Dispatch: Oscars floral arrangements

Flowers from around the world to decorate the 91st Oscars Governors Ball
3:07 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Dispatch: Oscars floral arrangements
Look he's seen in my in my starting owner mark tell me I need flowers for the governor's ball. For nearly thirty years grass. Flower arrangement spring color you hear smirking didn't designing his celebrity friends here. Years. Well immigrants learn how. Chris and other teens from Oscars every year and help get all of these and the location. Mark Ingram for joy and sheer power. Gray and black ice now Anita. It's good time here this morning. Beautiful beautiful. Well the flowers and on wall. And I think UBS is down there now it's more. Crazy. There a million different. Small tables end tables long tables and a few large us and we know. Exactly Sam flowers and every cable. It's a great variety. I'm happy here and now. Yeah these are just a few of the ways and designs that we're doing this year everything's going to be in the homes of reds its patents. Dave the plumber turns fire. The only movie theaters are. Golden era and so everything's different shades of reds this sport news we hold accepts visa business for long period. For standout season wonderful really beautiful. Thrilled to have scored just ten for little tiny tables like little sixteen inch. Some things we're doing things like this there's something special mix them together so we have he. You know what to retrieve pieces together. Just a lot of variety. But this is. Arthur capable. Senator Carl Thailand. News and opinion. Golden. Home we'll. Movies. More. The inspiration. For now. There if people. I'm not there 25 people look for any there are how we got. Turn. And then go back. Who. We're. Help me master. He has four. And even after watching what you think this is easy smile.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Flowers from around the world to decorate the 91st Oscars Governors Ball","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"61238824","title":"Dispatch: Oscars floral arrangements","url":"/Entertainment/video/dispatch-oscars-floral-arrangements-61238824"}