Daniel Radcliffe as You've Never Seen Him Before

The "Kill Your Darlings" star talks of leaving Harry Potter behind for beat poet Allen Ginsberg.
11:10 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe as You've Never Seen Him Before
How does your gates have you read -- That never heard of -- two completely gone and impossible he says that life is just around. There were stuck unless we -- -- -- And dying. An endless circle. -- drinks. You often hear you -- shouldn't have. Bank and the whole world -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to our special Sundance. Issue -- -- issue because. Make important and a popcorn. And you have just seen a scene from kill your darling starring -- -- -- And we are now here at the Washington school now with cookies and everything. Angry ignorant to say who -- -- wired something. I'm -- Iraq if I'm playing against and the cocaine darlings as but he -- A story that should be very well -- -- -- story of. Alan Ginsberg good goes to Columbia and he sleeps in Cobb played but brilliantly -- and and and he fools completely and and he's about. -- relationship been. Your life where he meets somebody's he's actually kind of pretty bad -- Two. It's kind of vital to development as opposed an -- -- -- Reuters well an attractive. -- -- -- -- the physical yes nighttime incredibly charismatic he's at least long bright -- interest in about it she's never wrote. He -- he angry because I think he lack of Sony didn't believe he could writes. -- said it was hot conditions around. -- but he was an incredible. You know he became and it's been in in news night lights and maps and -- so in a way that's what he's doing. When he when he first met Allen and then -- -- by leaps and was the first introduced gains but -- and -- and -- of -- important part of the movement. An invasion. Was. And such. If you -- -- supplies possibly but he. He you know he he he militant. A man who -- camera it was. -- with something which had. Ambiguous relationship. One but it is public but it's it's certainly probably not healthy for the both of them -- it was. I think pretty in its case to see infatuated by -- that many many used to seeing him. And eventually an illusion that it. And so it and -- -- it was. Actually -- falcons but to write his bus complete -- -- of approach actually it wasn't grows short story about incident. And bars Cadillac. Collaborated on equitable tax which was suppressed for about sixty days until 2000 night. -- it's it's really about. A -- -- tough to beat generation and it feels story -- not very few people that's it but Abbott and wood for good reason that you know it was suppressed. -- -- long time by -- But by the Palestinians and by about Mexico -- when you come into the picture argue. What -- the first people cast. I think I'm ugly but was -- -- -- I was actually -- to this Islamist. Public school music. Politics you thought that John. -- desolate tackle this not even had to succeed on its Equus back away yet he -- -- -- distance or reckless and enjoyed it. And you know he he we sat down at a meeting and he patted with the debris -- vision for this film. And I talked about you know I think he was pleased -- the -- -- responded to the script and the character. And you know he and yeah I was so I was -- then and then the by -- to do. And small focal part of a seven -- -- and sort of perhaps think -- and I want to. -- had there. It isn't always so I was going back to to -- done so with an able team to do films they -- -- and then the financing fell through and then. You a couple of years later when they were -- it -- up again again proceeds going. John -- back to me it was very fast and honored that it -- Because he can't act. And to settle tonight you know make it with you win and that's outlook. So. It makes sense to me that it would checklist because that you -- -- -- state winding courses and state I can make that step. Seconds into Allen Ginsberg on the I think I think that was Jason just think -- a bit -- people I spoke to a lot of -- -- since we've said. And actresses are among sort of sucked up -- doctors and went -- -- -- -- more you know even if they didn't see it. Since it is not about a as a sort of a signal of intent you know it's not. Just. You know rest of Littleton. Fine take easy options you know it's -- -- about. Challenging myself and and improving every time -- might step on sat. And and that's what this film rhapsody did I mean this is about the -- -- haven't given. Like with a question and on and scenes you haven't worked this actor -- and -- there's nothing. And that means that your potter there's nothing -- rat. Quite what obscene. And I think that's -- you saw market if it totally different thing that's branding young and I think one of things help is. YE a steady in the -- accidents and voice for the days of the entire. Entire. She's basically a -- and we talked until you can go to -- -- again. If we're -- -- -- laughing so he went through much of my -- he would be careful. You're not in wonderland. I've heard this strange madness -- growing. -- -- But -- are fortunate. Your ignorance. You know why I stayed inaudible climbed to the popularity into the shape -- like -- lesson that on the -- day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- not sinkers and commit to understand. And Clinton if she with the crew came up to me. Very confused off to -- haven't filled justice. America I don't know if they thought I guess it's like lived in America and how to absorb the accident now hot bat with a bodyguard volume and Jersey and in entertainment news yeah exactly that was the yen -- He's losing is not like it's not a. A strong strong new Jesse you know that that is -- -- its best -- that that was that was that was the key item when it. Oh indeed quite anxious shall it was quite. The sequel the CBS probably secret. And -- -- -- what was the. Toughest thing for. Us but -- -- tapping into you know that -- -- -- just haven't. Yeah it's so important to -- there -- -- -- very emotional -- -- this film and just one hit with them. I'm really. And then having thing. You know do it at a price that -- hundred workable but I have to site dot wasn't actually that -- -- I think that's. Quite frankly I think all films should be -- 24 days hunt because I think united I want Steve that Harry Potter OK yeah exciting quiet country. -- zone it was yet but you know -- that. Kind of I think. I mean if you -- -- time. -- -- of money. You know it's it's day. You done with top that sense of urgency going to you don't have someone he's gonna come on says it wouldn't shut down -- if you can't actually finished opt finished Baltimore. You know that that development about portraits -- how that kind of energy dollar I think if it. The whole film -- -- -- -- this -- White House. -- When you're choosing when you're that that you -- your post Harry Potter life. If it didn't -- at first like you were in a vacuum like you weren't going back every year to something like that. It was yet I mean I think that was what was. What was great about -- at least that's what took away from -- you know with some of the boys -- act was -- -- was that. I was able to there was always a safety net -- the author of the -- and you know by you know it was it was -- -- what's -- up to help. Hustled home that was that was that -- -- for awhile I think. How -- I think -- was a bit of a sense of the the ordinance but not at you know knowing that I won't be doing -- both of them that was a very strange. As science thing doesn't have to -- -- -- -- -- because what can those people missing and. But there's -- something very exciting you know made an 83 films in. TV miniseries -- -- -- with. The town of different factors in different crews in it was just really it was -- you know it was it was so -- what you. And actually you know woo film present. We read the sign. Does not will pontiff to this day it's who if this is different scale you know -- states. It's always a group strangers can come together and work towards this one Goldman's wife filing. And he's not filmmaking and what what one beautiful about the process is that it's it's -- else it's what piece of acts. And that's what's panic every time. And yet something useful comes out and as you know with -- and that we always and now it's -- Well again we had not well -- you could futures back. You could even do things. For the next single Clinton -- he forgot. We just have to sing songs -- like what would you hand it to -- what's in your head. You don't want to point among by reading but -- -- perhaps but delicious totaled about robotics. -- -- -- an obsessed with any zones are incredibly woody Allen's history. Now only I don't vehemence he fought for you have a final -- have a lot thought one out and excitement. How about the one that's holding Israel on -- about something it's. Says testimonials nickel intensely human hydrogen oxygen nitrogen reunion commuting unit union remain anonymous receivers the union but they do Europeans to cut enriching senior humanize law Latin argument being raped and -- protecting human -- human gallium. And -- dean -- at the -- -- and they say never kill those he got -- do that.

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