Backstage at Tadashi Shoji

See the behind the scenes frenzy as models and crew get ready for the runway show at New York Fashion Week.
3:33 | 02/12/16

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Transcript for Backstage at Tadashi Shoji
The end Fashion Week yeah. ABC news digital and your back stage right now I don't. Damon yeah women's Wear evening wearing thin right now what you're seeing eye. Final line up is they're doing rehearsals so you've seen everyone's name was on the ground here and went flying them into records. Warning actual show. I'm not only lighting yeah. A lot of things sure that they want to get their. No I mean do you what my little girl wearing street and right now they're wearing the actual news that their feelings you want to have friendly and designer himself yeah yeah. Watering them unlimited online into the EU. I mean. You need zone today and really famous for evening air it's. A number of celebrities. Environment Octavia Spencer in. Currently it is quite. Long flights out she expected there. And stress and First Lady she'll. A number of he often. Parade. Canadians hand I'm not saying it's funny now and then. New line here handling and really I ran a red. Yeah I'm thing. Yeah I'm yeah she your designs. And we'll let alone founding. An action yeah. No it's creating online where he belongs to learn all kinds of women. He also thrown into the night. Are here. Yeah. It. Season. Intense and very scared yeah name. Hanging and then the picture model in the death sentence taken. It was like they think. Long way in which can be very now on the street everything is here it's. No. Williams and Lindsay thinks its. Parent club. Many of the models. The confusion over what they're looking and acting.

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{"id":36904679,"title":"Backstage at Tadashi Shoji","duration":"3:33","description":"See the behind the scenes frenzy as models and crew get ready for the runway show at New York Fashion Week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/backstage-tadashi-shoji-36904679","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}