'It Ain't All Bad' for Steve Wariner

Country music star Steve Wariner releases first vocal album, titled, "It Ain't All Bad."
5:56 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for 'It Ain't All Bad' for Steve Wariner
He's one of country's biggest names with for a Grammy and forced CNA -- -- -- -- -- everybody from Keith -- to Garth Brooks. And now after eight years of not one complete vocal release Steve -- is back with a new album. It's called eating all bad. With solid good right now he -- to climb out from his tour to be with us today welcomed Steve how are you doing very good to be with you still Y eight years -- to console. Well we were fortunate about eight to eight years or eight or nine years ago I didn't I did and album tribute to my mentor and hero Chet -- he was my first record producer. He passed in 2000 Mormon and and I waited all those years to do tribute album to him a guitar album that we were lucky to sneak in and win a Grammy in. And I stayed -- that guitar mode for. I see a few years I did another album on the heels of that the guitar self indulgent. Had a guitar project called -- laboratory realized that well I asked got to my nature I would love the guitar and but I had not done a vocal album. And I didn't realize it had been eight years we stayed in that -- mode and -- that freelance writer for an amendment to the bio he pointed that out myself my gosh I didn't realize it's been eight years and this is this album. -- an -- bad not great gram -- but I think it's great songs legs in jail. What the meaning behind the title well there's a song let them the lead song on the album is it's called -- -- my good friend Alan Chandler and it that that song actually speaks to. I think it'll -- probably always be relevant because it towards Baghdad. It's going to. This crazy world. As long as it's crazy world as long as -- It is very positive signs that say it was -- this this is the first time standing at -- think it's 18 dollars. I don't know and I -- So anyway this album in anal ban. Is a collection of what I think are my best songs. And I've written in that -- your nine year period and I kind of looked around went -- -- -- -- always ride all the time and -- -- these songs these are the songs -- some songs that we picked. The twelve songs are the ones that would not -- -- until I took them in the studio and recorded them and here's here's the album and I'm. It's sort of hear I'm back again in and we are having a blast -- played the grand Ole -- a lot of that two are still have. Two -- alive but that were really with the new album it's really fun to get ready to to -- And you mentioned you you write like you don't just write for yourself you write for other artists other artists -- your songs what's that like to ever think they'll -- fat and liked what -- -- and I don't like what India and. Now I usually do like whether it's fun to hear someone else do your songs and I always say this last night city last night outplayed us that this ago -- -- -- hits I'm lucky imports and -- had hits myself and lots. Number -- I'm grateful. But I'm really tired of me I've heard me and I'd really love for example not. Two months ago I had a friend of mine. Text me there's -- Chicago Scott and he told me he said congrats on your Peter torque. Currencies the monkey easier Peter torque. And underwater utopia texting back and he goes. He just reported what are your songs it's owns new alum. So I'm so thrilled that Peter torque of the -- recorded one of my son's that is 1510 to fifteen years old religious Tenet. Almost forgot about the song it's a crash course in the blues so you never know I mean I just love weird Peter to arguments on -- so and so to be tried you know. -- need blood to work breath then went on usual unusual projects you might -- again if sir Paul McCartney would call I would probably go. Yes I'll be there in two ten or Eric Clapton but you know that's wishful dreaming but I like to dream big he knows. But I'm fortunate that -- worked. With so many people in the country business and you know work and what. The great Dottie west that was my first job -- came to Nashville when I was seventeen working for her work for three years to were. Played bass and advanced users I was a kid and just -- a great -- Should be in the country now pain in my opinion that's my opinion and should be years ago. Yeah Jack as -- work with the -- tackle Bob lemon was Ment or work with him a couple years so I've been fortunate to work with and -- MI RS your friends with Randy Travis in many areas -- -- -- how to -- Randy is yeah Hazen for hand and -- different ways to play a lot of shows together. And you know -- The word I get disease prove that I have been away for awhile so -- -- -- -- -- as a couple days but understood duties a little better and making some progress and we our prayers -- her hand for sir and he's a great. All right well listen it's it's been so good to have you with -- I -- to go against the had hit the new album is called an an all batted traps to temper temper and we're hoping to complain if that -- -- -- do this. His arrows there planes and -- -- a -- with my achievers and rocky land. As an old man's sit -- movie. With a came apple ran his hand. To -- hair it's ball. Skipping school. And it can't blue liberals. Eight. The and then -- Bob -- name. And you ain't got anything. He's just thousands. That's OK and I'm not Christian. And they -- I was who have everything. Ends.

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{"id":19775237,"title":"'It Ain't All Bad' for Steve Wariner","duration":"5:56","description":"Country music star Steve Wariner releases first vocal album, titled, \"It Ain't All Bad.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/bad-steve-wariner-19775237","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}