Academy Awards 2014 Predictions

The Road to Oscar Gold: Peter Travers shares his picks for best actor, actress, director and picture.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Academy Awards 2014 Predictions
Well with the Academy Awards just days away the red -- been rolled out can't find -- crest white strips or kale salad anywhere in thirty mile radius of Hollywood. But everyone wondering who is gonna walk away with Oscar gold and who's -- it's not so for some insight. Maybe some for early predictions. We're joined by Peter Travers from rolling down and our own -- editor -- message thank you guys -- both for being here today we'd love to predict it and we let me we had eleven to predict but we don't want to be called out on our predictions. After a light it can't be well we've got it on tape for posterity so Rick take a look at that -- -- we get into the stuff. We had some fun with some Oscar Madison you may have heard this website on -- site that we asked for users to check out. The best Oscar movies of the past 64 years bracket challenge essentially what you did you voted for the best movie of all time the final championship round. Pitted Forrest -- against god father and before we get to the winner I want to take a short look at the 64 most memorable films of our time. My mom always said. Black was black -- box of chocolates. Never know what you gonna -- Okay. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Love me in miss that there. And somebody. That he is of the -- in -- it doesn't mean it's for whatever reason image too proud to be in America. I did that it would bite that bites -- seriously if I don't support Botox I would be hearing operate watching -- it. That's that's that if -- those could offer classic. Welcome -- to south of all right so what do we that we had Forrest -- and we had gone right -- do you guys have aghast because I know it. I would -- my my guess again got bother I'll. It isn't the godfather I'm eating fish caught. Have states -- -- and restraining petered out. The best and evolved time last 64 years as noted by our readers' lives. For com yeah oh like that I wouldn't yes. Now aren't so if it hadn't been between us do what would you have said stood a lot I was watching -- -- and accusing -- we're citizen -- we didn't win. Well we're Alfred Hitchcock's vertigo considered now the greatest movie ever make wasn't even nominated so -- you crying I kept telling -- Here is heating and rattles -- -- -- -- scar -- my holding Peter back in just yet I'm gonna try to. -- -- Heavily sedate but not too much so when Telus and predictions of -- this on this -- -- the categories starting with best actress -- here the nominees up for this Sunday. Amy Adams for American -- -- jetBlue jasmine Sandra Bullock gravity Merrill street August Osage county Judi Dench -- -- yet. Peter start with you who's your pick we'll take two would be -- picked this whole witty -- scandal business. What did she have to do with what ever happened in an addict well and I without a hero in value add and Alec Baldwin as well there's of. Few other little headlines coming out it's what he has been so classy. In rats and that she has had the best response is really attached parent her performance lies we started -- I think that the great roles written for -- -- and. In modern times you're you're going Kate as well I I can't see how wouldn't decade. Doing -- great job -- never mentioning what he's name. When she's doing her preliminary awards there has thank everyone associated with the jets yeah right yeah a little distance cast than that Merrill street -- now she is the perennial favorite for everything I mean wishing. The heat until one is close to -- I think I read somewhere that John Williams is only John Williams the composer who writes obviously realize the Star Wars in March Jurassic Park all those great film. Musical compilations he is the second most nominated on but what performance of his have you really. -- Okay not the same well with I had the team from Jurassic Park is my ringtone and yet we not an act that could come at -- And -- supporting actress category Jennifer Lawrence. Four American -- American Consulate Julia Roberts for August that -- -- the Peta don't go for twelve years slave Sally Hawkins jasmine and jeans with. -- at Nebraska. Less than us -- with you. -- -- I think Jennifer Lawrence has gotten some bias. But it really seems to be -- and -- moment she's on all the fashion magazines she's adorable. And most importantly her performance in twelve years -- slave was absolutely I'm glad you brought that Puerto. Because a lot of vigilance -- door I read out there really are. But. It's considered a really tight race between Jennifer lines and the people that Jennifer Lawrence is the new princess of Hollywood and the Oscars. -- tax bracket year to. It took a lot of us in this trade that we're -- to learn to say competes in the off a bit back. So we want to hear somebody say that when they open and you feel as if you money to money's worth out of way back grammatical what is there and say things that -- -- them repeatedly over its that you would tell a few of these are decent. -- Hip you've impressed me immensely as you continually do was speaking. Those things that we had to practice over the years with a couple of a couple of months rather anyway go to best supporting actor -- Od. Michael fast vendor for twelve years of Slavin joining health with the wolf Wall Street and last but -- -- -- let up for Dallas buyers club. Peter -- -- -- he's the person that. Not only lost the weight -- -- is co star Matthew McConaughey did. But he lost the weight war weak and walked rented heels right and the academy knows. What effort that -- sit. -- -- -- He's going to walk a mile and those -- you can try. I calling viewing is agreeing with Peter by what's -- and are fired up. -- -- -- -- We were talking about academy always does something strange rent and comes up with something I'd say it here is that in -- acting category that includes Bebop hard -- well. I can't see how this wouldn't goes to name as a force that you appointed horse totally dead -- the delicate. Even if you listen he's like apostle you don't want him -- lash out -- I'm. That's great for this start rolling. Karen -- was so great and he looked it means -- and he's been sort of so humble throughout the entire campaign if that's what this that this is the campaign. These actors have to make its case for themselves or -- humble and he's on the. Throw when she says it is because -- counts for nothing is Michael Fassbinder for twelve here's a slave. He did that guy at the end of that film because I thought he just it's such an amazing job he did. But everybody when they get nominated for playing -- hateful person like. Like -- ray Fiennes did when he was in Schindler's List. No win rally Jones got the Oscar that year -- I think they just say. Well he's mean but he's not just a real good at red don't know -- yet known at west if they are so so -- that to the it to the top dog category for best actor Christian battle for America apostle Bruce there for Nebraska. Leonardo DiCaprio visible Wall Street and chew it tell edge you for twelve years of slate mapping McConnell -- for Dallas buyers club. -- You know at the start of all of -- finisher would go to our good friend -- But after all these months IA it would be surprised if Matthew McConaughey Kate didn't walk away with the best actor Oscar who what when and if and for what reason. I think his performance was great as Peter pointed out before he lost so much weight and really sort of melted into this character. And after he -- and the Golden Globes and you heard him say all right all right all right at the start of the speech. I think. It started she -- are some of his fellow actors. As well again. Not just that. What was at the Lincoln lawyer three years ago everything McConaughey is doing. People are saying we thought he was in the Kate Hudson rom com bubble and he's emerged from that to do it. And it is a great performance and it's the perfect thing he's playing real person academy likes that. And besides the weight and everything else would meet weekly. After he -- -- orchestra struck north. That the weight loss in itself. Is borderline insane for the dedication that's what mr. Beck general I've gotta say the total underdog I I don't know. What kind of odds are being thrown out there but -- in Nebraska I thought was just charming. That was an inflatable I don't -- I think he would win but I just. And he's he's a classic actor but he did. You know that's a shot this is -- 77 years old who is saying this is the kind of the career combination and in here where McConaughey wasn't there. Well actually tells you for what that they are I don't. I think they could say here's this board that career right but I am I'm saying I'm going what many of them a lifetime achievement. -- and actually on We have an entire page dedicated to the Oscars I have to say that it's there it's a flood and out of an unsolicited. I don't like middle class. -- American -- got up and -- have a story coming are that's up there right now with the Las Vegas oddsmakers are actually. Putting money on Brewster and win not -- -- talent Mathieu but over. His other nominees because for the reasons you just that it's been such accomplished career missed out this this is Vegas. Have a heart GIQ. There Natalie illness at -- time. All right for directors de La Raza for American hustle up until around four gravity. Alexander Payne where Nebraska Steve McQueen -- the slave Martin Scorsese. For the -- of Wall Street -- -- saying that correctly Martin Scorsese -- easy. So what is it says it -- says Eden OK because he would probably come on here with glasses and -- yeah he would be angry he would be very odd thing to say say that you need to states that says yes -- necklace as your way that's a little clue we see. We are shall we have offers value re we left without me look at sports if -- I think in new weapon and brought by the English language are also -- what are your pics for directed. Well I think this one -- in the bag for a long time that Alfonso -- -- will be the winner for gravity because of the extreme technical achievement Ang Lee. One last year for the same thing it was the first 23. One they're director's award and -- it's a great job I'm saying it's a great job but Steve McQueen who directed twelve Beers let. If this won best picture if anything happened it would be history 86 years the -- been doing this. There's never been a movie that won best picture about the black experience. -- 186. Years so what an irony if what you're should win best picture but big black director who did it -- -- it's -- While not -- wound. And here is back. I I opened -- this -- nothing to their representatives how she is doing just picked them. It goes well now Renault -- a special are yet. -- -- -- But -- you are being. Because of the fact -- I think you can get a director that can add that can be peace wedding when you're watching and in -- in the backing your mind you know like I mean clearly -- Sandra Bullock did not you know get on one of Richard Branson's space flights -- there to to shoot this crap like it was. -- And you know -- right now with the cost of going to the movies it it has to be the kind of -- a lot of people's minds it's worth seeing. On the big screen and this was certainly one of that it was so great day and so beautiful that. I how could he not. All right and agree and agree so lastly that big category best picture here at the nominees. American -- Nebraska captain Phillips -- -- -- buyers twelve years -- slave gravity will Wall Street. And -- the only appearance major appearance that hers yet. Her -- -- worst odds according to Las Vegas. Eight got a lot of social buzz but it clearly with with the academy but giving you -- nine. Right I know that's a lot right from the beginning of the time that was came out the other six could've gone home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well obviously gravity an American house American hustle nominated for ten awards and could possibly lose every single one of criminal with such an acting. It was I I think for this -- Twelve here's a slave. It was just. It it -- -- such powerful performances it left people feel laying so. Speech let -- really when it was over I didn't hear anyone come out of it and -- it was OK you know it was the kind of movie that. Steve you know do you even need a moment what you unique look at our -- to kind of digest all that and I think it's -- -- play that you bring up the fact. You know any kind of movie that was -- that that has been made about slavery I think this is taking -- to a level that has not been seen before too well so you leave me tonight and semi final question now post to both of you what do you expect the biggest upset will be either in category. Or an actor or director that might stand out and say well -- -- about. And tell -- what I've already gone on record to say there is an upset I think it would be -- -- the you have captain Phillips. I think they love the fact that this guy was driving a limo. And he came in did this movie scared us -- to death and was just terrific get there. I honestly I was I was talking that this is Peter before hand and I was saying. I think this might be the year that there aren't any except prizes and I think this could be the year ought to go as planned -- -- I I hate it could be that town -- in the situation but I think that. These the same people have been winning at all the awards shows I think that nothing has really changed between the -- in the Golden Globes and now -- that the favorites have. Only gotten stronger and terms -- the that view of themselves that they've put forth I think that it's gonna go to the people that we just -- are well. Well it is a -- to thing I mean he really is gravity twelve years -- -- it is it's that that kind of thing that goes back and forth in terms of and I think that this actor there's still that little wiggle room that it McConnell -- Doesn't win it who is it going to be right -- that apartment office pools. More interest thing well and we will global will listen will be cashing in those -- you want I'm Judy. You've told this to actually -- -- an appetite Leavitt left for firth for best supporting actress is she is good because I just thought she was adorable when she hikes up her skirt in the cemetery and I'm not spoiling anything. I mean it's just ban that you've got -- TU -- on -- -- 84 year old woman hiking up prescription. Yeah we had -- Obama -- time is. I'll say this if I have to pick a favorite not among the favorites I have to go back to our girl Amy Adams -- in the best actress category. Five nominations never win always the bridesmaid never Bryant if it's not keep. And let his bullet for her walked on the this thing happened that is what -- really the article which I -- that we got that -- I need your head you know you're heading out there it's irony at the Oscars -- annually and learning and I know what. Well I I I will be ordering my pony K back vetoes might tip beard he. That say when that really interest in the -- coming. When what is it sounded. We will we will check to see how those predictions turned out on Monday Peter charts Rolling Stone -- -- from right here at thank you guys so much we appreciate it look -- -- the recap.

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