Cee Lo Green Won't Be Charged With Sexual Assault

Pop singer still faces felony charge for allegedly giving the drug ecstasy to his accuser.
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Cee Lo Green Won't Be Charged With Sexual Assault
This is a special room. Hello I'm -- Hernandez in New York to celebrity court appearances today Teresa Judy -- of the real housewives of New Jersey facing bank fraud charges. And on the West -- agreement -- quick court appearance he is facing drug charges for allegedly putting Ecstasy. In the woman's drink right now we're gonna live to -- CTV reporter dean is salvo. We've been watching the case now like you know -- happening ports. But time is really very quick guys -- came in with his attorneys and once the judge called him up to that banks they just -- it really set a date for the preliminary hearing which is. When they'll be able to submit evidence to see if there is actually -- not to go. Through two trials so they set that date for January 16 so really not that much. Time wise but of course a very important for that -- -- I've outside Los Angeles courtroom arcade BC affiliate thanks again the scene. And we're here in studio with Noah Levy hundreds -- with in touch weekly and have a show on VH one yet gossip take all the -- people we air at three weekday 9:30 in the morning and he certainly have a lot to talk about let's start we're gonna talk about the real house finance Jersey. But let's start out -- -- green today pretty procedural event in court. What charges -- he -- saying and. With the response that you have -- you'd -- little green was charged weeded. With allegedly. Putting Ecstasy and a -- streak and then allegedly again of sexual assault. Now over the summer the court ruled that the response is sufficient evidence charged with sexual assault but they're still charging him. With supine woman. Drugs without her knowledge. Now he is pleading guilty. It looks like. This is not gotten the standard. Response to the celebrity's sexual assault case would get to know it seems to have reacted that -- I mean -- this is a big deal as we're talking about possible felony charge of felony charge exactly but. It happened seem to affect -- -- -- it has not -- to facts affect the ratings for the voice. And I'm it looks like he is going to be able to get away. Yes so and no repercussions in terms of his job on what the prime time show -- -- you know -- show didn't. Exactly and his fan -- is still very loyal. It is a -- claim and also I mean. What they will need to do in order to prove that he's guilty is really be able to prove that he played a drug -- woman's drink unless there's videotapes. Or really really. Concrete evidence I don't know how other developers and and we should say he's pled not guilty adding -- -- guilty earlier -- exceedingly denying all qualified not guilty. Exactly and -- again they're gonna need very clear concrete evidence in order prove that he did something illegal. All right so moving on now to the real housewives of New Jersey we have Teresa Judy -- and her. Husband hero yes in court as well tell us about art will be for quite the year now this is -- couple who is always in the press. For doing something wrong causing some trouble. Now Joseph into -- up. Are indicted in two more charges -- -- charges in the summer they were charged with 39. Counts. Attack alleged tax -- tax evasion mail fraud wire fraud the list goes on and on. Now they were just charged with a few more charges that included. Fraudulent. Loans taken out from a bank. In order to get a mortgage that was -- -- 361000. Dollars. -- -- claimed that she was allegedly a realty agent who -- 151000 dollars a month. Back in 2005. Now Teresa and Joseph have pled not guilty to these charges. But really. Things are not looking good they are 41 charges against them. That would if they if they did have to go to jail they -- up to thirty years in jail. And they would have to pay. You have to pay for -- million dollars as well they're facing -- hefty fine and a very long. Jail sentence if condemned it. Convicted and there are charges were -- that -- -- -- independent of trees as well. He allegedly used his brother's I. 2000 and -- The list goes on and on I think responded to that have what they -- -- funny you know they happen. Today Teresa spoke out and she said that she never claimed to be real estate agent in orders to get a loan for mortgage. Joseph has publicly said that he is not guilty he did recently speak to in touch weekly into -- main concern right now or their three daughters. What -- -- to have to -- what's gonna happen to their family and and her oldest daughter who's thirteen years old -- -- -- she's the only one who really understands what's happening the other two girls have no idea that their parents could face. Current thirty years in jail and it's it's hard to keep kids in the dark when it's it's so public at the shell and -- this something that we can expect to see on the show to reality show yeah I mean there are certain things -- the Bravo was not people to show of course this is. Involving. -- the federal law. So there there were certain things they were not able to use now of trees it does actually go to prison and they wanna try to get some of this aren't -- -- -- hospice of -- in insiders reveal actual answer filming a little bit overly. To try to get as much a -- they possibly can. Because she's heading back to court for the trial in February. OK what about her co stars on the show you know. They hit a -- controversial and I got well liked by everyone and asked so what some of their action that summer stars where -- -- -- are shocked that all of this is happening. Unfortunately -- -- -- a lot of friends on this show I don't think that now is the time. Where her -- -- a rally around and support her. She doesn't have a lot of she lot of fans in the public which -- -- have a lot of fans in New Jersey on the show unfortunately so I think right now she only has her friends. And her family and really. Just -- two months to wait and see what's gonna happen. And and what's the -- between Melissa and -- recent -- centuries I still don't think that their friends that I don't think that -- -- is gonna make them closer at all. Here's the thing if you make enemies on the show eager have no one to support you when you really need when they when you really need -- -- out our perception of these people based on what we see on the show -- -- really know about and that's her flipping tables. Yeah it'll be interesting if they do. You know include this in the next season we know the commentary from these posters going to be keep it can't have it three -- can't talk about her case. Her friends her non friend's -- -- would be amazing if trees could talk about the case from jail. I mean how could you -- realities -- in jail I don't think so I mean. I'm not sure what is what the possibilities are gonna be for her but I did you know the problem is gonna try to milk this for everything they can. People loved the story line even the trees -- can't really talk too much for what is going on with her people really want to know more. And again people are -- and it's reality exactly Ariel this time. Harsh reality. Exactly this is taking reality TV to the next level this is what happens when you open up your life and -- -- not responsible. The thing is we ought to pay your taxes. -- -- from Caroline on this -- -- -- and nothing from Carolina right now I think everyone really wants to steer clear of being wrapped up in this typhoon which is. Teresa -- -- teaches life right now. All right well -- -- and think -- my own money get in touch weekly VH one's the gusting well yes. -- -- -- --

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{"id":20956288,"title":"Cee Lo Green Won't Be Charged With Sexual Assault","duration":"3:00","description":"Pop singer still faces felony charge for allegedly giving the drug ecstasy to his accuser.","url":"/Entertainment/video/cee-lo-green-charged-sexual-assault-20956288","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}