Celeb 101 with 50 Cent

The "Power" star and executive producer opens up about the hit series and his personal life.
3:02 | 06/22/17

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Transcript for Celeb 101 with 50 Cent
Confidence and. This is 11101 of the place we're so let's break down exactly what they've learned in order to be who they are today I enjoy Marie McKenzie and I'm here wit. Cars Jackson that you guys on him as if he's that well aren't you a good. And I have to ask you because even four hours coming back everybody is so it it. Your plane came in their authentic that produced and the went through I knew you have to wrap her the things you are so you learn about the. Power Saturday I think. I'm money. And security go way that's going to hear from this and if you had the route two oh by the time. SATA one to do go produces. And his name is much first. That he's first these heroes. Those thoughts. Do different powers off. And you were very upset that a cap. Last season for the Golden Globe nominations but what did that teach you about Hollywood I don't have to acknowledge things you know. Future is already it is. The second eyes you. Known cable please afternoon number one. Knows he's going to believe to be nominated 91. Matt in the nominations at all. Fifth heightened to not see didn't see for whatever reason put again you know how to it is. These. The because. And in way. Book project becomes. If it sounds. Used by the and then. It could happen. I think the most. And you can Wear. But never seen it. You know there's no mrs. I. All right but what hasn't what is being singled in a top U and I felt. Tradition kind of trained them to do different things senator and I think friends who visit. So when. For fresh fit that develops from the point. They've become frightened. These. Until and is do. Showcases because if you. The probably like a barbecue. And invite everybody into. And these days. OK guys thanks for coming Matthew. Hay out at a good time. Simulated an Angel Natalie. See who's going to invited them then we're invested. In this what they wanna do you have people that thank you thank you open. Alan allot for me especially today. This is the club 101 I'm jointly MacKenzie in this city you.

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{"id":48182763,"title":"Celeb 101 with 50 Cent","duration":"3:02","description":"The \"Power\" star and executive producer opens up about the hit series and his personal life.","url":"/Entertainment/video/celeb-101-50-cent-48182763","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}