CeeLo Green and fiancée Shani discuss their relationship and 'Marriage Boot Camp'

CeeLo Green talks music, marriage, reality TV and more.
24:09 | 02/12/20

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Transcript for CeeLo Green and fiancée Shani discuss their relationship and 'Marriage Boot Camp'
Candice Williams eighties the audio and I have the disc. Pleasure of talking to two amazing people that are sitting right across Jamie Hanson and beautiful wonderful and a topless and did clo green. Gnarled Barkley. But the good in. Know many other things and his beautiful and lovely fiancee. Saw. Team Harry and I'd amazing we're due we're doing great today and carrier I'm Phil and well until unless I'm ready in his amazing conversation because there's a blessing and do. The ball OK let's start here marriage boot camp almighty god stiff opposition. The foremost we I've been watching this series for awhile now so many different thing goes on on this series. Just everybody knows thirds and I. And PM read TV if you Nat and union is now. Here is absolutely and now as we are teak as you are taking us on this journey because we're delving into your relationship. Abby. Obviously first and foremost. Inside even do is such a vulnerable pasted VN you know I obviously couples have their ups and downs when the cameras and Walter like. Well how do you nabbing. I'm sure how star. Honestly we we needed it we've been together eight years and just to be very imply you know at a point you do really just need some maintenance you know for your relationships. You know he can drive a car for eight years in that taken in for servicing sillier essentially taken ourselves in for servicing. Religious you know allowing the public to just have a sneak peek at everything that we were going through and you know understanding may be that. Who they did know. Maybe under seal a bit more about about each. Of us you know I think I just think a lot of people didn't even realize clo is even in a relationship that long so that was one element of it the other part and it. Was just you know or who are you with and people just understanding for why am. Maybe understanding a little bit more about him too on a personal level just how dynamic an awesome of a man he is just that a woman in his life as well. Right in with them that noise and didn't they wouldn't actually be able to first song and then negate somewhat. Wendy and as it develops you know and as you know we you know. This. This situation room situation will self discovery. Looming like you know we can. Ultimately in the giving the same support norms fumble same goals and seen people. You know him saying home and a distinctive humor would just in the town won't Wear. I. Transparency. You know is. Is key in the mean. Now what's in the mean that Keno and and then director of this people wanna people want to know what you say and what you don't want. You live in you've given it to them. Israel and an insult or even if we want to truly truly. Have the success what we would. Most of the not to do. We definitely wanted people to do who witnessed the work you know. And I think that we're starting to see this as it unfold that was early on series. And I am curious because you know clo we've seen new poem and various. So as an Indian TV appearances it's been a little while for a something that's ray regular. You know what that conversation. Light now. In in this respect that you're seeing it adds it kind of is happening and then you're watching it does you feel old. At all kind of you know. Concern apprehensive that could now people are weighing in you know that's one thing about reality TV that people have opinions. Somalia hasn't made you guys rethink our our revisit those kind of in the duke that I it was kind of filmed a little while ago Ryan is now making you think a little bit differently about everything that you're regretfully. Could be like yeah I like how I handle that. Arab like giant. Home. Definitely no regrets. Early grants to be totally. We started mid last year. And home sold to now see it's kind of relive the experience. It's it's a rebuild the movement to be living twice into the mean and seen the new opinions. In only coming in. I have to we have already gained all of the good that we can get all of it in the mile and and it could end its practice and relaxed. Them and saying. So we'd become battered by the experience and people it's a step and a still playing catch up to it so you know this is it's a little you know it's also an hour. And a center right you aren't gonna say it just for instance when I you know wash a first when I was just eyebrow. I felt that you know I it's almost like a out of body experience way it's always something. Good out of that because you're actually able to see reuse where you're standing right now and realize where you were when you for us when in the house you know. I think that we looked at each other after looking at the first show together and with our family and our friends and we. We just had I'm sense of pride you know we had a sense of pride because we look at their faces an airline while you guys he really day you know like you guys are your selves and that's the main thing that everybody was worried about they rely. You know don't put offer TV don't put off for TV just be yourself be real. And we like you know it just on the ourselves and awfully people enjoy those people and a deer actually viewing on TV because that's who we are sitting in for you right now. I'm supposed to do we're not a success with could not and would not seen here. And try to straight faced and dignify it. Now let's be honest. We've seen if prairies coupled Madden. We'll put on let's be honest Nationale might be. You know in your experience. And you have to name names you want but do you think I'm come there for not so. Genuine and authentic reasons and TU and do you have conversations with those couples that I felt like you guys are there while I'm saying are there because I'm seeing it on every week. Ye are there for to actually as you mentioned get the maintenance and work at the relationships. It isn't problematic or do you find a frustrating if you see others really not taking the advice and really not working on the relationship. Wouldn't say this. Home when we and we decided whom committed to an Olympic 200 in this moment full Garrard out of time since I. She used to want to do you know because most of opensocial will weaken driver. Who pull away whenever do you know. But when we decided to do it you know. We weren't sure of who the other Castro was members were going to be end. You know we know that. No it's sent up situationally for. You know the little draw more you know and and these things will be thrown its who bled. We will pull east you know. The porno you know if we have to just kind of confide and lean into each other in though in an indoor whatever they can win this wannabe professional about it. But because week we committed professionals. On a personal level underneath it that commitment to on a professional level. We signed on to do it signed up to do it hasn't been a. Sailor walked in the house we were pleasantly surprised to see who was there because we could see a diversity first and foremost. I think everybody probably came in just like us you know just I have like a strategy in a game plan. -- Israeli hard you know when you live in environment Rea cameras every single hour and moment of the day. In in 95%. Of your living space you know you kind of can't put on. You really do have to lean into it as a doctor is saying that you have to lean into it because if you don't. We have all these other people who are looking into why are you here you know I feel like everybody really lean planning committee is so we had an amazing group people in that house. Who when we felt like someone wasn't you know giving a 100% are 150. Vessel we are required. We we had a real conversation with the person was like look we are here for something rail what do you here for you'll also see that Suzy you've got to see it. Of that now one of the things that I you know that we're getting teases on is that. The main reason as you mentioned was maintenance but also communication and respect and now at this point you know do you feel that you have. Exceeded in the communication and respect. And obviously. Doing everything is all good everything is great you know you guys look very happy together. Ideally you know there's things that you had mentioned clo. Just on the idea of the relationship and what not. How how has it evolved if you came and so first question obviously is do you feel like you succeed in the communiques the relationship and in second question really is. How have you vaults since then and now and you know are you in the space of right and our take your first. We have definitely. Known. You. You evolving as a first yet to Mickey's expect heavy DR Phil can you get communication part of Spain's Basque constant. You know that's gonna always be work and it's always have to be maintenance all the time. But are we better absolutely are we better listeners absolutely early battered speakers each other absolutely you know. There is a level. As you know communication day that you always hit you know point reaches out to say hey you know what I mean Nolan how to know when a followed him. It is a level where Yousef to push through because you know that your you know gaining something that's going to be better for your partner. And we've learned how to do that in a very respectful manner with each other I think that that was something and we were struggling with efforts it was like you know me being so. It set on what I want to say are due in him being the same. And we just feel article forget it in this walk away and now we're actually standing near in the middle of it and were common that was solutions for ourselves. And then now the evolution of the relationship Amir McNamee asking I'm sure. Marriage wet what is that what does what does this relationship look like TU if you had to button it up in his marriage the ultimate goal. Just look and a post the other ailments to Grahame and his since then on. Marriage. Was that the ultimate goal would happiness and peaceful. Purpose I don't handle it but it was it was applicable to. You know what we've been doing what in the dressing on the show and I applaud them. Coveted you know it's it's really no true let's do you know to. Go a step further home. Some sort of system in early about since I was kind of coming to terms with the reality that we have both. No indoor season conceded you know battles experiences and so those of Duluth. I'm. Fear factor in the apprehension and reservations. You know trying to. To protect and preserve that last bit of ourselves that it that would could call her all. Looming but let alone know you know put choose a state of submission we want to give your last for the self self to that someone in the hope that he can be appreciated. You know nurtured and an Indian grown even for a minute which one of you to grow because of something that she. Anyway. You know as opposed to growing or staying the same because of cup is something that society if you don't plan. I was gonna say that I think is it might we she used to yeah. Yeah since I was very nothing. I was gonna say that I feel like you know sometimes people find love and a hopeless place. For us I think we found one in a hopeful place you know I mean you have to find it wary. Feels good for you you know some people they never even get engaged in Daschle's day. You know on some people in eight DB they needed all they need to kids in the marriage and you know everything. You know I think we we require a lot. Less of the paper or try to things from each other because it's all about. You know what we feel our hearts for each other when our souls you know I feel for each other's for a salad connected on that level. And that's a seat in marriage is not an option or you won't happen and we can't say that you know. You know isn't that ball is in his court and when you know that happens it'll be because he's in saying. Let's do something spontaneous like he does anything else you now. I would gladly do it you know I would never you know deny that. Allen never make it a stipulation for us to continue for another 75 years together you know. That's a lot of community really owns and and you know and yet they definitely speaks volumes Nolan again arrogance on the wonderful slower thank you to stand. And I never said that I mean I don't know islands Agassi things in different ways you know that I just always him you know. I'm here. Writing for. That one here definitely. Definitely do and I think that you think I want to despondent to be on. Yeah and and I think that you know and I think Eagles both ways behind every good man is a good woman and every good one man asked are both ways and I think one of the things that we are. I mean we we not expiring in that we don't feel a lot over the course of the next few weeks meeting me Aaron okay and but what I can get I gather is you guys definitely understand each other and as you mentioned. That level communication is extremely important and I think it's progressing from what I can see right now so for whatever happened on the shall we don't see that unfold it seems like it's working right now on today and yes we will see an also you know we we do have to. Talk about just some of the funds that I I know seal from because recently. Massing there and blue are high in. Eleven Eds that costumed man I don't know I can't I can't Adam Lake. Yeah I got them from low and I thought they gave lake though not the real quiet little paper matter how you Wear it out how it. Out of that experience talk a little bit about I mean you have Nancy. I'm so relieved that we could talk about and now we were under a gag order. Even the name for the glanced. Animal law but no that was our own. I was super fun to do. We went out to New London. Four. Maybe like two weeks in which we filmed it. And you know there were really gracious with me I don't think typically. You know. On an American artists in the will come in and you know have so much you know say about the song selections the president so. In the when Obama became an English music you know all in the eighties. Coats of globe and Duran Duran on incomes Abbas and the quality zone and one ounces sold some Alamo so anyway to make the most crucial. It was an enjoyable process it was also fun to do. Which had a warrant a coup won almost war. Proper way you know that I'm finally close fly that thing with heavy. Two with a anywhere. But those how do him elude him I mean we haven't asked. You have and then ask. Now of course you know will really flattered into about it date and me dislike being who was and the need and they knew was me one reason the. I a lot of it would end dated know for a fact he felt like. And I thought maybe this probably will never be an ax to do the American president says. I don't think that I have a sense of distinguishable boards put people say and do women and apparently at delays. As I have the most regular Togo and this it. After this I'm from elemental joins. This yeah outlet that on the crowd at a meeting on I'm aware. Are listening. When I did comparable. There were all will come you might not understand moon an arm saying so I've had to learn how to a Nazi to speak clearly in the mean. So. The slate. Is this how good so good. And I think that was such guarantees that the EU and that performance mode because you know it brings memories. Every clothes. Too far distant memories of now Barkley in everything that you are as a performer entertainer Grammy Award winner all these amazing things that the content playing you know what we're hearing for. I know I heard this album common I heard there's something come in I mean I would love. This could be the start of multiple multiple things you know the lithium hip hop. Theories but yeah talk about the music. This is that thing you know I mean where eight there are in no Moulds who multiple leg benefits to. You know. That the good sense is that we're taking in the opportunities honest on present themselves with television. You know you can own no parlor that's who want to fit and stuff like so we got music coming up. Absolutely. Ran collagen and I jogger. And double sided Swenson for women so people want to follow that is Jim and I junger and Tim and I with the aging. You know so a sense in question are simply not and Charles Barkley on rugby new baby mama in terms of family into that album would. Does mean that may or may not be for me with him was thanks to an outlet to the album with him and his slate. He's from rock band collar or public keys. So bullet active. I. Think is a country album nobody says is but it's almost like. James Brown to the country album with is some Tennessee locally would definitely do. I think you'll enjoy just have come here to appreciate Bledsoe. At scat and has so much all all platelet UV and a lot of stuff from the this year. Of course and I mean you know what specifics can you give us because he ate at a teases misses this evening. View Sarah I mean gone back from my days and family couldn't all of that. I mean little thing available at 2013. Men split the mob so like. Is it going to be having had their intimate conversation I'm assuming an and what is a vision for you know if you can give us anything. This crazy because I'm actually supposed to be in them and a recording today. You know. We will duty. And Bundchen have and a couple of internal business would we give them would Tumblr late as far as which mimics ironically don't returns. You know what direction where we go with it this time could you always have a a vision we we feel that journey taken. I just think that you know. With good he mob its always open a secret is on wins this. This level of expectancy was almost like in 04 people who move. Goodie Mob it's like shirts in the meaning they and the effect its handle people has been something like a religious experience a slump in tow. And the wounded were fortunate that I've had some people terminal use. And insults me life is not consider them in. And I don't mean and so I'm gonna record in the service and they can only because. A definite always wanted to give back intentionally and deliberately because musical court saved my life window in the mean so. So would that this is more is more this year and caring and could gain that real talk I mean like an elder statesmanship in the mean right. That regal responsible. U know. Our NX. Filming. I don't know what's so in the mean actually named in the I started listening recommend to 95 young Mubarak almighty doesn't filming on the wharf where we we've been on the what will Bahia who stand for and we shall continue and sent. And you get forgiveness and of the progressive movement which you do the best and then also can I mentioned he you had been made yet. We talk a little bit about the knowledge that his children itself there yeah not all before this year is over I'm very excited about that. Tell us what's use I mean I'd be given little. You know X summary on the on this site but I I want cheated bring your own words kind of give us experience. OK well yeah whom this will be my fingers Vegas residency. Home and the first who were little under the radar because we were doing something. Maybe into the curb. Be totally honest actually went out and brings them in the history because I'm probably be first. Independent black figures show on the strip sewn do something phenomenal. Evening dead people. Mean that dissent that opportunity to see put a third term I didn't want to make this of the best. The best show ever. Carl man in the mirror so let the ordinances so too little of the production startling minerals rights in the same bullet. Also from a philosophical deeper meaning of self discovery itself reflection. I've also. Just a connection between decree either. And consume consume more on the artists and the holder to say we have to see album reflections in ourselves and each other than saying. You know IBM and the twists and turns to emblematic and he ended the day is just by having the foreign government want more to come out and support vagueness in that way. Sometimes human golden girls go to raise ago only to blow to Mosul Baghdad and assemble it might get into the art. Even though. Aspect of Vegas. This ruling such adult community to be counted in. And the Parlow so many talented. Supremely turned to an unsung. Home individuals who in the eventful ride Bissell Mike. The center nice breeding ground for someone Latin and so that you know can appreciates it and paying. You cannot go in and learn from in the mean so. I'm still I'm still the stolen to a solid start so if ya embassy need to unionize and make applicable sort of information to them it will give someone else is 'cause I'm really comes almost two now watch people in remain and I know was and the first ingredient in being great is having great taste concern. And and you have great pay three feud over the years I appreciate that well look I know we have to go but. As we a couple of days and be that science and not had a V day plans I mean clearly got to go to law amendment and consent. It's a secret. Oh. Always going to be can says women. Yeah okay how they are now. Using it okay so we're actually going to be with our family. Meddling. Only family feud. So lows daughter Sierra has a birthday it's on Valentine's Day so gift ever to solo. Moment on her we had we have heard coming we also have a son Kingston coming we have his best friend montagne. Desolate and Vietnamese any time with the family playing games right thing in the biggest game of our life. Yet. And Apple's Kessler asked those seeking and while. Yes desolate and a check on Taliban. Then the whole home cook and mig there you make you feel good and you guys made me feel good today think he's film it's I'm me for happening. Anytime you are always welcome look. Aren't they night you know are you gotta watch you know you gotta be. Marriage little half right clarity east earn merit who can't have happen this Brad Dotson admitted he wanted to come. They married an identity and we TV thank you so much the you know. The and I don't believe museum and I appreciate you guys are riding off to an excellent guy.

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