CMA Awards: Lady Antebellum

The group's members discuss their nomination as well as the friendly competition in the group category.
3:43 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for CMA Awards: Lady Antebellum
We love about the CME's every it was your finger Carter wrote. Just try to give me your feelings on it. I mean I think seeing on the other artists amicus this is that they awards shows are kind of the you know their of that ever reunion near brightest Turin and didn't. You know like ships passing through the night you know are all summer in and to be able to kind of all kind of reconnect you know in in in catch up talk about well we're all going through his log onto the same stuff you know and palette that. Grading carries jokes the now his house since chemistry. Billy Sunnyvale is do so many scary songs you know eleven at Whitney Steve Grad locked out of his guitar case unison than funds about to happen. And this year though where part of the opening of the show. Which are really honored to be a part of which I think is going to be a really. Heartfelt beautiful moment. With Darius Rucker Eric church Keith Urban Irvin incidence of draws artists yes and and it's just enacting except the town for the night and are really really beautiful and reverent way. So it'll be it a I really great. Knowing what a great record heartbreak is and how kind of pivotal was for you guys I think I have some idea what it would mean to you to walk away shots I mean that that record I mean has been a total I mean almost transformation for us is abandoning coming back from a break. With all these ideas you know renewed energy re connecting his friends I mean the process of making this record. Was the most on we've had in ten years and so yeah I mean being in the category was already there when we were together when we found out. And that was already just such a positive moment for us on to steal that. Com and a proud moment so but yeah I mean to take it would it would lower nines I mean we're you know we're not expecting it we never do that. They would absolutely Flores if we were two win that award so. We are all one big happy family and country music and I know that but I think Rascal Flatts has forgotten. Because yesterday they told me they don't while little big town to win because that would mean they equaled their string. It's. And in think back competitiveness. I do but I think the greatest thing about the group category is how. Proudly all are to be and it you know I think all of the groups that are in that category and we love their records they were just talking and it just a couple bits over about the Old Dominion record and little big town been one of our favorites and then there are friends so it's one of those things it's like Barrett they talk a big game but I think the you know deep down they're really great. And. Especially for you Hillary I think there's some big dilemmas in the female vocalist category like viewed a lot of you walk away without one. That land is. It's really really test. Because they're all you know are also its good friends like you just said it's like we archery really efficiently so I must say though leads sordid Kelsey ballerina all summer along and took thirty here at. Not in on the world tour with us through Canada as well in and she's had such an incredible year there's so much momentum her album just came out in his incredible. It'd be pretty amazing. She doesn't win this year she's going to win at some point out I think I thought told RM in the Tora said. You know this record she's made as the new year you're here's they now that you come out you know in you follow your first Recker will with. With announced any record says you know just feel confident that you're here to stay in in moments will come whenever they come you know yes. And I kind of feel like I know your new artist picked by the for Serbia bright young men on and if there are renowned. But you know I mean John party as well and you know Mina after a year he said at a really big year label mate we've watched him. Grind over the years to finally get. You know his moment this is is really big so you know I'll be happy with with the with either one of those guys. But yeah Brett Brett -- boy meant in fun.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The group's members discuss their nomination as well as the friendly competition in the group category.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50990098","title":"CMA Awards: Lady Antebellum","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-awards-lady-antebellum-50990098"}