Elisabeth Hasselbeck On A Few Mommy Rituals

"The View" co-host talks school pick-up attire and the 5 minute rule.
1:17 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Elisabeth Hasselbeck On A Few Mommy Rituals
That little fun portion of the interview. You obviously at a playground a lot -- -- a few questions about your opinions and threatening you see on the playground. What -- not mom to dress up for drop offers as moms who wears spandex -- drop off. OK so I I kind of fumbled categories -- -- coming from work I feel that I I don't have time to change into thinking -- -- -- had this I am like in but. Normally have in my work out -- in hopes that I'll work out right so I don't want to take it off until have actually done something active you know run -- and -- you know runs last winter on the bike. So I'm all about let's not gonna do not -- I agree I went all present you know -- out of running leggings on that you're nice top I'm okay with all of the effect right got -- -- -- -- so -- -- -- -- 52 rule of the food drops on the floor and you pick it up before five seconds in the kids deleted or not is in my -- my now. -- -- Do you have back to -- That's a good point no -- -- -- the you know -- know they're eating them. -- I don't get -- under I -- I am I in Elizabeth Pena though lives for that. And it is called the acted badly project get -- -- -- -- -- have some -- by the great activities. At www. Active family project dot com thank you so much over the coming back having me.

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{"id":19145691,"title":"Elisabeth Hasselbeck On A Few Mommy Rituals","duration":"1:17","description":"\"The View\" co-host talks school pick-up attire and the 5 minute rule.","url":"/Entertainment/video/elisabeth-hasselbeck-mommy-rituals-19145691","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}