Body painting artist from Beyonce's visual album 'Lemonade' chats about his work and shares a live demonstration

An inside look at "sacred art of the ori" body painting
20:15 | 09/12/17

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Transcript for Body painting artist from Beyonce's visual album 'Lemonade' chats about his work and shares a live demonstration
We want things are tuning into ABC news I'm nickel a look and here are happening very special passed the law ocean Andre. Andy don't based on or because you like Leno and other people's faces because this is an artist an awesome body work and don't let me Angela. Mario. I. Didn't think thank you are coming out so we also have a. A model here that the Audi. Produce much for coming out. Lawler to demonstrate his work on or beautiful things. And before we get started. Queen me reached out how to work with him but that you. How how issue texting you know at what level of prince apathy on saint how can it. Kirk. From her nosedived from adequate. And who is this incredible. Moment for me because I'm them you know give us it was chicken consumer goods. But let's go we equipment repairs as all of the issues posted. So accurately. Each and well you probably knew little horse horses. So I was at my site that repeated that. Production since before so when when it went to new ones. For some part of me so it was wasn't real growth said. We heard states are available project and was one provision for. Lemonade Ellison talked a lot of argue about policy was cut access to cause. And Indonesian listen that you mean that that to us access to. And many others beaten that was the sorry of the house how it'll probably eleven album of the whole did you really enjoyed the music's really all of us why does our governor. The stimulus was formally you know everytime I watch you heard that will play at around. Public Alistair you don't business to him the you know Michael spotted something that was much much bigger you know them and also these aren't god to content from all over the world. So this guy he couldn't do this here think of Japan. This guy crazy because you know you never think that you know something is that goes beyond everything. But moment apple might keep Russian people scared just to collect its offices Kara. I didn't know I was gonna ultimately did you know but I think this always just trying to pushed boundaries and. He's been everything and I know about everything is Mike can that is your motto. But what you call the sacred ark of the or that is sure that's your art form of performance that's what it was like you're wearing a sacred heart of the problem though or. Did you explain exactly what we're going to be seen in just minutes when you don't want to pay our models base. Her case is a model. As a gracious and continued opposition to this. Probably talk it you know. The fall guy here now what I would do is take elements that are just told me when it would duties Alicea threw them itself when you bumpers. Crisis sacred arts and we already knew about this that you two had. But a civilians who we see the world as it means differing capacities. And also gives it to Destin. But that was a different elements of this and track type since you're about ecology. He beat the elements shall school. Oh yeah. Shrew and but. Different article is true dark arts and basic elements and symbols but students would have been the trust her pocket. Track. Do. Spiritual experience if you quality. An Internet connection between the two souls yet you and it is here so this connection and start. Morgan began painting or the malignant. But all that happens exactly as your. Painting just now we second extra and that they you don't put the thing is. It it's that kind of takes a life of its own. Because thing about humor humor as is that sometimes would collect them different levels so people committed assault took it will connect the moment also has Melinda put the brushed aluminum. Does that strolled back because pretty much there are made to his basement or otherwise I wouldn't be civil. They're like countless lives in time they become part because the Google want it so the momentum of could put it off and is like our entreaties. Is something that as an artist since so much is never be like this for meaningful Canadian economist the human body to human skins just I don't know it's unscramble. Oh. Are you writing here. Best yeah. And olympians are back at school. And generally how continue to do face our body. So the parents some people. Think the full body to taking postage dollars. Hours and sometimes more. Some times to us. How do you keep your assets particularly wrong. Since our sound. And you know in the law current yes so what you decided because these are two polar opposites you aren't and it. Law. We're. She really that swoop Paula offices please look at the education system it's it was for me I always wanted to be an artist but. Damione Lewis imagine parents who don't. On the other Nigerian happen. You know what that's like. The struggle global. So they want you to get into line year old right now I didn't get practice awful focus. Amounts human rights attorney and engineer works the national gamers commission and I work two women and children. But a kid it was an arsonist. Remember you can talk and argue mentioned at you do this transition from law. Two painting you have no books from a lot classes were you're just trying element you know anything designs so that you always do you cracked the starting it from what I remember sitting. It is your grandmother's tattoos on her body yet he's he tells little bit about inspiration. Com. Well I never knew you might reminiscences and an art form primary. The major part of my career because at that time I really didn't understand what's happening but that will form the basis of my heart artistic career right now. She told me a lot of order of our village as a child. If route enormous parents in the water to cause it would be restored Christians and that was I can melanoma has so. She would tell him when you're out when Meyer moment I have out because it's easier so. But that I took serious arm our own interest and because I was seeing different things just by myself in the property scofflaws off walls. Icy finger on what he considered my currently there discover that was just whistled. There are actually need them to do to a whole different level and understand how to navigate the world could I describe him but useless in fact. Which is kind of a unique to everybody goes to Malaysia understand that you have a unique vision. How you see the world he can actually take advantage of your own home all your own vision. That vision that so. And that's either split decision. Short look unique way of seeing the world without incentives this. An art form can be taught have you ever tried to teach people or is this just something so you need to use that people haven't been. Looks at photographs. Two Generali. It's that's that. So very like. You know you can't teach formula can teach like to can teach a lot of things that aren't pretend. Been able to terms for what's the head into your hands rooms and whatever resources are trying to hold different ballgame you know we are how to merchandise. But then to be able to break sit down and. Thank. How does that put that B but it trust that skills you have to something he can't really teach and I want you just have to find jewel alone. Home weigh in don't put it is day. He can inspire people resort to greatest things you're concerned because not too different their own. Voice of their own. Way of home drawing because they hit us again today. We all very unique building gift and totally different ways. So. The beginning we were mentioning that this or its performance art when you body and also it's exceeding well. This design that's how you design shoes and purses bags you. You work on multiple campuses again everything is my campus that's his motto with god is that what made you transition. From working on art well clothing and murals on T shirts to working in the human body. Troops stage. I was. Has done an excellent time. There. Are. There is this. Yeah. This model where people are now and she there was an execution of the new school Merriman Arnold there's just took a photo of herself. Right in the heart that she was due process stinks and I just thought to myself. Extremism and I think I saw election what this really home dessert straight. Did to my friends and I felt like. Could produce good luck currently collection due to remember how I could see differences aren't exactly two etc. just don't call it couldn't think your parent. Sergeant in arms I. So the idea. Spiced lead idea how. I issue is totally open to it. Boom I don't the first time we ever do anything it was it was like wildfire. I mean when I'm telling you this sort of 22 years. I tears plus. That beliefs and how we have people receptive to you. Painting there fully nude bodies you do it Afro pop fastball yeah in Brooklyn doing that as well also is something that people. Our very open to or do you kind of have to help them warm up. So that's me and it eight this society cannot. I don't know if it is it is so that two people are to decide Carlton. How they want to receive it because a lot of terms. Some people those India and around didn't and adult rate cut care to force you to CDR. Cause a lot of times. I mean I get a lot of TV people criticize and meal oh wait to an on call women and stuff in there and I adore and everybody I don't man had joined in good. Nobody cares what you don't neighborhoods see Jordan from these presumably to call his objective about objective kind of tired and his people and status. Does it taken them want to belong to rhesus. That's the way I see because all of this commitment to symbols that put on their blogs actually cordons and mark uses stories that thinks that. Determined to stand to be on human being just go. See you know a naked women or made it did not make it is understood how I could go by because I thought points this is lost the community. Self. It's spiritual yes spiritual sought her help that we are thinking you know you can't change people think it is something useless to them. So. Perhaps. I'm uninhibited for just 12 to a different art form. So you do what you paints and we've seen those forms of art when you also do music. That's only about. Okay and the musical well our own. Actually a strong interest moved to new York and it won't music and art companies. Flawless defense forests and cities. Music for me it's just it's a way of life probably call it like it's hard existence is that noted costs it was a completely gone. Or other kinds of things on the keyboard but try to write something stone. I don't do it sue. Famous story we are provided with a Gary it's just a ritual for me and I was Austrians have. None us your name. Yeah don't hang him. Yeah counts them yeah. That's like that's a lot I don't value that. I'm Robert that's one of your songs as well they've been recognized as a music video it's an awesome music video that you I didn't write all thank you. Q sailor he is a come down and our sorrow listed in much Burma and my experience in the United States and I moved here and be conscious is enough. Live in the United States into the rentals and congress is doing damage Julia W concerts in the park compared. And he cynical it is an English black. That would cause of death so me got curious character of an African cause you'll is dimensional life. You know and the accountancy and became this bases or Beatles album. Like I was just keep children went to trial trip Martin was all it was screen. House trying to grapple with accidents are realistic why you aren't people who haven't from the current trend caught chooses to recognize that act in the Genesis. Also the fact that I'm the wisdom and got off only. What's happening here that I got off transit and you know welcome to America this is this is that men. Networks some experiences in my life that people literate and asked the question is zoom you African American deal. You know so. That site like we can it was like the local calls when the targets on reading mass happened I was profile. Pretty much do is really impressive this HBO time he goes crazy that that I still way. Think that Bob moment so crazy experience so from. That's they did to myself that you know us as a nation and you can't hear you always seem to use our nation and do about this event. Police officer people around don't really care which come to America you block. Of underwear and language. This make conflicts this complex called racism it could complex. I don't so that's it myself that. He found it was because when my article and music me. That's what I want my here if you music doesn't you know so you are doesn't say something so. He's an auto Solis like Michael tool for social channels to start discussions and also. Do the things human rights just. Well about ground normally act like that ready. But then that the music actually got so mark the coast and the people that in no. I go against gravity resonance comes in the exodus from releasing it into my publication that would indicate. But can we like Qatar cutesy you know community to yeah ready from Russia Angela yeah issue so there's a lot of it emerged in my annual rock and consumer for a new fund America rocks and if you don't look whatever that is. Yeah this is an end to be it's actually very like you know like you know there is not because even this committee's case everybody goes in in these aren't deal. Does the things I never felt the full trop. I never understood that puts that can America make IC like obviously do weapons and making these. Still open it was you know and I do I don't let this infusion you know oh my experience is limited to Asia Africa. We're discussing African. What is something that you'd like for everyone to know when coming to the continent of Africa in terms of Africa being what they just want. Monolithic entity that there are many different culture is there are different their countries' cultures regions religions that are very different very distinct. Oh. That. This could that way it went missing need to stop calling me optical. She's the country. And they choose a country let's let's let's be real quick like it to fall coaches enough. With open with the hope to in the insignia and I mean this is for government commodity what is my country yes you. It just costs a little confidence in you guessed it you know cuts. You know another river Niger. The guys mention the almost twenty which is. Access to anyone that's different languages and ethnic groups behavioral problems so nice issues. Because of the arbitrary borders that were created article that is an. Purgatory musical people out this fight is the way out because this court is actually able to do involved. Who would just administrative. Our borders just put quite for stars Jeremy would have won it so. We obedient are right the only different nations within nations give them access so that means perfect yet so. What you see progress in Nigeria Gaddafi could yup the name exactly what you point and also don't collect art tribal. Is it sort knowing when I hear that you know people just this is a legitimate position of what I think art should be. She needs to you should be to people who we don't understand enough corruption department students just to you know disciplines to respond. Books is stopped us through that week. Actor art can be arms to venture out to Europe are Communists who has written you can be searched ask people would you tell you. You know so yeah. Just oval that kinda gets to me laugh when people just over generalize and see what does it cost of the African prints or have to impress. Penalties all the different cult article which is. So complex it's too complex. Atop it would it was unpopular resign as a nation committed visa blew it. Americans and beat us. So party is not but the cap on everything kind of big reveal here and adding movies. The price for their enrollment it's gotten. And I think our area this is pretty cool what do you think. A lot nano cell tower. I suddenly it's like half of the. It's yes as a reason is that because to help viewers. Like everything from music you want you know his personal to say yeah. He even yeah. Appealing actress and her aria venture. According to tell I'm wondering if you have a say collaboration coming up we get older. Yet yet even designing some of that effort and models yes yes yes that India might. Yeah about about about Oscar peck. The suburbs of pro environment so problem comics addicts commission itself through soon and also is that it's a petition of the Colombo and also that the stone into the depressing so. Materials I was given its work. Alice was just what I did was its supreme got into my own view culture so pretty much old symbols of body was more about violence was more power shall legal. Was more about you know and the triangles whose bravery edited pieces that god. Man who were real problems so I'm indeed that it cool Armed home stretch. The symbolic or mean also borrowed room. The man has cut. Credit for the where does about you don't need to you want to let you know does that feel body analysis and its culture everything just from store also ask veterans of terrorism and it. But don't ask is convinced Saddam and his totally put into about it write it down. I do my recession and called for amendments and to Labarca for that closely absolutely it is but. I'm excited it was coming up just so you know by the way thank you. This is bull Murray man in black essays that's the collaboration. A little hats and it will very. So thank you got so much and inhuman. Like those proposals Connie thank you thank you guys are getting me. Are you guys to an end are somewhat our oxygen not for the rest of the bank until that chronicle.

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{"id":49794518,"title":"Body painting artist from Beyonce's visual album 'Lemonade' chats about his work and shares a live demonstration","duration":"20:15","description":"An inside look at \"sacred art of the ori\" body painting","url":"/Entertainment/video/body-painting-artist-beyonces-visual-album-lemonade-chats-49794518","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}