Fantasy Forecast: Week 10

In ABC News' Week 10 Fantasy Forecast, Meteorologist Mel looks at how cold weather could impact big games in Pittsburgh and New England.
3:00 | 11/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Forecast: Week 10
I'm meteorologist now admit it you're ABC news digital and it forecast I tell you which players to start at least players' day. Based on this weekend weather forecast yeah. Liguori in the northeast where I finally went and eskolaste in the season after such a mild darkened hall. This Sunday afternoon at port point at that cowboys play at Steelers in Pittsburgh are different how would Erin don't team they're playing in mid November in Pittsburgh in the cold that's right. Apple last spring I'm. So. I Sunday windchill scary thinking we'll cover enough war. Isn't that the district has Bryant hasn't played in cold weather games as 2014. And he is born and and last week he only had one expert. Now I think what is called let there is committing much feared a place. Have better options amusement at. The Steelers they're not had great against the run and Elena how politically capitalize on. East are ready act its keel Eliot. He's an continue at right into me and don't worry about that cold weather and the state university and he's he's doing from now on the other hand the Steelers and rapist eager. Looking for any rescue last week remember he was hurt me fat and out of I eat at me he didn't looks even if not but now. They get it on active another chance of putting an airline. That home unsigned now let's head on over to New England. If an nightclub bombing yeah I'll see hot still unwritten Boxborough Massachusetts where they've made it patriots Sunday at 830 and those haven't there's going to be dropping. Us. Gains that wind chill is gonna hit down into the very. So I'm not feeling the entire Seattle Seahawks offensive line in the cold in Boxborough on Sunday night. Michael let me ask if I'm kind for a one yard on my. Yes it was at all whether it makes me riskier black. Also look like Thomas Robb is going to return legal ad and now his fancy value is believed to earnings within minutes on the other hand concrete. I'm very obvious start this week I don't think get behind starting to lean adult and touchdown of the season it lots of passing option for the patriots and now undergoing benefits the album and Doug looking pretty rough for Jillian and I mean this week we'll have to just make me but I did think we had too much. Accept and that's wrap around happy Jimmy. And now I'm fairly ask whether we take a look back at some of the crazy it's whether gains in Al history. We're talking about the 2001 AFC divisional game also known as the tumble game that readers can expect in each of the one. Late into Foxborough Massachusetts that you know it was very cold and Gary C Kelly acted patriots this payment actually warning now for eighth act I probably and I'm hungry. Time for it looked like he fumbled the ball. Traders were covered and yeah it. Tom Brady actually it's not passing motion and it could. But all act it was hot and an incomplete passes without the ball. Tuck rule is actually established June here's prior to this game but was so controversial. Painting at 2013 the patriots ended up winning in overtime and went onto win their shirts to herbal operators and it was the game that got a and here out just now that if you're anything in Olney and and is he black cats.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"In ABC News' Week 10 Fantasy Forecast, Meteorologist Mel looks at how cold weather could impact big games in Pittsburgh and New England. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43469048","title":"Fantasy Forecast: Week 10","url":"/Entertainment/video/fantasy-forecast-week-10-43469048"}