Alexander Skarsgard Drew Upon Past in Swedish Army for New Film

The actor talks about his new movie, "Disconnect," and about how he came to Hollywood.
7:09 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Alexander Skarsgard Drew Upon Past in Swedish Army for New Film
And -- -- marriage counselor. I don't know what you two -- each other and that's OK I don't want and that being citizens CD and printed overview of all suspicious activity now I think some of your personal information may have been. Retrieved when your communications with. Fear and loathing. -- -- -- And -- -- com. -- while he would have had to do was click on the link. Or open an attachment from -- that he would have he would have installed Trojan virus -- your system. Now once he does this he can do anything he wants with your computer you you are gone -- -- -- your passwords it comes up on -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a real. Fascinating extraordinary movie out right now called disconnect starring a lot of people but I didn't bring a lot of people here -- brought Alexander Sarsgaard. And here he -- Yes explain a little bit what disconnect it. -- dare call. Marine has been out of the -- for. About eight years. So in the beginning of the -- fine and he's back in the states he. Calls himself a paper pushing run he's not very happy he's dealing with. PT SD. Rather he doesn't deal with -- that's a problem he didn't get any help coming home. And he didn't seek -- -- there there's a lot of these are very proud man -- felt like I can deal with this on the warrior -- I'm a man now. So he doesn't even talk to -- indeed played by Paul patton's wife about these issues. -- when she's pregnant I think he feels that. All of this is -- -- my purpose now I'm -- I'm going to be a father and and and then -- very tragic to lose a kid and I think that's. He just has struck bottom at that point it's like I can even do that I you know like them they're trying. Again but it's not really working and what happens is someone steals there -- -- on line. And takes all their money. So they -- they didn't have a lot of money but whatever they have a loss. Seeing it gets to a point where. Derek realizes that no one's gonna help us here. The cops are gonna go after this -- find him and give us our money back so. I gotta do this myself. And in a weird way. And the reason that's kind of like a thousand people the blessing in disguise for them because. It's horrible what happened but. For Derek and suddenly. He's got a -- again. You these students from reconnaissance is gonna go out and you know and find this guy -- -- -- some money. Excited he's alive and when -- in that car because Cindy tax along you know they go in this -- -- trip together. On. There's something about being there together and -- aimed. Without cell phones her her laptops or -- pats and -- actually. Looking at each other and talking to each other for the first time in in in quite -- while. And there's a -- there's something has happened something it's changed in -- him. That's the beginning of something that could potentially be beautiful and save -- is -- a movie do you see it as a movie that's against. Know what we live in in this digital absolutely not and I was gonna just I was gonna take out my phone you can -- -- -- texts. Lyle Jensen SS right now plus they've had -- well I'm talking -- he he'll take someone well yes. It happened yet what he did and did that really you -- that -- that kind of interview I hope nobody elected I'd like CN fun. People are. You know multitasking. Like this what happens when -- busy making other plans because you're constantly and I. It's not an anti Internet film that's ridiculous we're -- for its great. But it just made me think and and it also felt very. Personal to me -- -- and a -- couple years ago called generation kill about a platoon of Marines. In -- Iraq the Heisman you with us yet about Colbert. In reading the script -- -- but Derek could have been one of -- best friends -- the war. You know it could -- one of the guys in that truck and so I just felt like this insult person that's what you got element that was part of the reason they said -- well it -- I really felt that I knew this guy. You know -- and guys like him in and in guys that feel that. They've lost something and and the part of them part of their souls is you know it's it's still out there in Afghanistan -- Iraq that left something. There. -- you were in the service in Sweden. Yeah so what was the attraction. On I grew up in a very. Very bohemian. Home in south Stockholm on my father's an actor and -- on -- great actor. These -- I think history that he's yeah he's talented he's got a -- -- Greta I think. I just -- to do something different and grown up in an urban environment I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally. And on. And just do something different -- -- was it acting that you thought was going to be -- career no I didn't know I didn't know what all I was I was an actor. Back in Sweden -- rose thirteen -- a child actor. Right that's supposed to cause all kinds of trial right that -- like damaged all through our youth are you out reports on damage and we all. Behind. Don't do not. I wasn't a child actor. In in in. Like some of the trial -- -- in Hollywood you know I wasn't. Pursuing it I did it you know it just kind of -- -- -- you know like -- said and that -- bohemian home. I -- one -- -- friend on on the other elements we stricter like go Alex -- needed seven year old kid from a movie you -- You think you want to do this now glacier. And then that led to another want a job and -- it was like six years of I mean I was a kid went to school but like summer breaks her here and there are a did something you know who just bits and pieces. And I really enjoyed it but I never thought of it -- a potential career potential future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What did you sound like as a Swedish guy learning. English well it's just the cadence is different from now it's more like these we expect this of them have come up and down and the melodies liberal bent down select.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"The actor talks about his new movie, \"Disconnect,\" and about how he came to Hollywood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18998945","title":"Alexander Skarsgard Drew Upon Past in Swedish Army for New Film ","url":"/Entertainment/video/alexander-skarsgard-interview-true-blood-star-past-swedish-18998945"}