Actor Stephen Baldwin on Why Donald Trump's the Man for America

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks with the actor, director, and producer at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH.
15:59 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Actor Stephen Baldwin on Why Donald Trump's the Man for America
What's up everybody on the devise here in Cleveland at their Republican National Convention you never navy and a run into. We've got actor filmmaker producer Stephen Baldwin here with us thanks much for being here. And now before we started this interview we were have a lot of fun we're not big or go out do we have to behave now. It's how it works you don't have to do anything that you don't want insurance are homeless person at this convention because you're rolling with robots. Everybody's just get a camera night you have rope body cameras robots and they can beat box so have you found that combination. It any other inner. Show us your first name again on the goes you know you know it's in. With Roche. Rose cheer. It's time short and can dissension if you'd so kids that words out. Your beat box is better before. You're holding it back at the apartments strike. Stopped well behaved. My hair sure. You have been called one of the first celebrity endorsers. Mr. trapped re elect the urgent public interested at all. I guess technically. On the first. Guy that's kinda known that went on national television said a truck would be great president with Don lemon on CNN a week before the first. Republican debate right now and in you worked for him on to let me just repeat of the man and was fired by him. Not wants. Two eyes YE supporting him why he should be. I think. He's gonna rain. A newness and freshness. And he. Aid not politically correct not afraid. To see what's on its mind the guy's real that you see a lot of voters rally behind that now because unfortunately the system is. So dysfunctional that even. People who aspire to whatever political office but the best intentions they get there and you know it's like anything else they go they hit you with a that a couple times the oldest cell works. Mr. trump is not gonna play that. And again it's wise to you see people responding to him the way they are yeah one New York State by 60%. By. Bono held every get the nomination here we are brain. I think there's. Movement of people out there that really like them and and are free to speak about that publicly but they're gonna demonstrate that in. The voting Booth. It in the coming weeks and months like eating people are afraid. See that they support. Of just where we're out of place or that with the country's food divided again for for in multiple ways and for multiple reasons. What I haven't seen. And the like Hillary Clinton and this administration and lastly yours. Is unifying that or at least two and a re eats them some life and positive into the east all these various problems. At the this Clinton is part of that. Establishment. On the progressive liberal democratic side and done. I just think that. The change we need the change that America's. Americans want is. The change that mr. trump is talking about now. I'm just gonna go offers second and just say this. I love mr. drop that the he's Smart guys you know you know make several billion dollars if you're not Smart and lets you weren't. It was Smart. To have surrounded himself with the people can make several billion dollars. You know now you're seeing him. And translate that now in politics. And this selection of governor chances. Brilliant young or absolutely and so is again there's a lot of Republicans around wherever that even some of them aren't gonna. Speak up a lot of can there's a lot more conservative Republicans that are good that are in support mr. trump than people realize vote but what I was gonna say is. Mr. trump. Is real that's what. People are responding to dizzy. Stay everything the first time perfect and brilliant it's that are now that's obvious but I think that's part of what makes you think that's part of its appeal. People like that he doesn't sound practice store or rehearse that there are. More people turning out to vote than ever before because try. There are more people in gauge than ever before because of mr. trump. There are more people. Outspoken about these issues immigration. Economy security exit. There are more people step and up and coming out saying hey wait a second I want to talk about the staff and what has been the the generator of or at these moments that mr. trump is that they created the awareness in the navy. And I think. What you're touching on something here at Kennedy Kendrick its frustration. With the system. We it with the that perception that Washington and politicians don't get anything done. My question has to do with it thinks he has that you talked about get the appeal of why people like him he's been a lot of things that he said. That. Some people they are really divisive rhetoric singling out certain groups or or talking about things that even the Republican platform wasn't really talking about before already because some of those policies had already fallen those personally. Again mr. trump sits at the Mexicans and Herbert. Can't say that he didn't you know Mexican. It is that the ones that were hurting the country criminal Mexicans so to speak. And again. If you don't recognize. The issue. Relative to. Then got last year and title to your opinion but something needs to be done about that part of our broken country. Muslims. He said. What he said about most. And I don't think mr. trotman that if you're a muzzle and you live here and you have a green card and your Q and all the things you're supposed to crack. Using those people. But in the wake of what we have seen just in the last forty to sixty days. It's broken something needs to be done to set me turn around and free the start profiling everybody not. What does it mean we have to start making the changes. Necessary to correct the problem. Yes. And that's a hard thing to talk about that's people they're scared that everybody so bold to step up its in my. Yea your right that this need to be fixed and you know before something else that happens so I think mr. trump. Is it there news refreshing innovative ways shaking all of that process you. And yes me it's what makes this country great is that we all have the opportunity the greatest power we have and the freedom we have. Is her ability to vote and change these leaders. With times that can really be a blessing so. That's what you're going to be seen for a one of the things that you spent about it publicly clearly very humans. Shipments. Well coming up this new film your working it's related right. Yeah I am now in Los Angeles she had a creek church Wesley. Village California called calvary community church were making a movie. Christian moving. Comedy. Christian comedy. Not a lot of folks have done that he of the bed with any success so the movie's called youth group. And the tagline is Christians have always been funny. Just not on purpose. Well last. Shout out to Butler Ramsey news star of the movie under director Christopher show on she. We got Donald phase song in the movie from screw. Week. Correct that tenors. And which you understand how interest it is just mentioned Lou this dungeon. In the movie this else's would that it's such. So. So there are Ramsey Christopher shots week. Donald face we got. Joey Fatone from N'sync formally it's in the movie. It's it's really fun script that's why it's an opportunity to as a believer. Tell a story that will be utilized as a piece of content that we can. Share the gospels here christianity Scherer state here God's love with young people and everyone. Who says the Bible says clearly be on the shuttle and and just. Trying to be nodded and sent it out as well I nobody but some. Notes and try your best be good person. You want to others. Mr. centric eccentric that's. Counts here 88 or did all that important decision. To support when he came to this election. Who. William. I mean mr. trump. It he's a family. Again we're at a point in time for the country so divided their people that just. In this election here people that just want what they want and they don't care they're people who want the first woman president. And they're gonna turn a blind guy they don't care about mrs. Clinton's track record the facts this and that about how a lot of she is her work or whatever. For me. Yeah I did but I can be so crazy I think mr. dropped that's got. I think he's got guy for this presidency. That's like C. All these things that pursuant usual with her that play was just that the fact that he's being supported the way yes. The fact that he won New York as well as he did that. Does the fact that you're gonna. You're gonna see more and more people even though they're not willing to. Speak about it publicly there they really do sports guy in the believed that he can create change that we going forward so relevant to. Family values and mr. trump as a Christian himself he is. Publicly stated that that's something that's very private and personal to him and I respect that. But. A do you think he's God's guy for a time such as this that we have a lot of evangelical leaders getting behind mr. trump right now. I think he's going to represent and speak to those values as well I think we we beat that based. On your time with him because he'd gotten to spend time with him on on the show are. In a way that a lot of people haven't even had personal interactions with an option is still much of this week is about people who. Know him. Write to you could speak to the man and his character and kind of round out. What is. I think you can narrow perception those people who don't know him only you know have a very narrow view of them very limited them to experience still looking you tell us what he might surprise a lot of people out there. About Donald Trump them. Well again you know when you Celebrity Apprentice you know it's like him. A TV show like India that you should there's a lot of the time mr. traps there and there are lightning something he's in. I watched him interact with the rapper little job like talking with the like and it announced Lil Jon thank you just. Get away from the people out but. One of the coolest moments behind this eastern slippery Christmas mr. trusted to speak desk it's during the live finale. Don Q here's over here of boxes over here. He's just he's that he was like a little kiddies everything. They make sure everything the way quantity character and he goes they've done. Dungy looks every goes yeah. A vodka. She was serious. He's just to. And join us habits without it is kept pinching himself gone well you know I'm. Making it time and money haven't found do in the show it's promoting my brand this it's that it's with my kids. You know for me that was one of the significant. Times today that it shipments up this is pretty cool pretty damn under regular judo and its five. For a billionaire that was that was pretty interesting I think mr. trust account. The probably when he gets home at night which issues. Just does its best play a little chest with. With bare and you know it. I think he's more real people recognize. Last thing and ask you for over the Chico for any went out there who who hasn't made up their mind yet. Do may not fall into either that political parties to put your best case that you could lay out for why you think. Mr. trump. Is the right kids it moving. And I think if you look at these two candidates. You look at their history who they are what they've done not just with the press is magnified. Do your homework look at the facts. Who is Hillary Clinton what she you know what has she done what your track record where the facts you know I'm the kind of guy that. I don't try to pretend to be smarter than I am but for Hillary Clinton. At a point in time after Ben Ghazi who made the statement. At this point what is it mattered anyway. About the deaths of these individuals and what happened with the scenario and they got. That was something that if I ever thought that I might want to respect Hillary Clinton in the past she lost in them. Mr. support horse or anti Clinton Oregon. It's its approach rob. I'm and there's lot of people that they're saying anything but Hillary. Let's look at let's use our hearts and there are intellect. It is to make these decisions it's it's important this most important present presidential election ever history and I think if you look at her. What are the facts the Dow drop would affect. The trees very clear and McDonald from unequivocally. With the right team around themselves they'll fix the economy. Which this administration is Eddie do it hasn't succeeded. I think you're gonna get. More of disdain with Hillary Clinton that you've seen in last year's a lot of promises that this won't come to fruition. But already she mr. trump creating change being more effective. And getting people excited about making these changes. Final most important days at the mr. trump is to appease them but he and that way cities to counter can help unify this country in ways that history. Yeah yeah. I think self defense of my availability but when there's two people right now that when they say show up I show it's Don lemon once again. And now you and that mr. struck three. I'm honored. That's even following here at the Republican National Convention thank you so much for your time really appreciate it's going to be here all week. Now up to today yes just to death thanks for making time it was excellent you for watching stay with that here continuing coverage live from Cleveland for all of us here at ABC news right now.

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