D’Arcy Carden and Yvonne Orji discuss their Emmy nominations

Both Carden and Orji are nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series.
6:03 | 09/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for D’Arcy Carden and Yvonne Orji discuss their Emmy nominations
Let's turn out at D'Arcy card nominate sniper her role as Janet the good place hello I'm Darcy things have mastered being with us tonight. EU for having me and looked at this your first Emmy nomination and now. I just know what's going to be your hike is this is a too weird and need to be a part of this isn't a weird year that we're living it. Yeah. A little bit yeah. Anonymity women McDonald snoring right on camera a tank near the. Now you said that when you found out you were nominated I write read they you'll your your husband we're just shocked mounds opened didn't even screamer anything. Had they do now how does it. Il. It it's still shocking and still I still can't believe it and you know it's. We're still just sort of in our house you know any insight that the world is the same as it wasn't when it nominated so it's still just make my husband Jason and I kind of looking any of economic. Are. And that occasion you know based payment. Lee Jackson her purse was an outstanding cast an end and it eat insects and make it suits. Actually happening. It is actually happening I think it is a real you are nominated. Just to remind you but. But put this into perspective because we don't have the red carpet we don't have all the glitz and the glam and everything. No after party is how how will you celebrate if he would take home the award tonight. You know I. I think I'll celebrate no matter what I really do I don't know this and she's I really do you like. That nomination was section honors such an honor and I'm winning or not I really chilly feel. When I'm seeing and speaking of blame Jackson her her. He and his friend will probably come over and the lining up the backyard masks on and my husband and will now enamel. How have a glass of wine. The good night. More than one big glass ceiling into the third night and I daresay I don't we will stand by and stay with us because. I want to bring in another breakout star from two point when he nominated in the same category as you and I understand and that you might be a fan of her. He not he plays Molly on the HP is series insecure and time congratulations. I'm your big nomination. Hello hey losing can speak to each other but on this trip. I don't. And so are to be nominated Wii U in the same category and sacks they Molly can't bear. Well I think you and suits they're feeling is mutual. I will use. And eager. Commissioner under red carpet immediate hug each other. Yeah. Yeah. Three. Years. Our loving all of this blog. There are sleeping you so much for joining us. Am fine thank you for being here you look fabulous we see that bill you're at home you are all clammed up they'll. We're gonna have you stick around and we have a great video that you posted actor you found out that you are nominated talking to your parents ever gonna roll back. I do got nominated earned Amin. Yeah. Scared and I didn't miss. I didn't Liz. Goodness I didn't do not. Even yeah. Yeah. You'll Igor. Even got nominated and this show got nominated and will. And. Well any time that moment is so so sweet I can tell you I am a huge fan of insecure we watch every. Every app lets out of my outfit a lot of discussions about Motley it's not. And Lawrence. But at that moment with your parent I know you talk about trying to impress your bacterium paired they remind you that you didn't become a doctor what was it like when they said. You buy that were part of deal. He's not a I'd like I gotta get off its golf and all the years. Where are rallying and I had and that is similar mold this morning and it all in. Meet me beam me all week long body needs you now. The. Obviously an incredibly emotional emotional night for you and and we've noticed that you didn't hold back you heard landing up no red carpet no problem for you know. I hate when that rhetoric. Is Islam and rubber. The red carpet there's a whole situation be any balloon. So I'll do what ever happened and I party. Imports colleague Randy. Of course single or limit and my money twenty the best that you cat right. Absolutely you may think that they clearly and so do you know where we're trying to keep up trying to blame it up in this very unusual here. I I asked for its exceed its future they told me that they wouldn't let me do it but I thought this year. If you want to thank you so much we and congratulations. We hope you have a fantastic night you look great and it well deserved. How much I enjoy the sounds absolutely it's coming right up.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Both Carden and Orji are nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73137859","title":"D’Arcy Carden and Yvonne Orji discuss their Emmy nominations","url":"/Entertainment/video/darcy-carden-yvonne-orji-discuss-emmy-nominations-73137859"}