Best-selling author and chef Vivian Howard on how to make a perfect sandwich

ABC News' Maggie Rulli learns sandwich skills and creative uses for bacon from the James Beard award-winning chef.
24:20 | 05/09/17

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Transcript for Best-selling author and chef Vivian Howard on how to make a perfect sandwich
I Maggie really here at ABC news digital alongside Shaq gave me and Howard a having to look at the James Beard award winning shafts of two highly acclaimed restaurants a New York Times best seller with her cookbook as well as a star Abby Peabody award winning. Jockey series on PBS special slight. A mom to twins got it and have not even all of the awards that's just a few. It's an exit numbers there the way I wanted to find out how to make the greatest Hamlet in the world knew exactly the content. In Helmand and well you know I I think this damages our something that we all enjoy eating. And I think. There's an artistry to making a sandwich. An outlet kind of share with you when acting. Makes a great sandwich and when your name and you're searching your pantry think about these these three boxes that you're gonna check off. In addition to that actual meat and your sandwich in your immediate your sandwich to be actual meat. On the TV teaser to beat vegetables whatever but in addition to that what makes agree sandwich I believe is something creamy. Something crunchy. And something tangy fruit creamy crunchy Tammy right creamy you know we often think like man aids or sees. Crunchy lots times via Nicole's. I've been named the potato chips on the same way to look at dictated that he addicts. And and tangy says that's like your mustard or even night that can come from your pickle. On says I'm gonna show you some different. Versions of those three things that I think a lot of people time. On the Neil hunt the next these fancy supermarket two. Perfect timing because it's almost dinnertime so. Everyone watching right now take a brief moment want to kitchen you know just curious with you on your phone and that look in your pantry C which you have it. Seth -- over here see that actually I think Eric. Did you know every year but don't walk us through those three -- let's remember creamy tangy crunchy. See you you have fuel we have been you can make it even as the so exciting any country to me aren't so first up what's amateur. Turkey caesar's image and so I'm start man how important the Brett. I mean Brad. It's really important brand is such a polarizing thing in our culture these days and as. Chef who works in restaurants in the law of gluten free people out there and appreciated in free bread that people are worried about car and everything it. In acting Brett is a great place to sign dietary fiber. There's lots of rats that you know. Seeds and and nuts on the outside today is a great choices for Brad that bread is critically important when your building its image. The foundation is so this stainless pounds that make sure more than anything the picket Greg you enjoy. This is a nice hoping Brad on that Mike Freeney. This image is going to be some math. You know I think you probably have to be living room rock. Potted taste craze is sweeping. An agent. But that yet meats meat this is this is not that but. You know at a cod Ed does make a really nice and healthy. On alternative for something like many diners and acted and and she's. Will use in salt really wake up the flavor of the apricot. That you want to make sure that you have that in there because it it makes at a cottage tastes more like apricot it. I also that you matched it first because I think does in the expect creamy Nesmith it's a much more per announced when. Next sitting to I didn't at the toast I can do yet it's like a spread and part of what the creamy compounded years in which does this help hold it together. So that's why I'm not putting sliced avocado and here I want this to be like. A sticker for the next. Next on creamy sticker exactly. I call this a Turkey Caesar sitting next being where. Is this the part. Remain that is. On it will have Romaine lettuce on hand. And it's got it really crunchy texture are of the remain remains. The heart right Maynor man. And I. Wrapping me Eddie under wraps today indicates and it's RD happening. A little salt again I'll play it to make the latest news. And people. Hat in their entry. I think a lot. A bit markets right. That this is the pain he right in this game and did it. And I learned to it. One of the best pitching tents I was told by our songs he changed my. Meaning it merely without care. Though never the right thing right in that race odds now ample tossing an interesting and letting it play. On Bentley extremely. Well. It is this is in a beat it later delivery systems. And so much about what's making the labor labor east yet. Art on board appointment and when Porter it seems that sounds. And it. If the point where it's not are nothing more. Turkey. And and nitrate free. Chemical for. Most of them out there. And you're at. It. And and a lot of kids are and this isn't the right right always trying to get his season green. Rename this is one that running that is bathed in Caesar dressing. As one of the few things go for that exit accurately exactly. Came it is on users. Excellent somewhere in there that this is. Our border with Turkey OK now I have a very important question you know lacked and in Mauritania. You're. We are stickers were saying yeah we need more staggered back a so so that. Detained here is that he's addressing the crunch is a Romaine lettuce and avocados. And excellent sense right now do you do it actually are resign. I'm you know I do it different every time. That you can't keep it interesting. On so this surfer scene. Looks pretty you have to try to be done anything say anything here trial. Oh my but the thing which tears at you end it. Saturday. Oh that looks really I. And it. If it made me think that than. What I'll look beautiful yet to hit the green. Remain politically to but it might for TV banging her with the slogan it. As at a dive right in. We'll be right. That same contrast an epic the the cleaning things the new iPod and at that Clinton problem in. When the Turkey prudent. I would opt that's good and you hit it made the things that I think a lot of people and then you apps. Somewhere lackeys. And that's. Say we are talking about kids. Earlier and it's always a struggle to get and eat healthy then as it's it's like one. Biggest failures I like. It really picky eaters and so you're not there are objects yes yes but so I always try to sneak things and and some times I used trickery to be that Smart bombs that this next team which is gonna have all these elements the crunchy green mean. And it's me but. It's been sneaky delivery systems nice activists image number one more classic salmon summer Q. Going through reading the rights rating and that's the delivery systems what do you do so in my house call this the the role and that basically take a piece of bread. Recipes that threat at this. Because otherwise follow our. And I cut up for us not because my kids don't like respite this is gonna help it stay together. You take a rolling again. Roll it out nearly flat and this is something like it's like to help where he. But often made the role senate flat and that sentiment energy into that he didn't think the cutting board at Shea. All how aggressively get what I think pretty okay if I want this all the air that this wouldn't different thing to do where you come up with. A customer of ours told us that. In the end it and but there are yet he used to make peanut butter and jelly roll like this and it would you know rhetoric on the beach and was really convenient and soon Oster ruling. Others mean. We've got our rants are on year V. Imus is something that. -- adults are really enjoying these days and certainly kids and it's not something I had access to. Theory help the spread its natively games and the games are elected for us. It has all of well on its cream and satisfy you know it's Craig both your creamy brits here are actually healthy fats vs so off I think when you think. The cleaning is to us Sam what's going to be or unhealthy yet there it there very healthy and in this. Other do you love me some mandates. I don't iiroc Brad and I and I ain't got no offering other alternatives. Obsolete and it thin layer upon us here and that's also going to be our sticker there. And next we hear rock with the who asked me. If they can outside. The conference is. Signed is that they're small and there really hard. To hit all of them out east analysts say is trickery radiant bride and thinking that they're going to insane and he probably route or today. How plenty cut them all that yet certain that. And adding that they are pretty. Sad broccoli sprouts. Ban. Applegate hand black bars hand. Then. Sticker more sticker saying this is our today. This is honey mustard. My favor adding honey mustard and hand game really well together and honey mustard apple. Well this crunch. And kids. In Jolie apples on sandwich. Back. And unit. Another great combination is ham. Apple and shatter so what it was and cheese on here that would be all right city and his role in how the roll it up. And hold it together you know light kind of an imminent are open and that and I'm gonna press it together and what are the reasons like to make these images. Is because. Its knack for school the decade the night before we do in the morning and teens actually benefit from. Sitting at mail at age and become one with. With each other. A rapid and some plastic and I kids into school and feel like. The total fat and sick he had. Friends very acceptance there you could slide endings like little pig might might makes him a visit the advertiser and yet he had gotten people over he wants snacks to put our. Seat. This old. I like salmon sushi met you right. I think what makes that is a little crunch of the happen. It's really crashed. On nine western you need it's paying to wake up everything counts. And if theory and means now that there's a broccoli sprout and there. Despite arguing that added. There not there yeah I don't love it. Optical I didn't order many adults do that had brought this route will never even or. In this is amazing I loved it the case so once again. You guys are just checking us out this is ABC news digital ad in the west Indian Howard who wrote. Has won more awards and I think count at las grappling currently there. But look them up pea body's. New York Times best seller James Beard at work winning shot and she's walked us through. Two amazing sandwiches and also had to make our own means and witches. But you happy ingredients are not the what chuck together three things every great thing which means that. Creamy. Currency. Knee. That sound again neither may they Milan Hagman and both of them. This one especially in the you can think it's and see she responds who at least that's the idea I cool but we're not done yet. Not why. Probably. Remember and it's over water I host my Summers water day which you're all invited to a it has been an action but nothing inspired they'll be salmon sushi. And this water entry because. I haven't tried this yet I'm so excited and I art you know. That it's something that will in press and lets every single guest that. Once you get that that watermelon I'm pickles and it becomes hostage. The easiest order to possibly lay. Out. Walk the walk through this step in the process. These are this. Says. I come from the south and southern cooking is really. About not wasting anything in art art. And says it for years people are eating less water line and insane. Kitchens and it. Why not as great now how many they eat up. The idea its rapid. In bacon and raised it and then you're in a lot and and using a lot of walking on a lot. And that it. And it's really beautiful suits completely translates. So we start. Oh yeah like a labor. And that's not expecting it means it is sweet and taint and currency and they start. The the watermelon on to take the green part off with a national either we sent them an assault crime overnight so this is salt water. In we train them that we put on a pot. With like whenever spices you when he's he's like these warm spices cinnamon. Clothes. Star in east which is kind of liquor she did coriander seeds that your one of my favorite spices for absolutely everything. A little bit of sugar. Sliced ginger and lemon zest that we take off to a new national dealer. Sit and then we add vinegar and some water and we senator rimes till they turn translucent like that it takes about thirty minutes or say. On that what I love about visas that we've left a little bit of the water on bread and less on the air and it's I don't know I think there's a pretty they're you don't. All and I love with flavor combinations you it gets it act complex weakness that the little paying needs delicious I never thought of our. Gamble it's similar to like what you would put him like a pumpkin pie mating cinnamon. We don't have allspice here but it is not falsely and asked kind of and this is something that you would bring down and fall. Because you have made its during the summer. And that means exactly he says. Bacon and pork products in general lend themselves to sweet and taking. Om and this is Applegate make an outlawed it for this particular process because it's just a great thickness. It's not teeth and is not seek day. And again I feel good about eating it I mean it is bacon but at that about eating it. Observant to start with our. Had a her on the latest like pitcher let it. On at his or any kind of role. I only. Eat. It at exit saying. Ring leader. OK years. Other got to make sure you don't just I get it etiquette it's high. Eight and there. Okay. Eight. It. It me. It and more. Oh. I I want it seems like the labor intensive part of making. Watermelon write the book is that they've bring about the fall. You got me a hours away party and this is exciting and planets that for the year and water. That he's. That. Good and we hit the do you hide out thinking complements its slick ads moment. Pattern hand. If this. Yeah. It. Race and it. Anthony oil. We're try that next at genius of it I like it or thank you. With ease and they. That there might be a brick yeah. All of that Workman cooking in the other and for how I get my soul picnic. I perfect. Now we have to win. He's a great way to get anyone's just checking if that Maggie really here ABC news officially shut it Ian Howard Yardeni the best sandwich in the world now overcoming step. More argue and he uses of bacon that I've ever had bacon and watermelon either pickled watermelon rock heights yes that's the part of the water on the most people throw way. But we're not instead didian every year pickle then in this amazing mixture kind of fall spices and we recommend bacon because of all. Is pretty much everything about Iraq they. And fridge wrapped in bacon. Is in a create the agony in the air. So you can smell like automatically carry that out walking and I mean it's really nothing better. Not a better personnel and bomb making and thinking. It's tough to top it really it's not but they can turn. On you know media he's all whole animals and so onto the victory that he did every page has one valley. Which is what you make bacon. We we use a lot of vacant but it's really we try to ease the whole animals and it the farmers themselves be. Whole pig and not just not just you know might not just or blinds. I Lotta bacon and yeah. Fair enough so I don't think I can win you want yes men beyond. The here. The house night. Duty will look at that. Until take syrup that comes up and brush. The the pickles the watt debate in when it comes at a young. The Almonte. Oakland. Very. We have it at Bonita LK I thought it tried again with a mixture. That ever happily with bigger companies or. That those brides are still in rule. And there are not yes we. Yet the experience that wrecked spree that it. Leighton and hang him dry and you think about that each and yet and probably more. But. Temperatures. Exceed the acidity from Iqbal. Eight ounces that even temperature. Eight. To the actress. Helping me with the governor. Look about at all. City and this is an amazing any last minute tips for home Schatz beer caps on. Cianci bacon act appetizer that you can me. Even less fancy unease pineapple which still very tasty you a little less daunting. We have sandwiches which is practically Gately cooking you know there was an estimate before it happened at a upped the ante a little bit. But some of service to start cooking can contribute to talking about before can be overwhelming but the good we start in the kitchen. Onion I think really simple things. I think unfortunately I'm cooks think that every meal has to be you know elaborate. And such an undertaking but accurate eating. Very simple like rich chicken race we these days. Unit rights. Rice and gravy mom always something green to just pick ingredients that you like. You don't have to do a whole lot see them. I don't be afraid don't feel like you have to follow recipes of the letter of the law you're the one eating and you should you should that the they'd. That makes you happy. This makes me happy it's as you say as yet a lot of. They can have an amount I gain our thanks very. Well let me down as we wrap up here we should bring in money was helping us out as you're gonna ties. Rate still behind the camera just calling diving public and we as well anyone who wants a popping in has been smelling mess because I feel little health care. Me here. Yeah it's really hot need to get your reaction. And Acker party and mining attract the ever delicately Milliken. It's amazing day. I want what you were doing this practice later. Companies here yet. It. Like you're acting at management but neither have another line. Mike Brown right. Yes there's a they've all that he and for good reason irate stepping in Harry thanks so much as wonder what's your bond status your restaurants. Shaft in the armory in its grip on the boiler and Austin. And your book deep run rates stories and recipes from my corner of this out I love it. I think he's so much thank you for sharing your recipes sandwich the bacon wrapped watermelon right thanks to all of you for joining us. Good sandwich making an I would love to know hires him to turn out so and another that makes the sandwich with a three criteria creamy Tay crunchy. Send it to us were always looking for new Stanley's ideas. Harry Maggie really if ABC news and we'll see you next and I had.

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{"id":47309540,"title":"Best-selling author and chef Vivian Howard on how to make a perfect sandwich","duration":"24:20","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli learns sandwich skills and creative uses for bacon from the James Beard award-winning chef.","url":"/Entertainment/video/best-selling-author-chef-vivian-howard-make-perfect-47309540","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}