Big Kenny Does It All

CMA nominated artist, musical pioneer and humanitarian.
5:58 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for Big Kenny Does It All
The 47 annual CMA awards airs live from Nashville this Wednesday -- -- -- on ABC country music's biggest night. To be hosted by superstars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood but join us today is nominated artists big Kenny from the country European rich it's great to have you here thank you so much -- -- so I -- how does it feel to be country guy from Culpepper Virginia. Now up for an award at the estimates. It feels absolutely amazing that understand this is our twelve nomination now. And just to be in that that group is fantastic -- moved from call from Virginia as a farm boy -- national analysts third. So you know it is not like I got started -- -- real young I didn't think -- there was a way to make money in the music business and next thing you know here I am just celebrating big -- five point oh and I'm nominated. Fuller twelfth time it. For the CMA -- spirit that's very that you and John are up against some pretty big names -- -- nominated before. So that intimidating to be there -- -- so many big stars. I wouldn't say for. Guys like does anymore than it's intimidating. As we go in there with no expectations. On and I have been nominated a lot we've never -- allied in that in that arena but. It's exciting. To be nominated was -- certain group of great talent -- though. Most all the acts and I'm excited for them as much -- them for myself this is the great. Party for it come for everyone to come together and see your friends haven't seen in so long. Where were -- for he had went San but I also entry when I ask you about one of the new projects you've got cook and you've got a broken out of the country music -- little bit with here. Your electoral shine project yeah over the lecture Stan well I'd say that. You know from the beginning. Have. The careers when John and -- blew up from the music mafia concept which is music without prejudice a lot of great talents came out of that. Cowboy Troy Gretchen Wilson vigorous things channel -- -- is on. And it was about bringing music and academies and the other with no prejudice and -- is right. -- -- last -- of the past couple years it. It seem like -- this time to get the party won a little bit more. And one of the things that seem to work was -- like that -- of circus tents and like the idea of dance. Always. Not only been intrigued about ability to play -- fiddles and guitars but I love synthesized music and electronic dance music so we smashed -- two of them together. Have built a whole production -- -- of -- -- a whole show. Got we're casting dancers and players and DJs and that shows going to be out and on the road this year will be a circus Stetson and festivals Freeport days -- retirement. -- see their favorite artist and then they can go. John yah yah -- this stuff up and down to electoral shower. Sounds pretty wild -- here and you're you're touching all the bases country you've got this hot new project I would also know that you are -- quite of the humanitarian you've spent time and are four worried Haiti recently. To tell us about your travels there why do you why do you go there what inspires you does any of that influence your music. Well I I tell people I was asked you're recently you know would be the greatest -- somebody and it give you a -- greatest gift would be. -- -- -- never happens the suffering children and my entire life. And you know with successes and as an. Artist cane awareness and some of that awareness was. Here and some abroad you know was one on hand and this group out of Boston here my sister's keeper and in the midst of that. Build and start a school. Right outside a war zone and put 500 kids in school that it never. Had a chance that girls half a martyr out of slavery -- able to fly and medical supplies and stop epidemics cholera epidemics. -- went down in Haiti. My was able to take doctors down there right after the -- you know we're doing everything we can dig people out -- This and feed people in new order to people and end here in America it's there's such a hunger problem here right now. And one of -- -- -- palace speaking of earlier my fifth grade teacher. We still know each other she approached me actually was -- -- -- claims that can can you help me. And she was speeding 400 children right outside -- one county right outside -- Tampa Florida 400. Then they were living in homes situations that come in the school Hungary. There's just a great need across across the board there for people to just reach out it doesn't. Doesn't have to be across the ocean can mean your own backyard there's always the need for help -- -- there's a sundry of things that. That now we continue to work for and contribute. Two. John and I work -- was saying to you now on everyone. I think is very aware of their organization the great work they do it to help children in need. And would just continue to give as much as we media event to raise much joy is William brand. Electro char -- and -- -- that so many projects what's next besides these two things you've got -- well. I think that's enough but John and I are finished and up another studio album we've -- -- over -- Now working on that this -- we come in and out of four. So we plan to put that out the first of this coming year also and we will be touring through morning fourteen and we'll have the -- and tents to circus and I go will be two over the point we're seeing him big Kenny thanks for coming in go to these outlets in the CME's of the thanks so much.

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{"id":20784117,"title":"Big Kenny Does It All","duration":"5:58","description":"CMA nominated artist, musical pioneer and humanitarian.","url":"/Entertainment/video/big-kenny-20784117","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}