April 21, 1994: Sue Grafton talks about her latest book 'K Is for Killer'

Grafton was known for her "alphabet mystery" titles.
4:09 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for April 21, 1994: Sue Grafton talks about her latest book 'K Is for Killer'
Author Sue Grafton has been letter perfect with the bestselling mystery series featuring her private I am popular heroin kinsey mill hone. K is for killer is the eleventh alphabet mystery in her series that began with pay is for alibi and if all goes well. Took all the weight is the I'm not sure what she's gonna find busy but. The biggest mystery could be trying to find that cries the crime the author Sue Grafton is with us this morning nice to have you here. Nice thing for obvious question that I've wondered about your works that mean that you are female mystery writer at the characters a female private investigator. The obvious question how much of Sue Grafton creamy is in kids it's. Quite a lie with a lot different biographies her lifeline is different than mine but. We have the same foul Kong and the science sassy attitude and I think some of the same independence. Does it get easier I mean are you set you set up something for yourself with the aid via need to yemenite sitting unused before we started at if you get an Ellis yet you sit no not yet. See you done one book a year piano does it get easier. Al-Qaeda is getting harder which I'm very distressed about I thought once I understood the former monarch at concorde with nominees but it turns out that. Each book requires a little bit more me I have to take a little bit deeper. So all I'm looking at fifteen books Hong Kong went. What about my big mouth we'll do you think you're going to be able keep up this one look a year things I in many slowdowns. Might feel that it's like running a marathon there 26 books 26 miles on a marathon and I have to be sure that I can pace myself with the distance. You also like your writing the books you know this whole other writing thing going on. Back and forth with the with your readers you have an analyst you correspond with Meyer I wouldn't readers of your books my current mailing list is about 16100. Names and those are all people who've written to me and in Britain. And honestly on their lines they write about their babies and parents of some of units do they suggest plots that suggest titles I wore that tells Lindsay I'd get plot suggestions have long list of titles are capable. Of suggestions from readers. I have woman who sent me a bullet that she found in a pine apple. She'd gone to the supermarket. And kind of when this time it was a balance she thought might be an interesting use it's that worn out of art and perhaps maybe future young writer. Because I'm very passionate about the rumors coming up behind us. So why write to students and give them right now they're rating workers. Reads your books everybody my youngest readers probably eleven. Her mother from letting read my. Now let's look at likened canisters of story. They oldest career that's roughly 85 there's and it ranges from male thing that every business is no particular kind of now it is surprising to me here. How to terminator you'd make it to the letters the merry just. I'm also determined to keep myself in good shape yeah to catch the mr. Pattinson that's obviously as captain asked. Mind on that mystery fiction in the forties he was the municipal bond attorney and it's jeans yeah lies lies lies he had a service secret passion for the mystery. And the thing I love about the format known for congress. Even with fifteen books ago and again mania and I feel bad Hollywood making whenever it. It just doesn't happen now I work Hollywood for fifteen years and may not like yeah. In Q I think people but did not enjoyed the process. When it's strange also deceased and needs depiction. There sensibilities of how your story transpired. Well I think my readers know who consume. I would never think we needed actors very work forms. Well I think there's a lot of new graphic and it now from docking in. It is again the book this decay book is K. Is for killer we'll have to wait you often and.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Grafton was known for her \"alphabet mystery\" titles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52051657","title":"April 21, 1994: Sue Grafton talks about her latest book 'K Is for Killer'","url":"/Entertainment/video/april-21-1994-sue-grafton-talks-latest-book-52051657"}