't you say is. At some level the best relationship. With technology. For people. In order to help then progress in their careers. Well first. I think I would start with the unhealthy relationships people have the technology. Most people are addicted to their social media. We just this story pissed if it that's tree if if you think you're not addicted to yearns to Graham for example stop using. And see what happens intended of the best test for whether or not geared to it. And is is great said there's this great featuring your phone if you open up settings your iPhone and you go to where shoots you battery life. It shows exactly how much time you spend and every one of the apps and. And what I talked to people about their careers and they tell me about the things they want OT with a just anytime. Soon timing. I would refer them to that part of. And when you look and say. Oh well I spent an awful lot of time this week on we chat or just whenever that thing. You ask yourself is that where wanted to be spending Time Warner wanna be spending my time on some. So I start wouldn't put pro act first start by proactively lining up that we spend your time your calendar. And that begins with thinking about we're using technology and are using it in the best ways I don't for more before I engage my kids all my phone away. And once they did. And stick it back out and get back to work. But finding the healthy ways to cooperate with your iPhone social media all that stuff I think two important.

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{"duration":"10:33","description":"XO Group CEO Mike Steib speaks about his new book, \"Career Manifesto,\" and shares his best tips to advance your career or kickstart your side hustle on \"Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"52690821","title":"XO Group CEO talks new book 'Career Manifesto'","url":"/Business/video/xo-group-ceo-talks-book-career-manifesto-52690821"}