Frodo to Frightening: Wood Says New Horror Flick is 'Beautiful'

"Maniac" actor discusses new film and also gives the inside scoop on new season of FX's "Wilfred."
5:45 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for Frodo to Frightening: Wood Says New Horror Flick is 'Beautiful'
He is known by so many as proto from the legendary trilogy Lord of the Rings but now Elijah Wood is taking on a very different type of role. Playing a violent serial killer in the remake of the 1980 cult slasher flick mania. I -- it's frank. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour. I just wanted to know who -- wanted to keep the mannequins. I have another client -- What's wrong are -- okay. -- -- -- my agent. She was character but -- our apartment murderers. Roman god. Police just -- me asking me so many questions. Someone broke into their place. -- in the opening. That was kept waiting for a heart. Frank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now it is -- and -- seniors and some dark roles before sin city but this is really. Something you've never taken on its true yet I mean since city is is that it was a small role if it's from a graphic novel. It lives in a -- of graphic novel world this character. Has a little bit more depth and is far more disturbed I think and that character and I got to play you know I got to flesh this -- character on over the course of of -- film -- It was fun for your -- film fan. I am yeah I love Israel and so we heard about a remakes and a lot of time actors shy away a little bit because -- -- -- pressure from that did you have any hesitation taking on the role. I'm the I didn't include primarily because it was it was such a different take to the original film I'm not a huge fan of remakes normally because they don't often. Lend themselves to doing something different with the original source material. They can be kind of lazy or -- it you know cash grab it's not because. There's a burning desire to do something exciting night and because this was going to be made an -- -- style. And -- largely -- see my character and reflections. Just so different from the original film I was really intrigued and he's an exciting proposition what when you're doing that when your when you create a -- -- in a point of view styles and what are you -- as an actor you thinking as the as the characters plane are you thinking as the audience. Because -- The -- is sort of flipped on its sides yeah well I mean it. The character. Playing the character was actually done and kind of three parts and away. I was behind the camera most of the time working with the DP because the DP effectively was being. And then I was kind of we have these very very intense character moments in -- sort of reflection of the character sees himself. And then there was about a day's worth re recording all of the dialogue where the kind of true character work was done and -- -- -- in regards to be thinking about the audience something about the character and with the characters. Thinking and I think that's sort of what's so intriguing about the film is it literally put the audience. In the characters' minds and not said disturbing -- playing well when asked what that would went back -- -- looked at and some of the edit spending -- you kind of catch yourself off guard. By the final result. A little I think I was actually surprised at how beautiful film turned out for -- for his dark which is an odd description it is somewhat and -- is -- -- as disturbing as some of the imagery is an -- is quite visceral. That the way it was shot was actually quite graceful and beautiful maritimes. We almost forget you're watching -- and so it's I don't know we managed to make an art house horror movie. It in front of but it looks like I think I think anytime you bring a mannequin and any kind of hard film you just automatically got a nightmare -- scenario Americans between the fifth of especially when you put -- -- scalps on the top. -- can walk -- the department store -- quite the same -- -- so you obviously you're busy you wrap this up that you also wrapped up another season of will for a banks yep. You share a little bit about what we're gonna see the season well we left off. The last season and Ryan discovers a drawing. That he realizes that he made when he was a child -- he thinks he made some. With a little characters who -- in the corner what looks like -- there was kind of and mysterious cliffhanger that we left on -- this season starts within. Analyzing that drawing. And kind of trying to. Understand what -- he's all about. But then there's also you know. A lot of madcap adventures that he moved from -- that obviously makes -- so hugely popular personally advance. I think it ought to ask is really quickly about this mean aside from moviemaking and series making obviously you also -- the turntable yet they record. Have to put it mildly. So people when you play clubs and -- opposite where is that a logical way to manage real yes that's still happen when -- -- -- start -- I didn't kind of DJ on and off for like ten years. Primarily initially it was with CDs and then and then iPods because it was just easy you know to not have to Carter on the bunch of equipment. And then I moved to vinyl about a year and a half ago two years ago you if -- artist. Of all time yet. That's a hard -- OK -- -- I'm a huge prince and and so he's one of my favorite artists of all time but. My taste in music is so -- them and constantly learning about. Older music can and that the library continues to grow so it's difficult to pick a favorite DJ would wisdom. Yeah that's so I -- often with a friend of mine who goes by that the name of turquoise was done. To -- DJ together we call ourselves would in Winston. -- wisdom squares that Africa. Go ahead I'll take a royalty for -- island -- with in sequim organized Elijah Wood maniac opens up at the end of the month thank you so much of course thanks them.

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{"id":19439427,"title":"Frodo to Frightening: Wood Says New Horror Flick is 'Beautiful'","duration":"5:45","description":"\"Maniac\" actor discusses new film and also gives the inside scoop on new season of FX's \"Wilfred.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/frodo-frightening-wood-horror-flick-beautiful-19439427","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}