Gavin DeGraw Reveals Why Supporting Vets Is So Important To Him

Singer is the latest celeb to join the "Got Your 6" campaign.
4:54 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gavin DeGraw Reveals Why Supporting Vets Is So Important To Him
-- He's known for his soulful -- a multi platinum recording artist who shot to fame in 2003 with a hit I don't wanna be. Now a household name -- to -- as a man of many half the big that the border is also searching for new talent and getting ready to kick off his summer -- All while working on a new album please welcome -- underground Avant hasn't he behead you certainly a lot of -- they get a dog that looks on your album -- -- WikiLeaks back. -- wonderful thank you currently gamma finishing up a new record. Kind of coming you know off the heels of my last album sweeter and fortunately at some some success with -- with a few of the songs off that energy and gas fortunately which every artist hope for in a -- he's -- this time kind of taking in the kitchen and hope that when Easter and everybody likes what they're eating so everybody like -- -- hopefully thank you very much and so. So now I'm finishing up the new album man. Is -- a similar sound -- this pieces of it that are very similar. And then there's deviations from -- -- so you know I approach my music career kind of like the first real medicine. First do no harm. And -- he had and then and then past that you are also looking for new territory musically and trying new things and experimenting and so there's going to be a lot of and experimentation. Nothing too crazy we can't wait that we can't wait and in the meantime you're heading off on a summer tour right heading off on a summer tour. With with -- a couple of my favorite bands with train and with the script. Touring the US and Canada. And sharing and sharing stages each other sharing each -- audiences it's going to be really the beautiful beautiful summer. Very very exciting and talking about here. Talent search you're teamed up with -- soldiers to try and find some new singer's right exactly exactly show. -- -- is has been around their piece of of American. Pop art at this point has son there iconic song so. It's that song Missouri kind of banning greatest part of my DNA from hearing so many times they reached out to -- they say. So again here American singer songwriter we -- -- find sounds singer songwriters around around the country in artist on the country's. Shed new light on this classic -- can help us get the -- out what you open or when you're looking for. The right thing or the aspiring singer that when that happens -- -- we want is you want someone who has a great story. Ands and a great sound. And I think what would a lot of people want from their artists is -- appealed to believe them and so that's why it's been narrowed down to ten finalists now. And now they put up a web -- -- they can people can vote -- At Folgers dot com for their for their favorite and that authenticity -- genuine -- what is apparently -- -- -- -- it for something authentic rang good it's it's the brand of and -- seats I think detection people who are submitting this those types of right. Renditions of the song now you are of course a very long known that -- you recently did -- PSA. Can you tell -- that -- of course. I was in Los Angeles recently I was contacted by a friend of -- -- Borowski and he said would you be just in getting involvement they got a six campaign. And what is that campaign that's that I said -- -- what will what are they didn't he said well. We'll -- -- shakes his military term before I got your back you know McCaffrey. And this is it through the a great program were. Hollywood's getting involved in helping re integrate. Veterans coming home. And getting him help -- find job helping them find jobs helping that reintegration process you know there's been a little bit of a rift I think socially between. Our civilian population and our military population. And years and it's really supposed to be so much more integrated than. Hands and saying you're helping out downgrades it to be broke before we let it go through that the last time we want to perhaps because. They are hagel thinking oh -- -- -- know do you have a happy where you are keeping days for your serious days personality and. Yeah I have world -- at the I have my baseball hats. And -- wouldn't you know -- -- root for somebody. And who and I don't want anybody noticed me how many hats and found a lot of and a lot a lot of their -- -- dry cleaning going on that's my KNX is visiting you -- your -- I had in your hat in his that's -- to back every day. And that has had for every day of the year and they've been yesterday -- analysts. -- -- -- The man you know we're think they actually more folk haven't about thank you so much we've got your sick to hear it at what's the -- thank you so much for coming and went on -- appreciate it. They conceded that there.

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{"id":19250959,"title":"Gavin DeGraw Reveals Why Supporting Vets Is So Important To Him","duration":"4:54","description":"Singer is the latest celeb to join the \"Got Your 6\" campaign.","url":"/Entertainment/video/gavin-degraw-reveals-supporting-vets-important-19250959","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}