May 27, 1998: Sue Grafton talks about her latest novel 'N Is for Noose'

Grafton's book is the 14th in a series of "alphabet mysteries" about crime-solving private detective Kinsey Millhone.
4:06 | 12/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for May 27, 1998: Sue Grafton talks about her latest novel 'N Is for Noose'
Seems there is no rest in sight for bestselling novelist Sue Grafton since 1982. She has put. Pen to paper in a series of alphabet mysteries involving crime solving private detective kinsey no hone one of the best detectives in fiction. I graft and sell latest book and is for news hence the alphabet. Is the fourteenth in the series in this time kinsey is the one whose life is in danger and author Sue Grafton joins us now you're halfway through the alphabet passed the half what Jack just want to pass and you just told me this is going to be number one in the New York. Times next next Sunday. Now that's after only four weeks do you still get nervous every book comes out or you can now only absolutely percent of the critics are right for me to fall flat on my eyes I keep trying to outfox them so the pressure gets even higher OK so Kim's email home okay in this one you take her out of her hometown yes. There's a murder death and then. Well actually this one starts with the natural a very decent good hearted. Sheriff's investigator. Buys a heart attack and his wife is convinced that something was bothering him the last few weeks of this life. So ask Kent it's hard to find out what it. What is this machine as an imperfect person can see that's what that's a lot of people like about it. How much of him of her imperfections you have to have lived in order to write about it. Well fortunately I have this great great many of my own so I just protect my own personalities such I'm sure she Cust us more than I do I'm such a lighting issue don't know yes absolutely typical is it true that you started this alphabet series though a for alibi to get back here ex husband yes I think. The scene of some of a revenge I do I do but see I too thought homicidal urge to put it a book pay back. I've always had adjusted and how. How people like you call for the characters. Because you very descriptive and you obviously have to think he threw an advance someone to put you through an exercise mine if and didn't stand for news of and stood for Newman. A hot and this was the setting. And the people in the studio where your characters in the book. How do global figure in all. Well first of all you have to look at the issue of motive that's what you have to remember is it's easy to kill someone. Get it not getting caught that's the track so for instance was Venice for Newman if you were the victim. I would have already on your dressing room and taken care of that cult like you had this morning are you feeling queasy yet like you must fix it. There at a may I don't know why it's because I've been back there. Putting post rice and your drink so do you figure you actually figure out the cause of death and then go backwards well only point the first issues motive what reason would one person have to kill her mother and usually it's quite obvious so far just taken out of 500000 dollar life insurance policy on your wife I better make sure my. Actors claim because otherwise cops are now wants her to make cops are very Smart people they are and you you actually talked to a lot of notes I do I talked attorneys and coroner is on deck as those looking for retreat at the coroner's office a sheriff's deputies have a long list of people they talk to what you get from these people. There are a wonderful thing just give me a ton of information at Santa Barbara Santa Teresa in the box right I go down and talk to captain costs he takes me into this office he puts me in the security access just got. Get this lady and they think she wants. So really holding out their current so this must help you with your description I was yes. Michael Allah I do feel briefs or tried treat myself as a journalists I come back to my machine right now Roberson ready right. Some mostly Santa Barbara have a house and parking I think some of the work their check my floppy disk in my purse and it goes he took a year off between when it does it look like a year off actually hours working steadily but because of the white publications and take your schedule. We swung from 96 Brent all of my six engines could doesn't feel like at any time honored off. I don't have no intention of resting Kelly get to see as for zero all right well I'm not gonna ask you what though is for because I do I know you can asset too much to do you know at this point IQ I think right gives a clue. That such a good job of leaving clues. Knock and tried I don't have to remain a mystery. All right see you thank you so much and look forward to gradually things number offensively and that's great.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Grafton's book is the 14th in a series of \"alphabet mysteries\" about crime-solving private detective Kinsey Millhone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52052130","title":"May 27, 1998: Sue Grafton talks about her latest novel 'N Is for Noose'","url":"/Entertainment/video/27-1998-sue-grafton-talks-latest-noose-52052130"}