Colorful Luminaries Light Up Lower Manhattan for the Holidays

ABC News' Charli James reports from New York's Brookfield Place.
11:13 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Colorful Luminaries Light Up Lower Manhattan for the Holidays
I'm making ABC news digital and I'm downtown I. Manhattan right now at Brookfield place. It luxuries retails and that's because. I didn't really special music isn't over the holidays can see behind me all these eliminated him here. And he actually called illuminate. He argued that the holiday event I'm rob. I'm an inherent part of art for ill. And it's really special and different holidays it's eerie. Not your average Christmas tree and that there's also an inner active work though I want to introduce. Deborah Simon she is the heat he and artistic director art. Think any now. Tells. About the exhibit any poignantly. And our six month. Estimates lynch and at night and LET. And we had every thirty minutes hands like. Five. And it's also acted in and topped only weak oddly light. An island in New York Hollywood and it. We're going to talk with the brand and answered back well in the pocket and a little bit more the interactive arts and you don't live in here that a little bit more about Brookfield place and why. It these sort. I habit and rent on the Athens and nine. And well. This building was very impacted by eight 9/11 and for the first building to come back. At a construction on a year to two days later and it didn't listen. News celebration in. Hannity and since then we've gone through another enormous renovation so that we are now luxury shopping destination. Shopping and events. And so let's talk around a little of it looking get the idea the number Atlantic air and about lightly into the pine. Mountain land and we came up at a our retail our renovation he decided on its new comedy hour and we. Give it a lot of thought about not wanting to do they need an easy comedy Port Authority in the event that authority to cities like rock that pre. And you can't. You can't compete that's what we thought finally compliment that. By giving something that this changes its interactive and test the technology so. Week we thought about that was their basic premise. And then we knew we need designer. And so EEI front lines of in the eighteen. David Rockwell. I thought perhaps it never done holidays artwork and yet right and I was eight. And we all timid he was very excited is doing some very long and thoughtful discussions about. Holiday tradition and full horror. And how that pat how that happens all over the world. Because. This is a global this local place. And sellers came up with former different scenarios. And police on the luminaries if you think that that's it that's what you want and it took. Two years. So you. Design fabricate into the program come up and come up with the lightning and snow so it was a very long hot chocolate. But it was really inspired by that notion of flights. How important light is at us so many cultures and countries at this important thing here. And if the public and its handling it and seen this atrium is really its hall atrium and here come the winter garden. And in Ulsan utilizes the palm tree and high maintenance here is it it obviously it looks really. In an integrated into that they have this is a challenging room. Giants and it's got enormous that the that I didn't stealing his department got huge volume of so we knew we need something that was don't really need to speak but he Sutherland. Had to people that really. As well. Let's all of them are about inner activity there are three letter cold machine station wrecked here as part of that. If that meant that not just something that you. Look at the beautiful but that he can also thinks about it yet so we're gonna talk went back she is one of the brand ambassadors thing a lot of them have. I'm here and your job is to help explain. In active feminist about a little bit here yeah. And you can see it. Rotates through different colors they're explain a little bit but you. What how this works. So basically they're six. Entering this. Luminaries in nineteen. But it's also free to greater lengths every app now we're confident the election. Flying to three Italy's economy like panic you know that and then seeing the color it was difficult you know mentoring. And it's risk out outside. And that's your risk. And up every place I expect them donate a dollar to the event of an instant news. And a charitable back yes it is well it's not just on the pretty light snow later also helping rent money. Buy it by Wednesday night until we have any idea how many lives have been needs are and how much money it. Heck hasn't this morning over 151000 in the expected. We now. Every night and I but this place at the quarter is a new holiday tradition downtown Mount Snow. People can come here and make their holiday wishes as well. Let's go let's kind of places. Releasing experience with the accident might I mean it's really amazing I mean I can't go crazy event of the night. But also. For the dogs they just like. They get six very thank you wonder of seeing its something personal that waves. That's a big. Big scale. And in a beautiful and experience now. In addition to these that every half hour hearing you the end can help green the art yourself I'm gonna do it myself on time you're that you can be. And yeah. So let's try it. I get out heirs so that put my hand on the yes missing you and when it paint. Let it go. Look anything like this the bounces start actually filled let's move over a little. That once the show starts the Q becomes activated and though there's five different snow you can go on their web site. More about they all have different name. I'm so I'm gonna back that you see this snow is starting. Pan. We're gonna give you a little bit more of a look. At that snow and separate utility company collars and dean. Illuminate it on if you. Dozens and dozens college again. And all the shows there's five five shows up every thirty minutes they rotate at night and this looks like light. The end while the show's run and make. Only about one and it's time and you actually increase the numbers of snow is that people want them. Exactly what originally had planned to once every two hours but probably saying you don't want worked out so he then went. What an hour and now we're at one every thirty minutes so we're listening to what our public lines. Don't let me give feelings about the long. Just show a little bit of it animal talk of them are not other holiday events that happened here. And each of these shows last. 31 minute if we're minutes again. And what's great about this huge Adrienne is that the winter garden is that. Depending on where he look at this sounds it's gonna look totally different. So you can watch line from underneath. One from up here on the side and you're gonna get a totally different there. It's it looked like moving down let's talk a little bit more about arts. And a whole kindness does not you can come down your preliminary heat packs an example. Asking him that coming down to it well it. Especially right now with regard we have an easy feeling it this evening we have an easy luxury shopping and tremendous diversity he. He can do anything anything anything here and what other sort of program. Part you know. Well during the year we put on visual and forming arts programs everything from. Music to dance film and photography sculpture. So we do we do it all year round can we do over city side of the fence posts here. Here and this coming weekend we have a continent in our dining terrace and we have something called quiet loving. Please if you would not end phones and switched its music and one of this feeling and we thought it would be so great tent people dancing under luminaries. Good you're one of the millions of people coming soon that that you aren't during the holidays evenings are teaming Brookfield place in the really cool if that. Art a direct threat. And this front ends on January 10 fifty or eating at 10 AM to 10 PM but at thinks that this is going to be coming new. Downtown Christmas tradition. At eastern added to your list of all New York holiday tree. Upgrade ABC news did not I'm apparently game.

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