Decades-old 'Star Wars' debate ends with 'Solo' movie

The filmmakers behind "Solo: A Star Wars Story" sought to address an aspect of the Millennium Falcon's design that has long troubled fans.
2:35 | 10/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Decades-old 'Star Wars' debate ends with 'Solo' movie
An hour the. So we're all massive Star Wars nerds here and whenever we can make our story tied together in some way yes even if it's something that only the real fans who repayments and all those details. Can appreciate then why not right it's us a lot of fun when you know I don't fly. These meetings that we have these falcon meetings people like you know there's a difference between the number of landing gears from new hope to incarcerate. Who can mean there's a difference. In Star Wars there is three landing gears. When he gets empire strikes back. There's two excellent. Eighteen. What did an election year issue. And the real reason that happened is because they built more than falcon. And they didn't want to have to support the nose with something that would after remove later to put after landing gear up and it looked for. So as we're starting this film we have to decide which falcon we are going to be using. How do we get from the end of our movie. To win and Luke comes in the docking bay in any courses PC junk. And then we thought only got hurt or weakening and solve them to embrace five or do we embrace the three. This is the dilemma misses the big delivery landing gear or five with the terrible thing that we have to deal. When I tell you what do you think it's. We've got to my last. For than we realized we had this opportunity during the council's right to try to back into the Star Wars continuity. So if you watch really carefully and the middle of the council run when we're coming up about ice that giant Spartanburg to conduct the slide on. We actually rip off the front landing. We'll break off to of these landing gears. We'll be down to three landing gears back to are you hope version. And will say that well. In between new hope and empire they actually had those add those two landing gears that on bus that off. At some point between that and.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The filmmakers behind \"Solo: A Star Wars Story\" sought to address an aspect of the Millennium Falcon's design that has long troubled fans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58589688","title":"Decades-old 'Star Wars' debate ends with 'Solo' movie","url":"/Entertainment/video/decades-star-wars-debate-ends-solo-movie-58589688"}