Danica McKellar Reveals How She Got to Star in Avril Lavigne's New Video

Former "The Wonder Years" star gets curvy with new math book for girls.
4:09 | 08/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Danica McKellar Reveals How She Got to Star in Avril Lavigne's New Video
We don't know her and loved her as Winnie Cooper air from the hit show the wonder years and of course now she's all grown up she has the child of her own and season best selling author of math books. For kids her late -- Girls get -- geometry take shape it's out now and she's here with us today. To talk about her latest book welcome down and the how -- -- -- thinking Harry and I'm doing great at look -- book. It's all about -- take on a lot of other. Issues as well. Yet my book the starting -- -- that which is for like its sixth grade pre algebra on the richter Pressley geometry. Michael to teach girls -- but also give them a sense of self esteem of -- And Intel gross acres -- some body issues -- dollars and look. And to me when the best way of getting self esteem and confidence is -- yourself you are smarter than you thought you where they -- -- to get and the books. Now -- to let the holistic approach to me and most of them Battenfeld. What interested you in math in the first place here obviously came from -- I think background yeah you know -- not the way not me my -- you know. I -- calculus working better. -- as a foreign language that does not translated correctly it can be a problem -- actually continental school I was really think in the and a teacher who changed about the -- me realize that the way to present it makes all the difference and I knew that I can do that for growth to you. So -- you've been an inspiration on the mathematics -- but you've also been a really strong advocate for attachment parenting with your son what what's -- journey been like for you. I think that mom -- do what ever makes them feel that. And for me what work was pressing -- -- and half years and lots of -- and hunt which everybody should you. Happen but I don't I don't try to push my -- and that. Breastfeeding whenever and other people might isn't breastfeeding is do whatever works feeling UBE it's difficult for Hollywood moms -- yeah push the envelope when we're at the other end of vocal about it and -- never worked for any so I would not available until I had teen pop. So I. -- from -- kind of company it's really need to need to yet. That you talked about very honestly about the bumpy road going from being a child actor to an adult actress and what happened like for you we've certainly -- -- time and again on the west playing and How I Met Your Mother and went literally in. Well they didn't -- -- Levine began its going to be out in time we can't get hit. Take peek at that he act that is really fun totally different very like that he AG if the senate -- -- -- offered -- -- visually fun. And I actually have read here is called now by the connection I think -- the end of September maybe October which really finest comedy. Little thing is that I I I have this he's -- This combination and being an actress and loving -- And making and maintaining penis and went -- on the planet today. That's great at what with what attracted you to -- the out reliving video that have -- like why not -- I know I love life I love how much Bradley there is in my life and I -- in -- and ice on the story or is more than they don't like -- -- that it's so AG and creating different and sexy and just like dark and I was like -- I think nobody ever offers an -- -- I don't know why they picked me and I'm not gonna question it because it -- and I hate to let that can't see it. Do you think it kept you healthy. And going strong as opposed to -- -- -- -- Lindsay Lohan in the Amanda vines have taken -- some well. I credit my parents for keep me grounded and teaching -- education came first. I never had any question and I was gonna go to school after I finished the -- years and you that I got to college and -- -- -- found in my lap and I found on the -- because it gave me self esteem. When you've been on TV show and the cat actor as we've seen many times can you really difficult to know what your value -- Because your show's over now for -- and for me latching on the -- and I think this -- just Smart and confident and good about something capable. -- have nothing to do in Hollywood it's something I'm billing for myself and believe me you do not have to -- on television as a child actor to have those issues is the teenager. Which is dry I write it like we we all go through the -- and they need help. We'll need help but absolutely downing -- the book is called girls get her thank you so much for -- -- --

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Former \"The Wonder Years\" star gets curvy with new math book for girls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19972603","title":"Danica McKellar Reveals How She Got to Star in Avril Lavigne's New Video","url":"/Entertainment/video/danica-mckellar-reveals-star-avril-lavignes-video-19972603"}