10 Best and 10 Worst Films of 2016

Film critic Peter Travers shares his list of all the movies you'll want to see and those you'll want to avoid.
16:01 | 12/30/16

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Transcript for 10 Best and 10 Worst Films of 2016
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn but it's not just any popcorn it's a special year and popcorn where I'd pick the best and worst movies 2016. You can now. Anyway let me start might countdown. Toward the top with the best movies at 2016. I'm gonna start with the birth of the nation they Parker's movie which is one of the best reviewed movies of the year. But because of a rate case in knee Parker's. Pasts in which he was tried and found not guilty. People had tried this movie in the court of public opinion and have missed. One of the best movies about what slavery is and what is slave rebelling. Ever in Hollywood history. I think it's a real disgrace that people are dropping off their list because they're convicting this man on personal matters that should never have happened. But there it is on my list. Then there's a movie called hell or high Warner starring Jeff Bridges in one of his best performances. As a Texas sheriff. Having to deal with two Brothers played by Chris pine and Foster here's A half. Kind of intimate look at about. What violence is and what it is in man. And how it's tied into their character really Smart stinging movie if you haven't seen it yet there's always strange. Okay loving loving is a movie about a real case. A couple called the lemmings who we're rested because he was white she was black. And they couldn't marry in the United States because in the 1950s it was we do it. Joseph Edgar ten. Is the husband Ruth Nagy is the wife. To better performances would be hard line so look this one definitely see. Sully. I've got take just scream a little bit about selling directed by Clint Eastwood starring Tom Hanks as captain Sully Sullenberger. Who dead that miracle on the Hudson where the geese hit that plane when it was taking off and landed. Saving everybody on board one of the great classical pieces of film making this year. Here's my unprovoked personal attack on the Hollywood foreign press who do about the Golden Globes he decided. This really wasn't wore the nomination as best picture. And that Tom Hanks wasn't worth nominating its best actor I find that. Just totally ridiculous and so what elect think of the gold glove. That's of raspberry and trying that can be dubbed in later. He did go out there awful solid is the opposite of awful it is great. Then there's another one name movie called Jackie directed by a Chilean filmmaker named Pablo a rain about Jacqueline Kennedy only Jacqueline Kennedy. In the week after the assassination. Of her husband John can. Natalie Portman and giving a performance. Every bit as good if not better than the one that won her an Oscar. For Black Swan. This is a reinvention of the biopic not something that you see on TV. But something that says I'm going to look at this woman in ways you never seen the war sheets deal. Great performance. And not just a great performance but agree that. Silence silences a movie from a Martin Scorsese that he's been basically talking at least to me about since 1989. When he loved this book written by a Japanese convert to christianity. Set in the seventeenth century in Japan and talking about two Portuguese priest one played by Andrew Garfield the other by Adam driver. Who go to Japan to try to find out not just to convert souls to christianity and being persecuted for it. But to try to find out what happened to their mentor. A priest played by Lee nieces and its about face. It's about doubt it's a challenge. For people that have never bored don't want to be challenged by movies outside of the marvel comic universe. This movie's gonna take a piece that view but it is still worth it. Fences Francis is a movie that Denzel Washington direct. Starring himself and Viola Davis who played this on Broadway and one Tony Awards. It is by a playwright. August Wilson who's been dead for a couple of years now. But who's a major voice in the American theater and about black American lives. And what Denzel does as a director and an actor's extraordinary what Viola Davis does along with them. Is it kind of do wet a partnership. That makes you just it up and say. I can't believe this kind of back it was that good. Moonlight moonlight again an extraordinary movie about the black experience in America it is directed and written by Barry Jenkins. It is telling the story of one boy growing up in the Miami project's who's gay news an outsider. Who feels that he can't reach out to anybody in love he's played by three separate actors at different ages in the NB. Everyone coalesce is into one. It's the kind of movie that seems to come out of nowhere and make you say who's to guide. Us. How is a miracle of a movie like this possible well it is possible and its name is when life. Then there is Manchester by the C Kenneth Weiner again. Rode it and directed it it starts Casey Affleck I think in a performance that should Doherty have. His name engraved on an Oscar for. Who we see he's a guy facing tragedy in his life basically trying to take care of his nephew who's alone in a world. It sounds like it's Siri is to the extreme and it isn't it's funny it's human it's sad. It makes you believe that you're watching a life that's actually being live. Not Hollywood not a Hollywood version of anything. You just terrific in every way. All right number one what is the movie that I think is better than anything else you know the top three of my list are kind of all so close to each other but I'm picking La La land. Which is written and directed by a a young man named Damien she Zell. Who has said to himself I'm going to reinvent the musical I'm tired of everybody just being the stop think about what it's going to be. I'm gonna cast Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and I'm gonna sedated now way. Right now and I'm gonna make what musicals meant to people in terms of their beauty in terms of their yearning in terms. What how they make you feel and I am going to do it with all. The technique I have at my disposal they means is he directed with last and one other movie. He doesn't have the experience to do this and yet what he does is to basically read it cinema for now. I get really excited when a young filmmaker comes along and says. Let's start from scratch with me get fresh there isn't a fresher more alive movie in 2016. Then lop. Now for the worst movies of 2016 you now I I can go on I'm gonna try to limit this list and not go on forever but you know I'm a movie critic so I see. All I see crap on ounces daily basis so I could do 200. But I'm gonna pick the ones that most defended me and I'm gonna start with a holiday movie called office Christmas. That's filled with people that I really like Jason Bateman Jennifer Aniston he McKinnon. It this is the movies so desperate. To be funny. That it never hit and the party. Just sits there on the screen I sat there watching going. When this is gonna come to like it band. Statistically she attempted. To spend your holidays and office Christmas party. Don't and you can thank me later. A legion of beach and now this is part of the divergence here in which always. I always wanted to be the Hunger Games and at what this was the third chapter in and it was sold doll. And so basically lifeless on the screen. That the fourth movie is probably going directly to television. Everybody said look nobody cares so are you going to inflicted on the TV audience what. To make the fourth one when the third one the second one in the first one sucks so very badly I don't know that's the mystery of Hollywood. I'm picking American pastor all this is because people say to me. Are you always picking on these big Hollywood movies and hero isn't lending the Indy movies well because in the movies are better most of the time. But American pastoral. Is based on a Philip Roth novelist sit in the movie. That stars Ewan McGregor it's directed by Ewan McGregor it's done with all the best intentions to bring a great authors work to the screen. An. Everything about this represents the worst of indie cinema current tensions long. And we acted hardly written. He just made me when it's green and look at the screen itself and say make it stop. Do not stream it did not go near you know it should have a lepers out American pastor oh. This is me Peter Travers thing there are indeed movies that are bad and worse. Okay Alice through them looking now Alice in Wonderland when Tim Burton did it. Had a lot of possess at least visually you looked at it annually. It's important I sat this one. Alice in Wonderland made so much money that they thought we have to make the book was just bring this thing people together. Do you watch caps gets out and it will all be perfect. Is it just sits there it looks like someone who grew up on the camera that they aegis TV's college you never wanna see again. Disgusting and awful do not come here. I just love it when movies are so bad that you just go how is it possible and this is one Independence Day. Resurgence. I think it took a decade to make a sequel to this because they couldn't get Will Smith do it. And Will Smith was really Smart he's done a lot of mistake movies but it depends they sit at one as it is okay the first time. OK yes. This whole lot to me. He's just has paycheck all over it it's like. Okay we'll just give you this things well and make you believe you thought for the first time award. Everybody at the box office I know this movie is something following think about it I'm not going you didn't go yourself Smart. Inferno. Inferno I get people angry because inferno is the continuation. All of these books that are huge best sellers it is Tom Hanks and it is one of the best actors on the planet love him in everything. But this movie is so tired that you could tell Ron Howard's hard as an inning you could tell Tom Hanks is partisan and it. And felicity Jones his is co star who's so good now. In broke one star story. She's. Their loss you watching good people staggering around laws. And trying to repeat the Da Vinci code which was good is a book but which is terrible as a movie this is more terrible. Police now know more ever. Ally. Allied you know love stories in movies everybody started out with this we can have bred pit stall high. Marion Cotillard even hotter they come together in a World War II love story and you know what people. You may want to repeat the success of cast a blank but if you are leads don't have any chemistry. It Don is on the screen there. That was more chemistry in the false rumors that Brad Pitt in Marion courtyard where having a thing off camera which they both denied. But in that there was some energy in the movie there's nothing it just lies there hall lacked an awful. K we're getting to the real top of the list now badness collateral beauty. It has nothing but stars and it's got Will Smith. Dame Helen Mir in Keira Knightley. Every time you turn around they're somebody else who's. Edward Norton is a big star and it's basically about it a man Will Smith plays facing tragedy. Who doesn't know how to go on with his life from a running a tech company so he writes letters to concept the concept of love. The concept of death and the concept of time. If that doesn't make you want to just fault for the exits when you hear that. Just a for a few more minutes of it and you just watch things. That. You know what why and this affected people say to each other what are we doing here this is a disaster. We congested. And read are emails to each other and it would be more entertaining I'm sure that it would be. A cash. Second worst movie of 26. And number two and number one boy they're fighting it now number two is warcraft. I just don't know how you can make a movie that is basically attracted people to itself. As video game. As a way of playing as a way of being excited to sea creatures at a fantasy having conflict. Nothing works and it just sits there even did you leave dead there over a hundred million dollars spent to produce this bill. And it just dies there on the screen we should not really review it. Some movies deserve more than a review they deserve a stake through the heart warcraft is one. So now you can imagine what do I think is worse than warcraft what do I think. Was the most offensive then be possible for me to see in 2016. People that is a movie cult suicides or. That is a movie that I hate the most because my expectations. For a where the high it. I wanted to see. This movie began that had Will Smith in is that had Margot Robbie in it that was taking a comic book. And going to be dollar and going to be stinging and going to be something like Christopher Nolan was able to do when he it is Dark Knight news. Nothing happens again we're watching a movie where all the actor seemed ready. We're visually it seems ready. And Eagles all what's the it doesn't get dark at all. All of these suicide squad people who were so nasty in the comic books all have hearts really we're supposed to feel for them. You know why. I felt nothing suicide squad. Makes me really happy to say goodbye. To the movie year 26.

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