Gabrielle Dennis discusses her role in Season 2 of 'Luke Cage'

Gabrielle Dennis talks Luke Cage and her role as Whitney Houston in "The Bobby Brown Story"
14:54 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for Gabrielle Dennis discusses her role in Season 2 of 'Luke Cage'
The radio and I'm excited because at a very loudly and often mean he won the only gap and it power use. And I am wonderful and that's a happier talk about marble cage was comes out this Friday that's right June 22. To be its second season and need the care it she did. Intriguing. Too much away because as I would tell its tail the other time I was speaking to him that I all the thirteen episode of the game time zones could not wait. It's like when you have a great dinner before you and you say okay I'm not and that fill up on Apatow has been has been paying in. And then you're just like oh my gosh this is great it's I was trying to hold off on off the lot on Netflix you know I am on the support act and I liked to analyze and sell its needs its totality in the instance it's just won't stop it it will not. Now obviously you aren't familiar face we saw you roll blood we loved you. We know that that chapter Wesley had ended but now we seen a new chapter in chapter of this great marvel series. I didn't have that talk about Tilden Johnson because she dynamic character and many away obviously you are the daughter of all right Dillard a notorious. Riot deal alert list played by the wonderful Alfre Woodard I love immensely are stopped how is that working with her because I hadn't studio I. Shipped overseas as she is just one of those. People that just soak she I. My hands she's regal she's on me she's talented she's just. She's just amazing. And lack Adams playing her daughter I was like why what but TV mother jackpot have I. You know ours I have a right is on our roads flooded out after one aren't. And she's just I am just great and the scenes he has some very powerful scenes in this eateries and down it was very exciting in. I just watching her work in her character is so dynamic and interesting this season and she really goes there is this base and she's the queen queen in Harlem right now in. Yet add mother dying mother daughter dynamic in like how we by day. It's very interesting. And you know II like your character as so many layers. I would say at a minimum she very conflict you know. Again I'm being beaten or extra leg say to Melanie give too much away but I feel you know she is real he testing out the relationship between. Herself and her mother you know to trust your do I believe her I don't know what's dude this is very precarious situation. Aside from that she's a healer she is into this holistic medicine let's delve into that I mean what sheriff. I thought holistic medicine at Yucca batted actually your job did you have any knowledge of it before you stepped into the brawl at. And how did you prepay for it. May very minor in a sense of like hearing about me and you know people have illnesses and track alternative. Forms a feeling themselves but those are interesting because for one half elegant brings it to the forefront of a different type of conversation especially in our community it's just kind of like. At some tests and on adding a good you know but there's maybe other options out there that may help heal people but it's this good to have the option. But yet definitely interesting at think it's it's something cool as. Or young girls to look up to another way of some out in my been at a field Simmons and Lama have a little cousin who's totally into like this holistic I'd like watching YouTube videos and fining us that this is now some entertaining source that she got replica too as well. I'd yeah the characters very aged and very fun very dynamic very layered and what I love is every character this season has that. Com everyone has a story other China to redeem themselves are trying to make a name for themselves a trying to find themselves in the sense of my character. And with the history in the dark secrets and. Past that and he'll. Like I'm Dick audience is right I'm sure they were caught we had at least gotten at least three concerts and beat. Let surprise I'm prepared one of the two I'm guilty but career he. Again. It it hold your attention. And you know I I am really like the the fact that killed is. This dynamic character it's like she starts off sort of I don't know I mean if it's accurate they can meet normal you know are very very. Reserved an and then you see this Eric come upon her that is like okay this is how we are displeased with what Colin on yes you better figure out actually ninety an enemy is. Kind of a dog eat dog world. Environment. With the likes of Orion all of her henchman it's is at one point you have to either. Yunel. Played a game or move on it lost. Me I I I was meeting prior to seeing this year eagle and I character and in some capacity she described as the bill would you describe your character easier as I see her more. This character. Cool it's like he's trying to find herself trying to really understand. How she fits incidents did you know criminal world lit. Not really being a criminal at heart you know how would you describe your character for those who are going to be seen as an condolence and it's. Yeah I would I personally disguise. Until now means she will we find her refining her and its new. Space in time in her life. She's just act Harlem and that's when find out about her whole history in mother. And so there's all of these beings that she's learn about her past that's a little darker than she thought. So it's kind of like. It's is it that is it that nurture based vs nature you know honestly there's beings that she's just in her DNA that she's going to have to learn behavior in her mother. Art she gonna make a decision to do things our way I feel like she sometimes in a lot of the characters this season go to that went up like. To get a good had to do something back. You know out to get something better at a and it's kind of that fine line we all locker guess and life like balancing act good and evil that surrounds us on a daily bases on different choices have to make maybe not as drastic as those characters on our show a act act. Not good graces. Also you know I think one systematic means beyond. There's so many amazing things historically I'd keep the elements on the amazing art that we see through out the series. I think it is I was talking as a teacher you know and he was mentioning the soundtrack the the musical. Use is also part of the story eyes and NBC's piano in the icu it is. Can talk a little bit about that now are you do you see do you view I. Source or am I thinking that she's new. I soaking and I and actually penned a song Ford for the season and so have a song featured on the soundtrack which is pretty cool you know. When people watch the show and see how that's honestly somewhat that song means it's going to be really three epic it's Marty it's tied into one of the report reveals yet yet. I am I and I think it at lends itself again and narrative which is really about. Revealing oneself and and and kind of you know dealing with this this uncertainty of like okay how might and I really play this game because. As do it again and being very careful here. Start to have this conversation with bush last master in the eighty start to understand certain things. Talk a little bit about you know. This type of role for you as an actor I mean you know again we saw human growth wouldn't you have that particular character but now moving into this. What we here are your thoughts in being this type of having this cut the portrait. Very exciting I mean just so many. Layers editing citing what could be marvel and there's a lot of that suspense element on a not knowing what's going line in and asking questions and getting a little bit of feedback anti get a script. Combo what I love is is the full round witness. Of her being a woman first there's not this caricature there's not this. Preconceived what people might think she is from a comic book what I love about this year's the characters are pretty grounded in elects Pacific Lee from lack erector. How she feels the most. No normal out I was in of the new characters she's you know bush master's supreme Dillon read on and you have Adam. Tilde flopped in this world it's kind of feels like this outsider in an out of place in it's kind of like it's almost as if all of the background extras. Now someone focused in on one of those characters. In and finding out their life in the background. But it's as an actor. Is so juicy lie. The ability to. Again do a scene look out for water and when people watch this Ghulam sane. It's there's once in particular scene I think people are really gonna drive home for a ban and talk about it because it's DC. By. It's it's great to be able to light gold and now definitely emotionally riveting. Scene that there's a scene that I think. About me me. Also how do you read into marvel in this comic book and look into it because sometimes that Cain. Give us a perspective it's on some actors say hey you know I thought Adam. Either films and something like tried to just. Have my own interpretation of that what did you do it and in preparation point because again it's very easy to say oh well this is what she should be like right verses all of this is what I think she should be. Well there's a mixed bag that because when you won a marvel series molds the time you don't know what audition for when you get at the Scripps a different name the characters are deafening. Actually I additions seen as a very first time you see my character and try to get I remember that it was funny because I did it understand it atlas for. But Yeltsin's addition to prepare for that I brought my own essence and my interpretation of what I thought this breakdown of the scare once. Did you Paula Newton hired you realize it is it's speaks situation about a pick closest to the Johnson girl and then you kind of see. Some of the elements but our Mike OK there's no way this has even seen it and we make this work in a TV series like you know I don't it would be very hard to figure out. And I was reading things that where loves it like she's this jeans she was good and evil might just like little basics. And innocent talk talk JL in the you know obviously he's the driving force he's got the bee's knees at the direction Ian. I'm kind of jelling that together and having great directors on set but it is a team effort you know out in a day and yes I'm honestly the captain of my character. I'll that's there's a mixed bag of different elements that help. Bringing told a life. And I'm very I'm very proud of where I'm very proud of her and all of that characters that an actors and writers and everybody that the team next on power and their proprietor of the seats you should be it's it's amazing it's marvelous. And another thing to just it's just before we go because I am whites use Misha that we still are staying on target here by. We also gonna bring to life an iconic singer very student now. India come mean stocky Ceres the Bobby Brown's story which is on BT and you know I know that you are importantly Whitney Houston. First off I have to ask this session partly because. Whitney's film legend and timeless or any apprehension taking. You know. At the beginning it's kind of like that. In an and it sets inning. I pray every day. Fort after leaving set that I wanted to play honest and once you to her with the level of respect. In truth that was relatable to people. Specifically when a constitute. The abuse of drugs and like the addiction that's a real thing people still deal with right now. We've lost her but there's people that still dealing with Pannemon daily basis in a lot of us are affected with that personally or directly with people within our circle lab middle. You know six degrees of separation or whenever. Still there was definitely a little bit of that. But it in that day I seen. That the director's vision of this in all of elements I think really great in a little less pressure because it's not the Whitney Houston story and it's the Bobby Brown stories she's really. A supporting character in a sense of a plane. They'll wife who Bobby brown and Tennessee and that element of her and that side and less of the glitz in the clam. The more home life you can and then also I'm Hochul CDU's. Work with brown out in this because I know you know what I eat its weekly opted castle building of the for the for the series. Leading up to you know actual. In view of it com. They all had like little bit of conversation with him. What did he seek to use this as he and becoming Whitney Houston did act. I'll when he was their daily so there was sometimes you have implement specific scenes at things like Etna it happened right. No she says this or this is the way she I fell in that moment we had this on energy or whenever. But I. Honestly talking to him he seemed very still much protective. Of her. And spoke good things about her and I felt like airless. A repetitive. Consensus on every last spoke to about Whitney and it just made me feel like I'll I wish I knew her even more had a chance to meet you on what she seems as a special spirit. Caring loving she was really down for all her friends and family and check people's back. She sees integrate spears. And you know obviously. With these amazing things coming up. I'm cutting off an outlet I'm just curious. How are you we're taking this all in stride to such projects coming in. Obviously tomorrow Luke cage. Again house what you know what so far downtime has been sleeping and re air mean it's like you know it's one of those things one I'm tired of this and an adult as pets as a like you asked that it's you know these are the things that comes with B. But I love eating so that's one thing elected him a downtown like to grab some good food. Maybe catch a movie yes so far just stuff in my face. Well why that will he liked he guaranteed episode comes out Friday model. Kate on Netflix. Yes the full package with its own quiet way any cabinet and it will be available to us and congratulations on that. And thank you so much for stopping by ABC radio. Candice Williams signing off.

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{"duration":"14:54","description":"Gabrielle Dennis talks Luke Cage and her role as Whitney Houston in \"The Bobby Brown Story\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"56068024","title":"Gabrielle Dennis discusses her role in Season 2 of 'Luke Cage'","url":"/Entertainment/video/gabrielle-dennis-discusses-role-season-luke-cage-56068024"}